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A$AP Rocky, Gucci Mane & 21 Savage
You Owe Me
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Frank Ocean


내 앞머리.. 방탄소년단's photo on 'Torres'
22 Feb, 08:54 AM UTC


Mix!!🎵🎶 ~ing #HopeWorld #jhopeMixtape 방탄소년단's photo on #jhopeMixtape
22 Feb, 01:51 PM UTC


Michelle Obama
I’m in total awe of the extraordinary students in Florida. Like every movement for progress in our history, gun reform will take unyielding courage and endurance. But @barackobama and I believe in you, we’re proud of you, and we’re behind you every step of the way.
22 Feb, 01:24 AM UTC


Sarah Chadwick// #NEVERAGAIN
Actually for me the worst news I got was that 17 people died in my school. One of my best friends was shot twice. And many more were injured. But sure keep making us look like we don’t know anything when in reality what we’re doing is much much much bigger than you can imagine. https://t.co/CUn4BfffSX
21 Feb, 01:25 AM UTC


Oprah Winfrey
George and Amal, I couldn’t agree with you more. I am joining forces with you and will match your $500,000 donation to ‘March For Our Lives.’ These inspiring young people remind me of the Freedom Riders of the 60s who also said we’ve had ENOUGH and our voices will be heard.
20 Feb, 10:36 PM UTC

The Queen

my grandma talking to my mom about her new hearing aid, "it's the most expensive one u can buy, it cost me $4,000.” my mom: "what kind is it?" my grandma: "it's 4:15pm"
20 Feb, 10:23 PM UTC


🇩🇴Trillmonger 🇩🇴
RT this to get this man outta Starbucks and in his field https://t.co/YQKeVjEx2z
20 Feb, 09:26 PM UTC


jaboukie young-black
"hOw CaN YoU tAlK aBoUt GuN CoNtRoL wHeN yOu'Ve NeVeR FiReD a GuN" how ya'll anti gay and you've never sucked cock
21 Feb, 11:36 PM UTC


Ken Tremendous
Hi, please take this down. I would prefer you not use a GIF from a show I worked on to promote your pro-slaughter agenda. Also, Amy isn't on twitter, but she texted me a message: "Can you tweet the NRA for me and tell them I said fuck off?" https://t.co/YXSdzCdvdd
22 Feb, 05:50 AM UTC


Barack Obama
Young people have helped lead all our great movements. How inspiring to see it again in so many smart, fearless students standing up for their right to be safe; marching and organizing to remake the world as it should be. We've been waiting for you. And we've got your backs.
22 Feb, 04:00 PM UTC

Don Cherry

kids: *see a gay couple* republicans: think of the children they don’t need to be exposed to that lifestyle kids: *survive mass shooting and advocate for stricter gun control* republicans: who cares about what a bunch of kids think
21 Feb, 03:43 PM UTC


Kylie Moy
I followed my dad around with a confetti cannon for a couple weeks... 😂😂😂 Kylie Moy's photo on Jordaan
22 Feb, 12:53 AM UTC

Billy Graham

Barack Obama
Billy Graham was a humble servant who prayed for so many - and who, with wisdom and grace, gave hope and guidance to generations of Americans.
21 Feb, 04:33 PM UTC


Kylie Jenner
she’s good 😊 still staring at her all day. she looks just like me when i was a baby 😊 https://t.co/fEFsSeNO6Z
21 Feb, 09:56 PM UTC


king of the youth
Lil Boat 2. March 9th. king of the youth's photo on Carrasco
21 Feb, 03:19 AM UTC


Hurry!! 🥌 #BT21 BT21's photo on Alisson
21 Feb, 10:17 AM UTC


so my dad is disabled and is trying to make a little extra money because he makes so little. He makes wood carvings i’m his free time, and he can make them any size, for anything (not just team logos). Even if you don’t like them a RT will help spread the word. https://t.co/s6EitTcyiX
21 Feb, 12:39 AM UTC

