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Elie Honig
This hearing has been remarkably substantive. Up until Graham asked whether Garland thought Comey “was a good FBI Director.” Who cares? There are so many real issues to address.
22 Feb, 03:39 PM UTC
Manu Raju
“Do you think Jim Comey was a good FBI director?” Lindsey Graham asks Garland, who declines to answer. Graham says: “I find it pretty stunning” Garland won’t say he was a “terrible” FBI director
22 Feb, 03:40 PM UTC
Jim Sciutto
Sen. Graham’s questions to Garland go to several of Trump’s greatest hits: Portland violence, Durham investigation, whether Comey was a good FBI Dir, securing the border, Section 230 reform, before saying “I’m very inclined to support you.”
22 Feb, 03:42 PM UTC
Aaron Rupar
John Cornyn is the second Republican senator to ask Merrick Garland loaded questions about James Comey. Look for this on Hannity tonight. @atrupar's photo on Comey
22 Feb, 04:02 PM UTC
Aaron Rupar
Graham's weird Comey question is Fox News's big takeaway from the Garland hearing so far @atrupar's photo on Comey
22 Feb, 03:58 PM UTC
Washington Examiner
.@LindseyGrahamSC: "Do you think Jim Comey was a good FBI director?" Merrick Garland: "Senator, I really don't want to get into..." Graham: "I just find it pretty stunning that you can't say, in my view, that he was a terrible FBI director." @dcexaminer's photo on Comey
22 Feb, 03:56 PM UTC
Cornyn raising Comey on Hillary. Garland: Don't think it's useful to comment on specific individuals. Derogatory comments abt subjects, targets, zealously attempt to reinculcate that spirit.
22 Feb, 03:57 PM UTC
Charles P. Pierce
The Republicans on Judiciary are full Trumpers. Lindsey Graham tried to get Garland to talk junk about James Comey, for god's sake.
22 Feb, 03:55 PM UTC
John Bresnahan
/2 Garland ducks a Graham question on Durham investigation & another on James Comey
22 Feb, 03:38 PM UTC
Victoria Brownworth
Lindsey Graham wants Merrick Garland to say James Comey was a bad FBI director. You cannot make this stuff up.
22 Feb, 03:42 PM UTC
Carrie Johnson
Garland refuses prompt from Sens. Graham and Cornyn to bash former FBI Director Jim Comey for trash talking Hillary Clinton in 2016, saying it's not "useful" to discuss specific former officials, but adding that he will follow longstanding DOJ policy to stay quiet in those cases.
22 Feb, 03:57 PM UTC
Laura Coates
What exactly did @LindseyGrahamSC expect #MerrickGarland to say when he asked him to agree that @Comey was a terrible @FBI Director? 🤔
22 Feb, 03:43 PM UTC
PCR RitesGood
@mkraju So last week the GOP was whining about the OMB nominee's mean tweets and this week they are basically going to ask Garland if he agrees with trump's mean tweets about Comey. Got it.
22 Feb, 03:50 PM UTC
The Recount
Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) tells AG nominee Merrick Garland: “I just find it pretty stunning that you can’t say, in my opinion, that [James Comey] was a terrible FBI director.” @therecount's photo on Comey
22 Feb, 03:57 PM UTC
Lesley Abravanel
Lindsey Graham is grilling #MerrickGarland over Comey, Al Qaeda and drug cartels at the US Mexican border, conveniently brushing over domestic, radical, right wing white supremacist #TrumpTerrorists.
22 Feb, 03:44 PM UTC
James Comey 😐 Carter Page 😐 The Steele Dossier 😐 The Horowitz Report 😐 *These* are the things #Republicans are asking AG nominee #MerrickGarland ??? Really? What a bunch of fu©kers 😝
22 Feb, 04:21 PM UTC
coastal eddy
How foolish do Republican senators look asking Merrick Garland about Comey, Hunter Biden, Hillary’s emails...they should be forced to wear sponsored by FOX patches on their suit jackets
22 Feb, 04:06 PM UTC
@mkraju @maggieNYT How is Merrick Garland's opinion of James Comey relevant to the AG position? The AG doesn't appoint that position; it's a presidential position. How about we ask Garland what he thinks of you, as a U.S. Senator, @LindseyGrahamSC? That's about as relevant.
22 Feb, 04:05 PM UTC
Rebecca Herman
...And Sen. Cornyn is stuck on Hillary's emails and Comey's presser! Holy crap! Now the Horowitz report because every GQP politician has to litigate on behalf of their feckless, fascist cult leader!😂
22 Feb, 03:59 PM UTC
Johnnie Johnson
@thelauracoates @LindseyGrahamSC @Comey @FBI Lindsey is so full of it. Always talking about how he feels about certain people but little do he know they feel the same about his crooked behavior.
22 Feb, 03:49 PM UTC
Squire Pettis
@thelauracoates @LindseyGrahamSC @Comey @FBI Why are we silly talking about Comey and HRC emails? That was so 4 years ago....why not talk about 4 weeks ago???? Hello?? Insurrection????
22 Feb, 04:02 PM UTC
Alice Pendleton
They have their Mar-a-logo Trump Cliff Note which include: Border, Hilary, Comey, Steele Dossier. Haven’t heard Hunter Biden, yet.....But, wait for it....The day is still young. How truly great is Merrick Garland vs the smug-arrogant Barr!
22 Feb, 04:41 PM UTC
Dee M
Love how GOP on Senate Judiciary Committee are grilling Garland about FISA and James Comey and Steele Dossier as if four years of catastrophic wrongdoing by trump and Barr did not happen. #Garland
22 Feb, 04:44 PM UTC
Chad C.
@atrupar Garland should just tell them to direct these questions to Comey.
22 Feb, 04:39 PM UTC
Louise Litzenberg
@thelauracoates @LindseyGrahamSC @Comey @FBI Lindsey Graham is a poser and a putz what did you expect?
22 Feb, 04:39 PM UTC
Scottsdale Bubbe
@t_alwaysspecial @thelauracoates @LindseyGrahamSC @Comey @FBI Ms Lindsey is a lifelong “bachelor” said to be on the down low. Old southern tradition. Probably accounts for Trump’s hold on him.
22 Feb, 04:44 PM UTC
Chief Brody II
Monday thoughts... Judge Garland Is brilliant... but. He parts his hair like Sean Hannity... I know more about the Steele dossier than him... and many more smarter people know more about the phony dossier than me... He didn’t have a clue about J. Edgar Jim Comey too...
22 Feb, 04:44 PM UTC
@thelauracoates @LindseyGrahamSC @Comey @FBI @LindseyGrahamSC has been an embarrassment to SC for years and the way he licks Trump's ass is shameful
22 Feb, 04:43 PM UTC
Democracy loving sheep 😅
@benFranklin2018 No different than the ppl who were counting on Comey, Mueller, and Barr. That last one is the funniest of them all
22 Feb, 04:43 PM UTC
@atrupar Oh, maybe because that's what Rosenstein and Trump used to make Comey's firing appear to be legitimate.
22 Feb, 04:43 PM UTC

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