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Jennifer Bendery
NEW: House Republicans just rolled out their official "Commitment to America” plan for 2023 with an inspirational video chock full of scenes presented as exceptional imagery of America -- but that are actually stock footage from Russia and Ukraine. https://t.co/xtQm52WWNp
23 Sep, 07:30 PM UTC
The White House
You don’t need to guess what’s in the House GOP’s “Commitment to America.” You can look at what they’ve already committed to. #GOPCommitments @WhiteHouse's photo on Commitment to America
23 Sep, 02:52 PM UTC
Nancy Pelosi
Republicans say they have a commitment to America — but all they offer are broken promises. Every time Democrats try to strengthen Social Security, Disability Insurance, Medicare and Medicaid — Republicans say NO. Vote for your earned benefits; vote for Democrats. -NP
23 Sep, 04:45 PM UTC
Andrew Wortman 🏳️‍🌈🇺🇸
The GOP is so “America first” that their “inspirational video” rolling out their “commitment to America plan” uses stock footage and images filmed in Russia and Europe.
23 Sep, 08:18 PM UTC
Lindy Li
House Republicans launched with great fanfare their official Commitment to America plan with a video featuring inspiring images of “America” One tiny problem: the images are actually stock footage from Russia 🤦🏻‍♀️ I wasn’t kidding when I said the GOP is the Government of Putin
23 Sep, 09:06 PM UTC
Jo 🌻
Hey Republicans, You voted against the Inflation Reduction Act and the bill to stop price gauging at the pump. You voted against bringing manufacturing jobs back to America, lowering drug prices and funding local police. So, your “commitment to America” is a bunch of bulls*t.
23 Sep, 04:31 PM UTC
The Lincoln Project
FACT CHECK: MAGA's Commitment to America @ProjectLincoln's photo on Commitment to America
23 Sep, 05:01 PM UTC
No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen
Great reporting by @jbendery: https://t.co/XGdS7mNxsi
24 Sep, 12:49 AM UTC
No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen
NEW: Republicans are promoting their new “Commitment to America” plan using footage from Russia. https://t.co/XGdS7mNxsi
23 Sep, 08:46 PM UTC
Steve Benen
Kevin McCarthy and his team had 15 months to prepare for the rollout of their "Commitment to America." It has not gone smoothly: - pulled the plan from the website on Wednesday - fake Lincoln quote - stock footage from Russia https://t.co/JIogh2Aop8
23 Sep, 08:44 PM UTC
The Democrats
Republicans’ “Commitment to America”: —Ban abortion nationally —Cut Social Security and Medicare —Raise prescription drug costs
23 Sep, 10:20 PM UTC
So the GOP 'inspirational video' unveiling their 'Commitment to America' agenda is filled with stock footage from Russia.
23 Sep, 08:54 PM UTC
Hakeem Jeffries
Let’s be clear. The Extreme MAGA Republican commitment to America is politics over patriotism. Phonies.
24 Sep, 01:02 PM UTC
The Recount
"Critical race theory; diversity, equity, and inclusion; gender identity ... anti-bullying programs ... These are all Marxist-style programs targeting our children." — A mom at the House GOP's "Commitment to America" agenda rollout, as Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy nods along @therecount's photo on Commitment to America
23 Sep, 02:52 PM UTC
Steve Schmidt
“The GOP “Commitment to America” is a declaration of insincerity & a brazen one. It is sloppy & meaningless & offered with a deep contempt towards the American people. It’s all nonsense right down to the fake Lincoln quote & Russian and Ukrainian images.” https://t.co/7Fh07A8ekf
24 Sep, 02:16 PM UTC
Beto Warrior Says Turn Texas Blue 🇺🇸
What is Republicans' commitment to America? - Cutting social security. - Stop eligible voters from having a say in the machine of government. - Protecting people like Matt Gaetz (the #PedoHitlerBiden hashtag is projection). - Tons of more bad things. Please retweet https://t.co/SL7otIiEv6
24 Sep, 11:59 AM UTC
Mr. Newberger
Republicans digging out dinosaur Newt Gingrich's prehistoric Contract with America to turn it into a brand new Commitment to America, and watching all hell break loose, was actually the plot of Jurassic Park.
