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Mimi Rocah
My 9 year old son ⁦@MomsDemand⁩ at white plains city hall #RecessRally @Mimirocah1's photo on #RecessRally
17 Aug, 01:54 PM UTC


YouTube Creators
It’s #NationalHoneyBeeDay! 🐝 Learn about how you can make our planet pollinator-friendly with @flowhive. After all, “if we look after the bees, they’ll look after us” 🍯 → @YTCreators's photo on #NationalHoneyBeeDay
17 Aug, 02:30 PM UTC


HwaLion 🌸🦁
Wheein-ah, please don't feel bad about this. The fans will understand. We love you. Take a lot of rest and come back to us happy and healthy. We will wait for you. You are Hyegi's half and 1/4 of the MMM, you will also be there. With them. In their hearts. #GetWellSoonWheein
17 Aug, 07:18 AM UTC


Check out @ElieNYC impeachment dance this morning #uppers @UPonMSNBC's photo on #uppers
17 Aug, 01:14 PM UTC


⚠️ TEAM NEWS IS IN! ⚠️ ✅ Full debut for JP Gbamin 🇹🇷 @CenkTosun_ returns to bench #EVEWAT @Everton's photo on #EVEWAT
17 Aug, 01:00 PM UTC


Pat Carman
Every Trump rally #EmptySeatsMagaTour @CarmanPat2's photo on #EmptySeatsMagaTour
17 Aug, 07:52 AM UTC


Borussia Dortmund
17 Aug, 01:35 PM UTC


Premier League USA
Hearing her voice = The best part of your weekend. A few noteworthy #MyPLMorning fans gave their best attempt to replicate Rebecca Lowe's iconic intro, and you don't want to miss it 😂 @PLinUSA's photo on #MyPLMorning
17 Aug, 01:40 PM UTC


Eliza Taylor Daily
Happy #NationalNonProfitDay! @TaoPrimary is a not for profit school founded by @MisElizaJane (#The100) & @claire_wyndham. KTP aims to educate Thai locals, expatriate families & very poor Burmese immigrant children. Donate:
17 Aug, 01:15 PM UTC


i think i win #FoundInTheThriftShop
17 Aug, 12:51 PM UTC


📚Book'em Mary📚
#SomethingIFindOverrated Remakes! Leave the classics alone!
17 Aug, 11:51 AM UTC


Rename Fifth Avenue in front of Trump Tower: "President Barack H. Obama Avenue" @moveon #ObamaAve #Obama
17 Aug, 10:56 AM UTC


🇺🇸Josh Keaton🇵🇪
#ThingsYouCanStillDoAt90 - turn 91.
17 Aug, 02:21 PM UTC


Karim Benzema
Comienza la Liga. A por ella, madridistas!!! 🔥 💯 ⚽ ⚒️ #HalaMadrid 💪 @Benzema's photo on #HalaMadrid
17 Aug, 09:01 AM UTC


Seeing #AllBlacks trending then clicking on the hashtag
17 Aug, 12:33 PM UTC


Sokratis Papastathopoulos
Training done ✔ Feeling strong and confident 💪🏼 @Arsenal #Sokrati5 #COYG @SokratisPapa5's photo on #COYG
16 Aug, 04:41 PM UTC


Happy 50th Birthday to @DonnieWahlberg! 🥳 This man is such a special human being, a positive light, a fearless leader. ❤️ We hope his day is as incredible as he is! 🎉 #OhCaptainOurCaptain #WeAreAllDonnieGirls #HappyBirthdayDonnie
17 Aug, 12:30 PM UTC


Laura Woods
Willing to fund the Ceballos statue👌🏽 #ARSvBUR
17 Aug, 12:53 PM UTC


My black people SMH!! We have a powerful Black Man in the office of the NFL to help us and y'all still complaining!! Y'all don't even know the man's plan yet!! Y'all don't know what he got up his sleeve for Colin!! Nobody tear down us, more than us!!! #JayzNFL
17 Aug, 01:15 PM UTC

Jadon Sancho

#mufc are the most advanced team in the pursuit for Jadon Sancho. The club will revisit their interest for him next summer and have already completed plenty of groundwork #mulive [mail]
16 Aug, 09:53 PM UTC


