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Brett Bensley
Quenton Nelson was hit in the head by a warm up punt from @Buccaneers punter Bradley Pinion - @BigQ56 had a few words with him and after another punt came close to Nelson, he punted the ball away. Pretty good form from the lefty. @PatMcAfeeShow #ForTheBrand #Colts @brettbensley's photo on #Colts
08 Dec, 04:48 PM UTC
🚨 @Colts Pick-6 🚨 Darius Leonard takes it 82 yards the other way! @dsleon45 #Colts #INDvsTB 📺: CBS 📱: NFL app // Yahoo Sports app Watch free on mobile: https://t.co/D5AfU98qAh @NFL's photo on #Colts
08 Dec, 07:19 PM UTC
NFL Research
Darius Leonard (@dsleon45) is the only player since at least 1982 to record 10+ sacks and 5+ INT in his first 25 career games. #INDvsTB | #Colts
08 Dec, 06:49 PM UTC
Trevor Sikkema
The #Bucs just played the "My Little Pony" theme song over the speakers at Ray Jay as the #Colts were running on to the field... troll level: 💯
08 Dec, 05:52 PM UTC
Locked On Colts Podcast
What #Colts LB Darius Leonard has done in only 10 games is pure insanity: • 92 tackles • 6 tackles for loss • 6 passes deflected • 5 sacks • 4 interceptions https://t.co/S2xEDuOAv2
08 Dec, 09:36 PM UTC
Thomas Bassinger
Jameis Winston is the ONLY quarterback in NFL history to throw four touchdown passes, throw three interceptions, rush for a touchdown and gain 400 passing yards in a game. #Bucs #Colts #INDvsTB
08 Dec, 09:07 PM UTC
Kevin Bowen
NFL teams had won 38 straight games when scoring at least 35 points and being plus 3 in turnover margin. It’s the #Colts first loss when being plus 3 in turnover margin since 1991 (h/t @pfref).
08 Dec, 09:27 PM UTC
Locked On Colts Podcast
It’s time to embrace the tank, #Colts fans. 6-10 will end up finishing in the top 10. Adding another franchise impact pick is crucial.
08 Dec, 09:19 PM UTC
Charon Vonberg
Why did Andrew Luck have to retire 😭 This defense and run game is SO good. All the #Colts have been missing is #12
08 Dec, 06:19 PM UTC
Locked On Colts Podcast
Malik Hooker with another one-handed pick. Wow. #Colts https://t.co/MtiDsvsJou
08 Dec, 08:50 PM UTC
George Bremer
This is as bad as the pass defense has looked since Week 1 against the Chargers. Very clear example of how much Kenny Moore means to this secondary. Lots of miscommunication out there today. #Colts
08 Dec, 08:22 PM UTC
Peyton2Luck 🏈
The #Colts have an All-World LB, an All-World LG, forced 4 turnovers, had a defensive touchdown and lose today against a bad 5-7 team. #Sad https://t.co/MoS47sNhFz
08 Dec, 09:17 PM UTC
Taylor Tannebaum
The #Colts with a perfect display down the stretch of how to lose a football game. Fumble, missed kick, 17 unanswered points. You’d never know they racked up 35 points and forced 4 turnovers. Sigh.
08 Dec, 09:34 PM UTC
Snte Nacional
#SnteFIL 📝📚 🧿 Lenguas Indígenas en 👉#FILGuadalajara2019 📒Comparten experiencias sobre la práctica de la Guía Docente #SNTE @UNESCO 💯 #Leerilumina 💡 #FelizDomingo México #GoNiners #FIL2019 #WW84 #Saints #ClubAmérica #MonarcasMorelia #books #ChiefsKingdom Lennon #colts https://t.co/5dbzVKh6eo
08 Dec, 11:21 PM UTC
Snte Nacional
#SnteFIL 📝📚 🔴 Mtro Alfonso Cepeda Salas 🔴 Reconoce #SNTE talento literario magisterial👨‍🏫 que comparte en libros sabiduría en #FILUV 📒 #FILC 📗 #FILIPN 📔 y #FILGuadalajara2019 📕 #Leerilumina 💡 #FelizDomingo México #GoNiners #FIL2019 #Saints #HereWeGo #ClubAmerica #Colts @SnteNacional's photo on #Colts
08 Dec, 11:34 PM UTC
George Bremer
Bucs will win it 38-35. Three straight gut-punch losses for the #Colts. At 6-7, they’ll travel to New Orleans next week on Monday night.
08 Dec, 09:16 PM UTC
Taylor Tannebaum
After his touchdown, Marcus Johnson models his cleats to show of the cause he’s repping. @Mojomdj is keeping it local by showing @PikeYoungLife and @YoungLife some love! Told me the organization has kept him anchored during his up and down year and a half with the #Colts. https://t.co/mPPHoXtOZB
08 Dec, 06:17 PM UTC
Jessie J
Y’all trashing Jacoby do realize Winston had over 450 yards right? I mean Darius was an animal today but otherwise our defense did not play well. And we couldn’t run the ball. Just passing on some info. That you’ll all ignore. #Colts
08 Dec, 09:21 PM UTC
Chris Blystone
It has never really been a question of whether Brissett can make big plays. He has the tools. We just haven't seen him consistently play well on a quarter-to-quarter or week-to-week basis. #Colts
08 Dec, 08:20 PM UTC
#Colts lb @dsleon45 with a 77 yard pick-6! https://t.co/3kgOW1qUrl
08 Dec, 07:24 PM UTC
Check out our list of the Most Impressive from Sunday's #Bucs win over the #Colts https://t.co/sEoNxR3WhL
08 Dec, 11:28 PM UTC
Chris Harris
#Bucs beat #Colts 38-35, dropping Indy to 6-7. #Titans #AFCSouth
08 Dec, 09:29 PM UTC
Jordan Love has 17 TDs and 16 INTs this year...I'm very confused by this obsession. #colts
08 Dec, 10:41 PM UTC
Chris Widlic
@ChrisHaganIndy A grim-faced #colts owner.
08 Dec, 09:45 PM UTC
Henry Price
Money. I need it. #God #hoodquotes #sageadvice #sexyman #followers #likes #comments #football #fitness #daughters #sons #rickandmorty #polylife #relationshipgoals #sexywomen #bigbooty #thickchix #Daniel #sexysunday #Henry #Price #Pacers #wcw #colts #espanol #money #regankay https://t.co/5Ec1PRpT3c
08 Dec, 11:33 PM UTC
Thomas Bassinger
This is the first time in Jameis Winston's career that the #Bucs have won a game in regulation despite a minus-3 or worse turnover margin. More observations and factoids from the Bucs' wild win over the #Colts: https://t.co/fkhoyu4GB1 #INDvsTB
08 Dec, 11:58 PM UTC
Angel Estrada ⚽🏈🎾🏓🏅🏆
Las sorpresas se dieron en la división Sur con la caída por paliza de los #WeAreTexans y la voltereta sufrida por los #Colts en Tampa Bay. Esto le abre la puerta a Tennessee que con una victoria pone muy interesante la lucha. https://t.co/1CqjUao9IZ
08 Dec, 11:54 PM UTC
So @JBrissett12 throws a 50 yard TD and a beautiful touch pass TD, 2 things #Colts fans have said he sucks at. Sucks to lose but put the loss on everyone. Not just him. #Thatsmyquarterback
08 Dec, 11:54 PM UTC
Logan Hancock
I’d be the happiest man alive. #Colts https://t.co/HC7giBcJnR
08 Dec, 11:51 PM UTC

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