Chris Lynn

Bro I’m in TEARS.....!!!! Chase's photo on Chris Lynn
21 Feb, 03:52 AM UTC

Sam Smith

Niall Horan
Sam smith is in a different league .
21 Feb, 09:46 PM UTC


vague blur
friends who grew up poor: *buy me food n doesnt ask me to pay them back* friends who grew up rich: so u owe me 27 cents for taking a sip out of my latte
21 Feb, 06:12 AM UTC


Twitter モーメント
訃報:俳優 大杉漣さんが死去 https://t.co/V5jRXrnj6v
21 Feb, 11:46 AM UTC

Harry Styles

Harry Styles.
Thank you to everyone who voted for me at the @BRITs tonight. I appreciate and love you all very much. H
21 Feb, 10:41 PM UTC


She said do you love me I told her memes's photo on Halo
22 Feb, 04:08 AM UTC


Becca Pires
meu pai tem 56 anos e o sonho dele era fazer Direito! hoje ele ta na 1ª semana de aula na faculdade e ta super feliz, recebi essa foto agr e to morrendo de amores 😍 Becca Pires's photo on Tubarão
21 Feb, 12:55 PM UTC


22 Feb, 12:50 AM UTC


lil arab
*on a date* ya im kind of a film nerd *back at my place* so here's my orange VHS copy of Rugrats in Paris
21 Feb, 12:37 AM UTC


Kathleen Smith
CNN’s Blitzer to Student: “Cameron, what do you say to conspiracy theorists who say you’re paid actors?” Cameron: “Had they seen me in our production of Fiddler on the Roof, they’d know no one would ever pay me to act.” I. Love. These. Kids. #NeverAgain #ParklandStudents
21 Feb, 06:53 PM UTC

Are You F

Ana Navarro
You know why right wing conspiracists are attacking these kids? Because they are E-F-F-E-C-T-I-V-E. Not political hacks. Not paid shills. Not indoctrinated. Not character actors. They are young people of character compelled into action by a horrible crime that cost 17 lives. https://t.co/UYSOih3LXw
21 Feb, 05:06 PM UTC


Donald J. Trump
Question: If all of the Russian meddling took place during the Obama Administration, right up to January 20th, why aren’t they the subject of the investigation? Why didn’t Obama do something about the meddling? Why aren’t Dem crimes under investigation? Ask Jeff Sessions!
21 Feb, 02:40 PM UTC

Marco Rubio

Billito Cipher
Here is a summary of the CNN Townhall with Marco Rubio Billito Cipher's photo on Marco Rubio
22 Feb, 03:09 AM UTC


Emma González
How could they do that to us ? Are you Kidding me ??? #NeverAgain We are not forgetting this come Midterm Elections - the Anger that I feel right now is indescribable https://t.co/Si9wAmFeQO
20 Feb, 10:28 PM UTC


졸업을 축하해주신 모든 분들, 감사합니다! 2018.02.21 박보검's photo on Carr
21 Feb, 02:59 PM UTC


Joy Reid
Why would anybody become a teacher if your $30,000 job includes paying for your kids’ school supplies AND training to be a paramilitary fighter expected to face down homicidal maniacs spraying the school with assault rifles? What kind of armed camp country do these people want?
21 Feb, 10:26 PM UTC


GOT7 <Eyes On You> TRACK LIST #GOT7 #갓세븐 #EyesOnYou #LOOK #너하나만 GOT7's photo on #EyesOnYou
22 Feb, 03:01 PM UTC


22 Feb, 03:00 PM UTC


Sen Dianne Feinstein
The assault weapons ban was effective. When the ban was in place, the number of gun massacres fell by 37 percent. The number of people dying from gun massacres fell by 43 percent. Republicans blocked an extension of the ban. We're fighting to reinstate it. #StudentsStandUp
22 Feb, 02:23 AM UTC