Anyone else still trying to figure out the difference between David Luiz and Matteo Guendouzi? @ESPNFC's photo on Guendouzi
17 Aug, 01:04 PM UTC

Sean Dyche

Sean Dyche: “I’m really worried about the game of football. The people falling on the floor and diving all over the place today - it’s got to go.” But of course snide fouls, knees in the back, pushing static opponents over and Ashley Barnes thuggery are all fine. 🤔
17 Aug, 02:03 PM UTC

Rocky Bleier

The Athletic
A few years ago, Rocky Bleier reached out to fellow veteran Alejandro Villanueva. "I thought I would be a year on the practice squad with the Steelers, go to Carnegie Mellon and that would be it for football. Rocky sort of believed in me a lot more."
16 Aug, 03:45 PM UTC

Ashley Barnes

Gary Lineker
Ashley Barnes is currently the top scorer in the @premierleague. #Barnesstorming
17 Aug, 12:23 PM UTC

Mike Dean

Premier League
📺 After consulting the VAR, referee Mike Dean has confirmed his decision not to award a goal to Arsenal because Nacho Monreal was offside in the build-up Arsenal 1-1 Burnley #ARSBUR
17 Aug, 12:18 PM UTC


Auba Laca 🤝 Winning games at Emirates Stadium @Arsenal's photo on Laca
17 Aug, 02:36 PM UTC


Hoje tem Flamengo no Brasileirão! O Mengão enfrenta o Vasco, às 19h., no Mané Garrincha. Vamos pra cima! 💪🏻#VASxFLA #CRF 🔴⚫️ @Flamengo's photo on Mané
17 Aug, 03:01 AM UTC

Harry Wilson

What a goal from Harry Wilson for Bournemouth! 😳 @SamueILFC's photo on Harry Wilson
17 Aug, 02:17 PM UTC

Richard Williams

Today the animation world mourns the loss of a great man. Director, animator, teacher and friend Richard Williams. Your films and teachings will live on forever. You will be missed Mr. Williams. Rest in Peace Mr. Williams. (1933-2019)
17 Aug, 02:55 PM UTC

Sadio Mane

EPL Bible
Sadio Mane: "I don't need luxury cars, big houses and travels around the world. I prefer that my relatives will have a little of what life has given me. I'm very appreciative of what I have." Touch of class. Respect. 🇸🇳
17 Aug, 07:55 AM UTC

Proud Boys

Devin Nunes' Alt-Mom
Oh look there's @DevinNunes' posing with his white supremacist Proud Boys friends, making the gesture that DEFINITELY does not mean "white power." Devin, how do you think the 39% non-white residents of your district feel about this whole "white power" thing? #NunesFailedAgain
17 Aug, 03:02 AM UTC


Frenzy Cop
📈GIVEAWAY📈 1 Lifetime Membership Per 500 RTS @FrenzyCop 1 Copy of ANB SNKRS @hypelust 25 Residential Proxies @IcedOutProxies RULES: Must Follow All, RT And Tag A Friend🤩 ENDS IN 1 WEEK! GOOD LUCK👀 @FrenzyCop's media on SNKRS">
17 Aug, 01:46 AM UTC


Dallas Gal
In order to be paid & qualify for time & a half that week, Shell mandates the union crowd stand all day without lunch & support Trump without showing any act of resistance. This is not how the democratic process should work. #BoycottShell.
17 Aug, 12:27 PM UTC


Yashar Ali 🐘
If you adopt a pet, I will love you. If you adopt an elderly or special needs pet, I will love you forever. #ClearTheShelters this weekend
16 Aug, 10:04 PM UTC

Josh McCown

Adam Schefter
Josh McCown, who announced his retirement this summer to spend more time with family, is returning to play his 17th NFL season with the Eagles, per sources. McCown is signing a 1-year deal with the but plans to resume his broadcasting career with ESPN after season, per source.
17 Aug, 02:10 PM UTC


Manak Gupta
मित्र और शत्रु की असली पहचान मुश्किल वक़्त में होती है. कल UNSC ने भी भारत को दिखा दिया कौन सच्चा दोस्त है और कौन पक्का दुश्मन. 130 करोड़ हिंदुस्तानी याद रखेंगे #SaturdayMotivation #SaturdayThoughts
17 Aug, 05:08 AM UTC


