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Deacon Blues
Stephen Colbert: white privilege is going to jail for a terrorist attack on the Capitol, then complaining that the prison food isn't organic, AND THEN THE PRISON GIVES YOU ORGANIC FOOD.
13 Jan, 04:54 AM UTC
The Daily Beast
Stephen Colbert rages at Republicans calling for "unity" after Capitol riot: "There can be no healing until the sickness is identified and removed and you can do it now!"
13 Jan, 05:28 AM UTC
Barbara Malmet
It’s not too soon. Thank you Stephen Colbert and your writing room. @B52Malmet's photo on Colbert
13 Jan, 04:50 AM UTC
Andrew Fillipponi
If the Steelers picked Najee Harris with the 24th pick, I'd fire Colbert and Tomlin on the spot. With all the holes. To take a RB. That would be brain dead behavior.
12 Jan, 07:21 PM UTC
Gerry Dulac
Source: The Steelers have not received a request for permission from the Detroit Lions to speak to GM Kevin Colbert. They cannot talk to Colbert without the Steelers' consent.
13 Jan, 04:49 PM UTC
Blitzburgh ✨
Steelers should get Louis Riddick immediately to take Colbert’s spot if he decides to leave. #Steelers
13 Jan, 04:06 PM UTC
The Daily Beast
The “Late Show” host delivered a fiery rant against Republicans who are calling for “unity” after legitimizing the “fantasies of a violent, anti-democratic mob.”
13 Jan, 06:00 PM UTC
Justin Rose
If in fact the Lions are able to snag Pittsburgh Steelers GM Kevin Colbert, you would have to be absolutely thrilled with that hire. Knows the history of org (spent 10 years here) has established he knows how to draft (look at Steelers roster) and knows why it takes to win.
13 Jan, 03:40 PM UTC
Blitzburgh ✨
Mike Stone: “I just got off the phone with a trusted source who has told me that the Lions have made an offer to Kevin Colbert, and it’s pretty close to happening.” #Steelers
13 Jan, 03:56 PM UTC
Old Hollywood
Don Ameche and Claudette Colbert in Midnight (1939)
13 Jan, 12:23 PM UTC
Blitzburgh ✨
More Mike Stone: “I’m not confident enough to say it’s done or to say breaking news, but a source has told me that the Lions have offered the gig to Kevin Colbert, and it’s close." #Steelers
13 Jan, 03:59 PM UTC
Steelers Now
The #Lions have reportedly offered their general manager position to #Steelers GM Kevin Colbert and a deal is "close to happening." according to @971theticketxyt.
13 Jan, 04:40 PM UTC
Steelers Depot 🎄
Report: Lions Close To Hiring Away Steelers Longtime GM Kevin Colbert
13 Jan, 04:15 PM UTC
Wim van Heck
@freekjonge Met een geel pochet in een colbert tijdens een herdenking van Sobibor, Freek kan dat. Dom en schandalig.
13 Jan, 11:27 AM UTC
Greg Malek
@Alex_Kozora Pssst! Hey Alex! Not trying to sound like my co-host @DekeWhiten but we could totally get draft pick compensation for colbert maybe?
13 Jan, 05:08 PM UTC
Steelers Depot 🎄
Steelers’ Kevin Colbert to the Lions? Mike Tomlin talked to him and knows nothing of it #Steelers
13 Jan, 06:12 PM UTC
WᴶEᴼBᴱB ✌🏼
@cgl5012 @ethanmarten @joncoopertweets @BradleyWhitford @maddow @StephMillerShow @Alyssa_Milano @alfranken @donwinslow @ProjectLincoln I’d thought that myself coincidentally. Think as I was watching Colbert from last night or day before. Maybe as well attempted murder in relation to the intent of the seditious group.
13 Jan, 06:11 PM UTC
Mara Hennessey
David Johansen - Sinking Ship via @YouTube @StephenAtHome you really missed the boat missing this song, Colbert
13 Jan, 06:11 PM UTC
100.1 FM and AM 1020 KDKA
According to a report, the team has made an offer to longtime Steelers GM Kevin Colbert -- and Colbert is 'close' to accepting.
13 Jan, 06:15 PM UTC
#Steelers coach Mike Tomlin said he communicated with GM Kevin Colbert on Wednesday and expressed optimism about the process of stewarding the team through the offseason with him — despite a report from a radio station in Detroit from that morning.
13 Jan, 06:15 PM UTC
Drub O’Ryan
Thank you, Stephen Colbert. Bless you.
13 Jan, 06:14 PM UTC
Michael Griffin
@GRLionsFan I’ve got Dobbs, Colbert, smith. Campbell, Lewis, Saleh for HC.
13 Jan, 06:13 PM UTC
Giuliano Adaglio
@bruniEmanuele1 Sono stato in embargo da Twitter per qualche giorno per godermi il Wildcard Weekend in replica senza sapere i risultati e quindi mi sono perso un po' di aggiornamenti. Ciò detto, a Colbert non ho mai creduto: nativo di Pitt, da una vita lì, perché dovrebbe muoversi?
13 Jan, 06:11 PM UTC
@linorulli do you watch Colbert? I think he might listen to @catholicguyshow Last night in his monologue he referred to a grizzly bear eating little Tyler. #wellproduced
13 Jan, 06:10 PM UTC

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