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Liam McHugh
Hawks call timeout, Colliton hands the dry erase to the players, they appear to draw something up and hand it back. that’s…interesting
25 Oct, 01:41 AM UTC
Fire Nagy & Colliton tomorrow the same joint News Conference
25 Oct, 12:23 AM UTC
jon greenberg
What if, just for fun, Matt Nagy coaches the Blackhawks and Jeremy Colliton coaches the Bears.
24 Oct, 11:18 PM UTC
Ben Pope
There's a "Fire Colliton" chant in the United Center now.
25 Oct, 01:39 AM UTC
Jay Zawaski
From a scout friend (correcting earlier typo): “You know me, I work in this game. I’m pretty reserved & level-headed…Colliton needs to be relieved. And you must relieve the man who hired him. This thing is beyond repair & it needs to be cleaned really all the way to top down.”
25 Oct, 01:19 AM UTC
Second City Hockey
Did ... did Colliton just hand off the board? Just let the players run the show?
25 Oct, 01:34 AM UTC
Tiera Joy ✨
Maybe the #blackhawks are actually just on strike with a plan to get Colliton fired idk
25 Oct, 12:30 AM UTC
Faxes From Uncle Dale
Wideman on the radio suggesting Colliton stay out of the room during the break and let leadership handle it. Absolutely damning.
25 Oct, 12:44 AM UTC
✶ ✶Tony G✶ ✶
I can’t watch any #Blackhawks games until Jeremy Colliton is gone… stop embarrassing the organization and its legacy #HockeyTwitter #NHL
25 Oct, 02:33 AM UTC
Max Haid
Matt Nagy was spotted today next to Jeremy Colliton
25 Oct, 02:37 AM UTC
Ben Pope
I asked Colliton about this: “I don’t have all the best ideas, I'm open to coming up with something different. They had a pretty good play they drew up. If not mistaken, it just got deflected, Brinksy’s one-timer there. Nothing strange about that.”
25 Oct, 03:38 AM UTC
The Blackhawks chose to die on this hill of Stan Bowman and Jeremy Colliton and die they will
25 Oct, 01:44 AM UTC
Blackhawk Warriors
Literally Stan Bowman to fans after the game when keeping Jeremy Colliton as the #Blackhawks head coach.
25 Oct, 12:52 AM UTC
Tab Bamford
25 Oct, 02:02 AM UTC
Cmon. Fire Pace, Bowman, Nagy and Colliton all in one fell swoop
25 Oct, 04:30 AM UTC
Ray Napientek
#Blackhawks fans were not happy again tonight. “Fire Colliton” could be heard quite loudly littered throughout the 3rd period.
25 Oct, 03:32 AM UTC
Sharon Thurmond 🚨
PLEASE!!! For the love of all things Holy, STOP the bleeding and FIRE Colliton!
25 Oct, 12:24 AM UTC
͏Sidney Brown
These images should represent the last moments for Jeremy Colliton behind an NHL bench. The #Blackhawks organization MUST do the right thing and release him from his duties tomorrow morning, PERIOD! 🤔 #DETvsCHI #NHL #HockeyTwitter #HereComeTheHawks #OneGoal
25 Oct, 02:53 AM UTC
Adam K
@NHLBlackhawks @ChevyDrivesChi You can fire one coach tomorrow but the other coach stays with their team for five more years. Who gets fired? Matt Nagy Jeremy Colliton
25 Oct, 12:59 AM UTC
The Aflac Dach
Colliton benched Strome unnecessarily for the first 4 games btw
25 Oct, 04:44 AM UTC
🚨🚨FIRE JERMEY COLLITON 🚨🚨#FireColliton #Blackhawks   #NHL #HockeyTwitter   #Canucks   #Isles   #CBJ   #ALLCAPS   #LetsGoOilers   #LGRW   #LetsGoBuffalo   #GoHabsGo   #GoJetsGo
24 Oct, 01:28 PM UTC
David R Jr
The I90 construction will be finished by time Colliton gets fired! #Blackhawks
25 Oct, 05:22 AM UTC
John Plomin
@PuckPodcast A chirac who despite what they're saying in the media has seemingly lost his team. This very much seems like him trying something new since everything he's trying isn't working. When that happens it's time to get a new coach. Colliton was a great coach overseas and in the AHL but
25 Oct, 05:14 AM UTC
Conor Sullivan
@KellenAlex @MarkLazerus @mnwild If I had any say, Colliton would have been gone yesterday lol
25 Oct, 05:13 AM UTC
bovine joni
how does Jeremy Colliton still have a job
25 Oct, 04:40 AM UTC
@NHLBlackhawks Time for Collision...I mean... Colliton to join the unemployment line. Still can't believe this is the guy they thought would do a better job, than Coach Q.
25 Oct, 05:59 AM UTC
@seth_jones3 Sir. We are NOT laying you big ass money for you to not do SHIT on ice. It’s either Colliton or you. Figure it Seth. People have hope for you.
25 Oct, 05:57 AM UTC
John Wick Booth
Colliton is so over his head, the defense of this time is beyond repairable has been for some years now.
25 Oct, 05:56 AM UTC
@BrendaJWebber Bears fans chanted fire Nagy. Blackhawks fans at the UC chanted FIRE COLLITON in the 3rd period of an embarrassing loss to Detroit. Let’s hope both teams fire their coaches soon.
25 Oct, 05:55 AM UTC
ℂ𝕠𝕡𝕚𝕦𝕞 𝕀𝕟𝕙𝕒𝕝𝕖𝕣
The Chicago white Sox need to fire Tony la Russa *rewind noise* The Chicago bears need to fire Matt Nagy *rewind noise* The Chicago Blackhawks need to fire Jeremy Colliton
25 Oct, 05:36 AM UTC