평창 동계 올림픽 폐막식 공연의 주인공! #EXO 기자회견 라이브 합니다! #엑소 #평창동계올림픽 #2018평창 #올림픽 #PyeongChang2018 #Olympics @weareoneEXO 올림픽's photo on 기자회견
21 Feb, 07:44 AM UTC


Elon Musk
Today’s Falcon launch carries 2 SpaceX test satellites for global broadband. If successful, Starlink constellation will serve least served.
21 Feb, 01:06 PM UTC


#BTS JAPAN OFFICIAL FANMEETING VOL.4 ~Happy Ever After~ モバイル先行抽選予約詳細をご案内!アクセスは→ https://t.co/1M4BaHr2Ds
21 Feb, 09:00 AM UTC

Mark Lee

안녕하세요 사진 어때요 ? ㅋㅋ2018 텐의 모습 많이 좋아하시면 좋겠습니다. 항상 다양한 텐이 보여드리겠습니다 그리고 예성형 덕분에 둘이 같이 멋있는 사진 찍게되고요. 항상 저를 잘 챙겨주시는 우리 멋진 선배님 감사합니다! *0* -10 #NCT2018 #NCT_U #NCT #TEN https://t.co/UAfggZ58u2
21 Feb, 11:05 AM UTC

Mike White

Theo Do The Most 🐶 #DCGM
Example of white privilege. Tamir Rice was gunned down at for having a toy gun and was described as a grown man for being tall for his age. Meanwhile, Nikolas Cruz, a 19 year old grown ass man, who killed 17 people with an AR-15, was described as a broken child. Theo Do The Most 🐶 #DCGM's photo on Mike White
21 Feb, 02:02 PM UTC


i look way cooler than i actually am in this picture i’m just gonna embrace it camila's photo on Camila
21 Feb, 11:59 AM UTC


Rob Reiner
He lies. He defrauds. He abuses women. He commits adultery. He denigrates minorities, war heroes, gold star parents, the disabled, the press, law enforcement. He praises dictators. He refuses to protect us against enemy attacks. He’s the President of the United States.
21 Feb, 02:45 PM UTC


#ドクターに言われた衝撃的な言葉 ちっちゃい時車に跳ねられて 医「怪我してないですけど相手の態度悪くて腹立つんで頭に包帯巻いときましょう」 我「うぃっす」 医「泣いときましょう」 我「うわぁぁあぁあん!」 警「どうでしたか?」 医「頭切ってますねー」 医者がこの世を牛耳ってるんだと知った
21 Feb, 04:42 AM UTC


#猫の日 の企業公式の変貌ぶりが好き キングジム's photo on #猫の日
22 Feb, 01:05 AM UTC


O Facebook da dona Joana salvou minha vida inteira 😭❤️ https://t.co/9Ylp2TtwwY
21 Feb, 04:19 PM UTC

Beau Jordan

YOOOOO I’m trippen that the fact Michael B Jordan use to date Catherine from ACE family.🤯 I can only see her with Austin 😩 https://t.co/fR8XZM8Syb
21 Feb, 03:48 AM UTC


Franklin Graham
My father @BillyGraham was once asked, “Where is Heaven?” He said, “Heaven is where Jesus is and I am going to Him soon!” This morning, he departed this world into eternal life in Heaven, prepared by the Lord Jesus Christ—the Savior of the world—whom he proclaimed for 80 years.
21 Feb, 03:50 PM UTC


21 Feb, 01:01 PM UTC


Kumail Nanjiani
The big answer is: yes. https://t.co/sTL7eGxv9R
21 Feb, 02:40 AM UTC


Felt amazing to get up on that #BRITs stage and perform #ForYou with @RitaOra 🙌🏼 #Brits2018 Liam's photo on #BRITs2018
21 Feb, 11:54 PM UTC


Cameron Kasky
We uh... were not invited. But we have important things to do and talk about, we don’t have time to thank these people for taking half a step in the right direction. Watch the CNN town hall tonight. Trust me. #NEVERAGAIN #MarchForOurLives https://t.co/tuQdpnbW1T
21 Feb, 10:17 PM UTC

