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Artie Lange
Great to be home! 7 months 14 days sober but one day at a time. Lots of new stories to tell. Will announce some new tour dates on Friday. Thanks for the support. Love you all. @artiequitter's photo on Colvin
10 Sep, 10:22 PM UTC
Adam Schefter
Texans released CB Aaron Colvin, per source. Colvin was given $18 million guaranteed when he was a free agent and still has $7.5M guaranteed this year.
11 Sep, 12:03 AM UTC
Ian Rapoport
Sources: In the wake of last night’s loss, the #Texans are releasing veteran CB Aaron Colvin, just over a year into a 4-year, $34M contract. He gets his $7.5M for 2019, which was guaranteed.
11 Sep, 12:03 AM UTC
Houston #Texans release Aaron Colvin.
11 Sep, 12:03 AM UTC
NFL Update
The #Texans are moving on from one of their big free agency acquisitions from last offseason. CB Aaron Colvin has been released, per @AdamSchefter.
11 Sep, 12:04 AM UTC
NFL Research
Colvin allowed 8 receptions for 117 yards and a TD in coverage on 9 targets last night per @PFF 155.8 passer rating
11 Sep, 12:11 AM UTC
Say what you want but OB has set the tone again. Players better perform or the reaper is coming. Accountability is high and it started with Aaron Colvin. Outside of a select handful on the roster, everyone is expendable. #Texans
11 Sep, 12:26 AM UTC
Watch the entire coverage. Everyone but Colvin is on their coverage. Part of the issue here too is that Colvin was beat down the seam on a 3rd down earlier in the game by Ginn from the slot. Seems he has that speed in the back of his head. #Texans @PatDStat's photo on Colvin
10 Sep, 12:56 PM UTC
Brian T. Smith
Colvin was one of the worst signings in recent Texans history.
11 Sep, 12:36 AM UTC
Aaron Wilson
Texans cut veteran corner Aaron Colvin from the roster, according to league source. Signed Phillip Gaines to one-year deal
11 Sep, 12:04 AM UTC
John McClain
Aaron Colvin signing turns out to be a disaster. Didn’t play anywhere near the way he played for Jags. Won’t surprise me if he returns to Jax.
11 Sep, 12:11 AM UTC
Charles Robinson
#Texans released CB Aaron Colvin, per @AdamSchefter. Colvin had the “off” coverage on WR Ted Ginn, ultimately resulting in the surrendered yardage helping a game-winning #Saints field goal. Texans’ Bill O’Brien said the coverage was called by the staff. But Colvin pays the price. @CharlesRobinson's photo on Colvin
11 Sep, 12:26 AM UTC
Football Analysis
The Saints targeted Texans corner Aaron Colvin nine times last night The result was 8 catches for 117 yards and a touchdown
10 Sep, 09:56 PM UTC
AJ Hoffman
Not that Colvin shouldn’t have been cut, but when you look at him having over 10 mil dead cap and they just gave sorry ass Nick Martin 11 per, it makes Clowney seem super affordable.
11 Sep, 12:22 AM UTC
Rivers McCown
In all seriousness -- Bill O'Brien's general manager "committee" (lol) axed Foreman before they played a preseason game, swung three huge preseason trades, cut Colvin after one game, gave Martin top-5 center money -- this is the most impulsive personnel situation in the NFL.
11 Sep, 12:38 AM UTC
Dan Orlovsky
@AdamSchefter Nasty business——. The last play of last night game vs @Saints the completion to Ginn. Everyone is covered but Ginn, who Colvin was covering.
11 Sep, 12:32 AM UTC
Westbrook, Hand of the King
@PatDStat Texans to Colvin in the morning
10 Sep, 11:36 PM UTC
Matt Thomas
What was your favorite Aaron Colvin as a Texan moment?
11 Sep, 12:14 AM UTC
State of the Texans
Houston #Texans Release Aaron Colvin After a Disappointing Week One Showing @SOTTexans on Colvin"> via @SOTTexans
11 Sep, 12:13 AM UTC
Matt Young
The Saints threw in the direction of Aaron Colvin nine times Monday night and completed eight of those passes. Less than 24 hours later, Aaron Colvin is no longer a Texan. (Story by @AaronWilson_NFL) via @houstonchron
11 Sep, 12:33 AM UTC
Landry Locker
The #Texans decision to release Aaron Colvin is the right one that they likely considered at the end of camp. Him being on the roster Monday Night likely cost you a game, but at least they realized it and minimized the decision, better late than never.
11 Sep, 01:00 AM UTC
Sports Illustrated
The Texans reportedly released cornerback Aaron Colvin one year after signing him
11 Sep, 12:52 AM UTC
De’Coldest ToEvadoit
My guy @CJDeuce_ can hold down the nickel for the Texans. Colvin out there spooked.
10 Sep, 11:46 PM UTC
Boys Soccer
WHS 1 Exeter 1 Goal: Larouco Assist: Colvin Saves: P Neal 2
10 Sep, 11:31 PM UTC
Landry Locker
It took #Texans head coach Bill O’Brien one half of football to trust rookie Deshaun Watson over Tom Savage in 2017 and one game to trust rookie Lonnie Johnson over Colvin in 2019.
11 Sep, 01:10 AM UTC
New York Post
Texans release CB Aaron Colvin after debacle vs. Saints @nypost's photo on Colvin
11 Sep, 01:05 AM UTC
On Colvin release it will actually be a wash on cap savings, $0. I mentioned negative impact earlier because I was factoring in his replacement cost.
11 Sep, 01:12 AM UTC
Tyler O'Brien
Colvin walks in CB2 easy.. borderline CB1 #Jets #TakeFlight
11 Sep, 12:59 AM UTC
Fletcher Mackel
Colvin allowed 2 TD’s last night vs. Saints and was the CB who gave Saints WR Ted Ginn Jr. to much cushion on the final drive (setting up NOLA game-winning FG).
11 Sep, 12:57 AM UTC
RIP DADDY‼️🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽
So you mean to tell me Aaron Colvin got cut for allowing Ted Ginn’s catch to close out our comeback win😂😂
11 Sep, 01:13 AM UTC

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