24 Sep, 11:20 AM UTC
Scott Dworkin
The GOP has no commitment to America. They have a commitment to hurt America. They have a commitment to cause chaos, and to pathologically lie about the fact that they lost the 2020 election—in what Trump would call a landslide. #GOPContractForCruelty https://t.co/nTKm0aYjTO
23 Sep, 04:03 PM UTC
Mr. Newberger
.@GOPLeader McCarthy's commitment to America should've been a commitment to keep Nazi sympathizers out of his Congress. @RepGosar and @RepMTG spoke at a Nazi rally in February yet Kevin did nothing. Start with the commitment to defend America from it's sworn enemies.
24 Sep, 11:13 AM UTC
Matt Gaetz
How about a “Commitment to America” regarding what we are going to do to the J6 Committee?
24 Sep, 02:31 PM UTC
Kevin McCarthy
.@RepJuliaLetlow: "In our Commitment to America, parents will always have a seat at the table when it comes to their child’s education from here on out. I can promise you that." @GOPLeader's photo on Commitment to America
23 Sep, 02:38 PM UTC
Tony 🌊 #BlueWave
Christians Nationalists and Q-Anon *are* the Republican Party. Their "Commitment to America" is all about enacting their EXTREME right-wing agenda. They use violent rhetoric against doctors, teachers and election workers. https://t.co/vPLg7RtljU
24 Sep, 11:43 AM UTC
Mynmnobody 🇺🇸🏴‍☠️
@SenRickScott https://t.co/mfSIRgK8F6 This is the Republican’s commitment to America. He’s already being investigated for fixing voting machines. #GOPContractForCruelty
23 Sep, 11:33 PM UTC
Fox News
Why House Republicans' 'Commitment to America' is a big deal https://t.co/b1ghCBurh4
24 Sep, 02:00 PM UTC
Dan "I Stand With Ukraine" P
Kevin McCarthy, Steve Scalise & Elise Stefanik announced their Commitment to America which is total BS! This a rebranding of Newt Gingrich's awful Contract with America. House Republicans are desperate since they have lost almost every general race since #RoeVWade was overturned.
24 Sep, 02:08 PM UTC
Brian Normoyle
The Republicans’ “Commitment to America” rolled out with an ad using stock footage from—you guessed it—Russia. This party is a living, breathing, parody of itself; and it would be funny were it not for their playing footsie with fascism and their anti-democracy agenda. https://t.co/QgyLFhxZ8x
24 Sep, 08:17 AM UTC
Lloyd Hulburd
Remember this guy? Newt Gingrich. Speaker of the House from 1995-1999. The theme of evolving partisanship in American politics passed through his period of leadership of the Republicans. His stamp is all over the GOP extremist "Commitment to America." https://t.co/PwFh5Reu4Q
24 Sep, 02:01 AM UTC
Jeff Jarvis
Well, the GOP is Putin's party. “We celebrate the rich heritage of the American story,” a narrator says, over footage of a drilling rig in Russia's Volgograd region. https://t.co/95BV5C6qGh via @HuffPostPol
24 Sep, 11:57 AM UTC
Ornery Ol' Broad 🇺🇦
@Stealthgirl21 @Angry_Staffer Most of the images aren't even of America. https://t.co/h4Frf5OUWV
24 Sep, 03:27 AM UTC
Ann BlackBird ☮️
GOP commitment to America The only commitment they make is Ban abortions Ban Books Take Social Security Medicare Medicaid Food stamps Free lunch’s LGBTQ + take rights away Same sex marriages gone You have the choice in your votes #wtpBLUE #VoteThemAllOut https://t.co/26hl5PkxPr
24 Sep, 02:32 PM UTC