The 18

I turned 18 on February 15th, 2018. A day after the shooting. Little did I know before hand what turning 18 would mean to me. I am able to vote. I will register. I will do all what I can to make a difference.
21 Feb, 05:24 PM UTC

The 2018

Lupita Nyong'o
When I read @Trevornoah's "Born A Crime," I could not put the book down. Excited to announce that I will be starring in and producing its feature film adaptation! #BornACrime https://t.co/v4AfGe23P5 Lupita Nyong'o's photo on The 2018
21 Feb, 10:31 PM UTC

Silver Spring

Kara Voght
Jedediah Grady from Montgomery Blair High School in Silver Spring, Maryland: “I understand marching isn’t automatically going to change legislation...but it’s not just about change. Next year I’ll be able to vote.” Kara Voght's photo on Silver Spring
21 Feb, 04:31 PM UTC


The countdown begins... big up everyone who wins an award tonight! The Best Video vote is open again now 👉 #BRITVOTELIAMPAYNE #BRITs Liam's photo on #BRITVOTELIAMPAYNE
21 Feb, 08:13 PM UTC


Anyone else desensitized to ur own trauma?? Like u deal with it for so long it's normalised in ur brain so it slips out in conversation and everyone's like OMG??! and ur just like wow I forgot my life has been one unspeakable tragedy after another
21 Feb, 06:50 PM UTC


【日本も対象】ツイッター、複数アカウントから同じ内容の投稿を禁止に https://t.co/A8pINEF1Cy 複数アカウントで全く同じかほぼ同じ内容を投稿、RTすることを禁止。3/23まで猶予期間を設け、守らない場合にはアカウント停止などの措置をとる。 ライブドアニュース's photo on 複数アカウント
22 Feb, 02:51 AM UTC


Stephen Colbert
From now on, when anyone says, "Kids these days!" it’s a compliment. https://t.co/XfNpgdTkwI
22 Feb, 02:55 AM UTC


Kylie Jenner
finally feeling better 🤒
21 Feb, 09:52 PM UTC


นี่แค่1ตอนมีมก็ถ้วนหน้าขนาดนี้แล้วนะคะ จบเรื่องนี่เมมเต็ม 5555555 #บุพเพสันนิวาส https://t.co/A8sto6jyOW
21 Feb, 04:03 PM UTC

Larry Scott

Ali Velshi
BREAKING: students are in the waiting area of FL Gov. Rick Scott’s office - after being told he’s too busy to meet with them - chanting “shame on you!”
21 Feb, 07:28 PM UTC


Ted Lieu
THIS CONSPIRACY THEORY IS INSANE. Our kids know David Hogg. My wife and I know his mom, who taught at our kids' elementary school before they moved to Florida. Although David is very articulate, he is not a crisis actor. He is a student who lost 17 of his classmates to bullets. https://t.co/V9gLgbbdpk
21 Feb, 04:53 PM UTC


21 Feb, 08:42 AM UTC


Zach ⛳️
Never forget when Tyler,the Creator and Childish Gambino had cameos on Regular Show Zach ⛳️'s photo on Dumont
21 Feb, 12:41 AM UTC


Christine Sydelko
I’m fat but don’t EVER call me ugly
22 Feb, 02:08 AM UTC


Ben Platt
Seeing these incredible high school students speaking out and taking immediate action for gun control is the only truly encouraging thing I’ve seen in this country since that time we had a real president. KEEP GOING. WE LOVE YOU.
21 Feb, 04:21 PM UTC


pewdiepie 💰
apparently theyre installing fiber at my house today. after 8 bleeding months of getting dick whipped they show up without a notice
21 Feb, 11:26 AM UTC


one of the hardest mind versus body battles for me has been having to play it cool giving an award to Kendrick Lamar when all i wanted to do was scream 😭😱😱(!!!!!)
21 Feb, 11:18 PM UTC