☾ alex
singularity #IsMoreSatisfyingThanSex @saddadalex's photo on #IsMoreSatisfyingThanSex
17 Aug, 11:36 AM UTC


Jordan 1 Satin Footsite Early Links Finishline: Footlocker: Champs: Eastbay: Footaction: 🔄RT for Good Luck 🍀
17 Aug, 01:37 AM UTC


James Benge
Very important to keep analysis sober and grounded early in the season but Dani Ceballos is tall Santi Cazorla.
17 Aug, 11:46 AM UTC


Achraf Hakimi
🏆 Bundesliga 🆚 Augsburg 🏟 Signal Iduna Park 🗓️ Saturday, August 17th ⏰ 15:30 CEST ⚽️🐝 #BVBFCA @AchrafHakimi's photo on Augsburg
17 Aug, 10:51 AM UTC


Daniel Ceballos
🔴⚪️ Tomorrow will be an exciting day. The first match of the Premier League season in the Emirates Stadium. I can't wait to share this moment with the fans! As a team we will go for 3 points again! Let's go Gunners! 💪💪 @Arsenal #MatchDay #Emirates #Gunners #PremierLeague
16 Aug, 07:14 PM UTC

Ben Mee

Football on BT Sport
Ben Mee, meet Nicolas Pépé 😨🔥 @btsportfootball's photo on Ben Mee
17 Aug, 01:43 PM UTC


IG: necation
when you get home and you and ur dog see each other.
16 Aug, 07:57 PM UTC

Were Ordered Not To Protest

Larry Waldbillig
They Were Ordered Not To Protest. Just in case you were wondering, this is not normal in America. "DO NOT bring lunch boxes..." "You will be standing through your normal lunch period. Lunch WILL NOT be provided." Hey asshole? Ever heard of DIABETES? The fascism is here... @LarryWaldbillig's photo on Were Ordered Not To Protest
17 Aug, 10:30 AM UTC

nicolas pepe

Tom Victor
They need to rename Nicolas Pépé ‘Valerie’ for the way he made a fool out of Mee
17 Aug, 01:12 PM UTC


8月17日は「黒猫感謝の日」 黒猫にまつわる あらぬ迷信から 貰い手が少ない傾向にある黒猫たちに 新しい家族を作るために 黒猫の良さをより多くの人に 知ってもらいたい日。 黒猫のみなさん!出番です! 黒猫の魅力を伝えてニャー #黒猫感謝の日 #黒ネコ感謝の日 #BlackCatAppreciationDay
16 Aug, 10:13 PM UTC


Ceballos tying Özil’s 2018/19 assist tally in one game btw
17 Aug, 12:52 PM UTC

reiss nelson

Ian Wright: "I'm delighted for Reiss Nelson. He absolutely deserves to keep his place today. He's a special talent." #afc
17 Aug, 10:37 AM UTC


네가 아미의 행복을 가장 바라듯 나는 네가 가장 행복했으면 좋겠어 그리고 그 행복을 위해 계속 널 응원할거야 #석진이의_수고는_우리가_알아
17 Aug, 05:41 AM UTC


Mello Thailand
อารมณ์ตอนนี้มันก็จะหน่วงๆ หน่อยๆ ไม่มีคำพูดอะไรสักคำ...แต่รู้สึกได้ถึงความอึดอัดสับสนมาก ติดตามชม #2Moons2ep8 วันเสาร์นี้ 20.00 น. รับชมพร้อมกันทั่วโลกได้ทาง #MelloThailand #2Moons2 #2MoonsTheSeries @2Moonstheseries @pavelphoom @WDdome @MelloThailand's photo on #2moons2ep8
16 Aug, 02:00 PM UTC

Jefferson Airplane

Joel Hodgson
Imagining the woodstock nation crawling out of their tents to the sound of Jefferson Airplane this morning fifty years ago #XPNstock @wxpnfm @woodstockfest
17 Aug, 12:28 PM UTC


winter bear
since we’re on jihope lockdown Rn remember when they just @sunsetsjk's photo on Jihope
17 Aug, 11:35 AM UTC


