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Barstool Sports
“He’s a stud when you meet him, he’s THICC”- Cris Collinsworth losing his mind over Deshaun Watson @BarstoolsTweets's photo on Collinsworth
02 Dec, 02:18 AM UTC
Luis M. Needs A Clever, New Display Name
Collinsworth: When you meet with Deshaun Watson, he’s a stud. Me: *remembers Ryan Pace didn’t meet with Deshaun Watson*
02 Dec, 02:13 AM UTC
Cris Collinsworth just called Deshaun Watson “Thick” LMAOOOO
02 Dec, 02:12 AM UTC
Jenny Johnson
Dear Santa, All I want for Christmas is for Cris Collinsworth to please stop talking during football games on my television. #NEvsHOU
02 Dec, 04:32 AM UTC
Obnoxious Boston Fan
"There's no Gronk. There's no Josh Gordon. There's no Antonio Brown." Smartest thing Collinsworth will ever say. #NEvsHOU
02 Dec, 02:40 AM UTC
Tony P.
I imagine in hell you’re forced to listen to Cris Collinsworth drool over Tom Brady
02 Dec, 01:45 AM UTC
Dugar, Michael-Shawn
“He is giving tackles nightmares” - Cris Collinsworth on former Seahawks DE Jacob Martin, who is feasting for the Houston Texans off the edge right now on SNF.
02 Dec, 04:05 AM UTC
Michael Giardi
Collinsworth makes mention of the "unusual" approach by the #Texans to put a DB on James White. Not unusual as this season has gone along. Asked White about it this week. Said he has seen more DBs but he "just got to go out there and compete, win matchups..." #Patriots
02 Dec, 03:05 AM UTC
Aaron Freeman
Cris Collinsworth with his constant 28-3 references keeps me grounded
02 Dec, 03:46 AM UTC
Ben Domenech
"Eh, either or, I mean, I dunno, whatever." - Chris Collinsworth
02 Dec, 01:34 AM UTC
🏡 Haus Buyer
Cris Collinsworth definitely has a dildo with Tom Brady’s picture on it at home
02 Dec, 04:33 AM UTC
02 Dec, 03:03 AM UTC
Baby, Yoda It's Cold Outside
I would not necessarily call myself a Collinsworth stan, but a thing that I appreciate is that he actually likes the current version of the sport he covers! Would be great to see those who speak during national MLB broadcasts follow suit.
02 Dec, 04:49 AM UTC
DG 🎄
When Collinsworth said “He’s a stud when you meet him, he’s THICC”
02 Dec, 04:59 AM UTC
Nick Cummings
Weekly Cris Collinsworth sucks tweet
02 Dec, 01:12 AM UTC
Sam Koszuta
🚨@BuffaloBills vs. @steelers flexed to SNF🚨 PRO: Buffalo finally gets the recognition they deserve 💪🔴🔵💪 CON: We have to listen to Chris Collinsworth’s bitch ass 🙄🤦🏻‍♂️🙄
02 Dec, 05:02 AM UTC
Then Collinsworth ain’t make it no fuckin better 😒😒😒 I just stopped watching smdh
02 Dec, 04:54 AM UTC
@JoshAllenShorts Collinsworth's dumbness is wearing off on him
02 Dec, 04:48 AM UTC
Al Michaels dropping an Agate Type reference, using the word "alacrity", being annoyed at the officiating, and throwing shade at Collinsworth's gambling problem? #GOAT
02 Dec, 04:47 AM UTC
Crazy Horse 1
Al Michaels and Cris Collinsworth are the best
02 Dec, 04:46 AM UTC
Derrick Landry
@RealSkipBayless Really? A lot of that came against soft zone at the end. Collinsworth called it right saying a sleepy effort at the end by the Texans. Brady was rattled much of the game. You’re better than this Skip.
02 Dec, 05:14 AM UTC
Laurie Luongo, Author
@GreekGodOfHops @Bengals Have cheered for the Bengals since living there in late 70’s & early 80’s, plus, Cris Collinsworth played for them & he’s a fellow Gator. @CollinsworthPFF
02 Dec, 05:14 AM UTC
Jason Stanford
@Blairsker According to fucking Collinsworth, that's not the case
02 Dec, 05:05 AM UTC
Carl Grabowski
#ChrisCollinsworthless says: "Tonight is the night the #Patriots offense gets it going." What a waste.🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️ #SNF #SundayNightFootball #Pats #texansgameday #Texans #PatriotsNation #NEvsHOU #TexansvsPatriots #PatsNation #HoustonTexans #AlMichaels #collinsworthslide #collinsworth
02 Dec, 05:04 AM UTC
Venkat Ramamurthy
@Blairsker Because you were listening to Collinsworth
02 Dec, 04:57 AM UTC
Justin Verhulst
@falcfans Why does collinsworth always sound like he's holding back a burp?
02 Dec, 04:49 AM UTC
Benjamin Sisko
Cris Collinsworth just orally subtweeted ALL. PROFESSIONAL. BLACK. QBS in the MOST positive light! as ur girl in 50 shades always says "Holly hell!!" #SNF
02 Dec, 04:49 AM UTC
H8& 🕵️‍♂️ 🇦🇶 $$$
tapped on a pats fan's profile in collinsworth's replies and he's a marco rubio intern lol
02 Dec, 04:48 AM UTC
Tell me why I turned the TV off and can still hear Cris Collinsworth in my ear.
02 Dec, 04:48 AM UTC

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