【お知らせ】3月7日(水)発売の流星隊のアルバムの試聴開始は2月23日18時を予定しています。 初回限定生産盤はキャラクターコメンタリーCDが付いた2枚組。さらに、アクリルスタンド&アルバムブックを同梱した豪華BOX仕様です。 今日は初回限定生産盤と通常版の展開図をご紹介します♪ #あんスタ https://t.co/ZPaCDT79T4
22 Feb, 09:00 AM UTC


NBC Olympics
.@TeamUSA IS GOLDEN! The @usahockey women take down rival Canada for their first gold since 1998! #WinterOlympics #BestOfUS https://t.co/wS6s9ulmoA NBC Olympics's photo on Canada
22 Feb, 07:19 AM UTC

Liam Gallagher

Liam Gallagher being interviewed by little kids is extremely good https://t.co/CH16Uh1oRV
20 Feb, 11:25 PM UTC

Shooting Survivor

Kyle Griffin
David Hogg on Trump Jr.: “It's a testament to the sick immaturity and broken state of our government when these people feel the need to pedal conspiracy theories about people that were in a school shooting where 17 people died and it just makes me sick.” https://t.co/GI7fjdHcXk
21 Feb, 02:00 PM UTC


troye sivan
This pic of me and @DUALIPA sums up my @BRITs experience https://t.co/o3wL56tCke
22 Feb, 12:12 AM UTC


스벅 대체할 기업들 1. 요거프레소: 여성직원이 전체직원의 80퍼 이상인 여성친화기업. 육아휴직, 출산휴가를 적극권장하며 사용률이 100퍼센트에 가깝다고 함 2. 할리스커피: 경력단절 여성 공개채용 및 다문화가정 여성 대상으로 커피교육 실시 3. 폴바셋: 매일유업이 내세운 커피체인점. 매일은
21 Feb, 01:22 PM UTC


christine teigen
petty level: blocking people who comment on my battery life on screenshots
21 Feb, 09:28 AM UTC


Los abuelos se van, pero nunca mueren en nuestro corazón ❤️ AyChicas's photo on Carmen
21 Feb, 04:59 PM UTC

Dana Loesch

Remy Carreiro
Dana Loesch is claiming that guns protect women? Domestic violence victims are five times more likely to be killed if there is access to a gun in their household #StudentsStandUp
22 Feb, 03:38 AM UTC


Pete Blackburn
LAMOUREUX’S WINNER. USA GETS GOLD Pete Blackburn's photo on Lamoureux
22 Feb, 07:14 AM UTC


matt presley
-2 horas en twitter como t sientes? -no se si primero quiero abortar o ver la casa de papel matt presley's photo on Meza
21 Feb, 03:41 AM UTC


【速報 JUST IN 】俳優の大杉漣さん死去 #nhk_news https://t.co/nmA1ckHwNW
21 Feb, 11:43 AM UTC

Senator Marco Rubio

Molly Knight
Do not give Marco Rubio a gold star for talking to his constituents. He is their senator. This is his job. He works for THEM.
22 Feb, 02:33 AM UTC


#의사에게_들은_충격적인_한마디 의사: 커피 드시면 안됩니다 나: 왜죠...? 의사: 드시면 아프니까요 라는 얘기를 듣고도 주구장창 먹고 커피땜에 병원을 수십번갔고 (환멸) 커피숍에서 의사쌤을 만났죠...ㅋ ㅌ ㅌ ㅋ ㅌ 의사: 어...너...!.!.!.!. 나: (얼굴가림) 의사: 내가 너 커피먹지 말랬지.!.!
21 Feb, 01:16 AM UTC

Jurassic World 3

Jurassic World
Jurassic World 3 will be released June 11, 2021. Jurassic World's photo on Jurassic World 3
21 Feb, 07:05 PM UTC


were we not meant to happen or did we just give up too soon
21 Feb, 08:05 AM UTC
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