Barnes, you don’t want it with Kolasinac pal.
17 Aug, 01:22 PM UTC


Marty Smith
.@WVUfootball head coach @NealBrown_WVU will join me on #MartyandMcGee Saturday at 8am ET to chat about knowing who you represent. This week's #MartySmithsAmerica podcast regarding WVU's trip to the coal mines struck a chord with native Mountaineers.
16 Aug, 05:20 PM UTC


Danny Wood
Nothing but #bhlove #mixtapetourmemories #nkotb #friyay @dannywood's photo on #BHLove
16 Aug, 09:04 PM UTC


A brilliant, and unique, send-off for Aaron Sandilands and Hayden Ballantyne! #AFLFreoDons @AFL's photo on #AFLFreoDons
17 Aug, 01:15 PM UTC


That buzzing-noise means something. You don’t get a buzzing-noise without its meaning something. If there’s a buzzing-noise, somebody’s making a buzzing-noise, and the only reason for making a buzzing-noise that I know of is because you’re a bee. ~A.A.Milne #worldhoneybeeday @A_AMilne's photo on #WorldHoneyBeeDay
17 Aug, 05:13 AM UTC


The first 10-goal haul of 2019! #AFLNorthPower @AFL's photo on #AFLNorthPower
17 Aug, 11:39 AM UTC

Happy Sabbath

Ted Wilson
Happy Sabbath! #Sabbath #HappySabbath
16 Aug, 03:43 PM UTC


There was NO reason for Chilli to fuck it up like this. @LeeBruhGreene's photo on Chilli
16 Aug, 10:52 PM UTC

invictus obi

Tosin Olugbenga
For every Invictus Obi rolling Nigeria in the mud there's an Emeka flying the flag of Nigeria high. Emeka has built a generator that is fuelled by Water! He's a brilliant innovators without any University education. RT to the world! @TosinOlugbenga's photo on invictus obi
17 Aug, 07:19 AM UTC

Killer Mike

Tania Singh
Bill Maher is SUCH a hater. Killer Mike retorted to Maher’s typical conservative talking point about “why should WE pay for it” in the most beautiful fashion. Bernie is the working class candidate. That’s it. There’s no ifs, ands & buts about it.
17 Aug, 07:54 AM UTC


Sunderland AFC
🙌🏼 @J2Willis' first goal for #SAFC... @SunderlandAFC's photo on #SAFC
17 Aug, 12:03 PM UTC


Neil Clark
I lost a fingernail down the coin slot of an airport vending machine. I felt my guts turning into soft drinks and chocolate bars. I passed out. I woke up, plugged into a wall. The machine, in human form, was buying the last of my insides before boarding a flight. #Satsplat
17 Aug, 01:00 AM UTC

Ed Markey

In less than a week, the Facebook group to draft Joe Kennedy to run for Ed Markey's Senate seat swelled to nearly 600 members
17 Aug, 12:31 AM UTC

Being John Malkovich

Maggie Haberman
“A Lower East Side condo owner turned his small apartment into a mini-village — by converting it into an illegal duplex with 11 sub-units that had ceilings as low as 4 ¹/₂ feet high, officials said Friday.”
17 Aug, 02:40 AM UTC

Min Holly

@BTS_twt min holly's dad and #1 fan
17 Aug, 05:29 AM UTC


James Benge
Bukayo Saka and Gabriel Martinelli both in the U23 squad photo. Equally no Reiss Nelson or Joe Willock, clearly part of Unai Emery's setup. Same for Emile Smith Rowe though he may go on loan this month or January. @jamesbenge's photo on Willock
16 Aug, 12:47 PM UTC


17 Aug, 06:50 AM UTC


ONU Medio Ambiente
⚠️Un millón de #especies de animales y plantas podrían desaparecer en las próximas décadas. La caza, pesca y tala ilegales son una de las principales causas. Mañana 17 de agosto arranca la #CITESCoP18 que busca proteger mejor a la fauna y flora del 🌎.
16 Aug, 02:53 PM UTC


Thought I was gone get to see more of this Nigga but nvm... #NEWPrisonBreak
17 Aug, 08:53 AM UTC


B/R Football
—Auba vs. Newcastle —Laca vs. Burnley Arsenal’s bromance are both firing already ⚡ @brfootball's photo on Burnley
17 Aug, 11:44 AM UTC


Michael Sheen Facts
We #appreciatethesheen for not only being an incredible actor, but also a phenomenal human-being. He is so selfless, and kind, and has provided us and so many others with a community full of love and support. Thank you for all you have done Mr Sheen.
17 Aug, 09:06 AM UTC

Supreme Court - NBC News

Don Cheadle
ahem, ⁦@LogCabinGOP⁩ ... Trans workers not protected by civil rights law, Trump admin tells Supreme Court - NBC News
17 Aug, 04:09 AM UTC

eden park

10 Sport
The Haka at Eden Park - there's nothing quite like it 😲 #NZLvAUS @10SportAU's photo on eden park
17 Aug, 07:50 AM UTC


Bryce Tache 🇺🇸
Here’s what I believe: People have had enough. With the hate. With the lies. With the racism. The cruelty. They’ve had enough. They want integrity. Honesty. Kindness. Real values. Real ideas. Trump WILL lose. His entire pathetic party WILL lose. Because of us. #FridayThoughts
16 Aug, 12:10 PM UTC


Collingwood FC
WHE hits the post. BUT WHAT A WIN! #GoPies #AFLCrowsPies @CollingwoodFC's photo on #AFLCrowsPies
17 Aug, 09:08 AM UTC


Making this a thread so everyone drop pictures of you meeting your friends at FOMOTOUR 🥺❤️ #DONTBEG2LPM (@PRETTYMUCH look at this thread)
17 Aug, 04:59 AM UTC

Trump Tower in NYC

Gale Turner Strong
Let's troll the bully in The White House @realDonaldTrump and rename the street in front of Trump Tower in NYC "President Barack H. Obama Avenue." Sign the petition. #ObamaAve
17 Aug, 01:58 AM UTC


Fire Emblem Heroes
You can choose one of the four 5★ Heroes who won the Choose Your Legends: Round 3 event to summon. Who will you summon? Choose one of the hashtags below and tweet to receive a special wallpaper! #FEHeroes
17 Aug, 03:02 AM UTC


🤩 Emirates Stadium soon come! 🥰 🔋 MATCHDAY LOADING… ⬛⬛⬛⬛⬛⬛⬛⬛⬛⬛99% ⚡️ #ARSBUR @Arsenal's photo on #ARSBUR
16 Aug, 11:04 AM UTC

Kevin Pillar

Alex Pavlovic
Kevin Pillar has a multi-homer game. He's three from giving the Giants their first 20-homer player since 2015.
17 Aug, 04:54 AM UTC

Mike Yastrzemski

ESPN Stats & Info
Mike Yastrzemski has his first career 3-HR game in his 70th career game. His grandfather Carl played 3,308 career games and only had one 3-HR effort: May 19, 1976 vs the Tigers.
17 Aug, 05:30 AM UTC


Miroslava Valdovinos
No importa que pienses que “el feminismo no te representa”, el día que te pase algo todas vamos a salir a marchar, gritar y quemar por ti. #NoMeCuidanMeViolan
17 Aug, 02:17 AM UTC


Essence Gant
Marlon Wayans looks pretty as a girl #Sextuplets @TheEssenceOf_'s photo on #Sextuplets
17 Aug, 05:33 AM UTC


. NE J A M A I S U T I L I S E R U N E P E R S O N N E P O U R EN O U B L I E R U N E A U T R E .
16 Aug, 06:44 PM UTC

Good Saturday

Maichard Army
17 Aug, 01:05 AM UTC


Yossinee Nanakorn
เห็นคลิปนี้ของเจสสิก้าและบอดี้การ์ด ทำให้นึกถึงคำว่า Chivalry นะ คำนี้มันแปลแล้วเป็นขั้นกว่าของสุภาพบุรุษไปถึงแบบอัศวินนิด เป็นความกล้าหาญและสง่างามของผู้ชาย ผู้หญิงลองใช้คำนี้ดูค่ะ ผู้ชายลองทำคำนี้ออกมาเป็นกริยากันค่ะ มันหล่อมาก @YossieBistro's photo on Markey
17 Aug, 02:01 AM UTC

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