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Gary Vaynerchuk
Congrats KC! Enjoy
03 Feb, 03:13 AM UTC
Justin Hamilton
A Fuller straight outta DBU officially turning the lights out. Fitting on multiple levels. Congrats KC
03 Feb, 03:09 AM UTC
@realDonaldTrump Congrats KC Chiefs! NFL got the message loud & clear to respect America once again. American flag held during our great National Anthem & no players took the knee. Even halftime show, JLo draped herself in USA flag!! President Trump ad was the most glorious of them all too.
03 Feb, 03:39 AM UTC
Brett Okamoto
My tradition of losing money on the super bowl continues. Congrats KC fans!! Now, on to baseball!!!!!!
03 Feb, 03:14 AM UTC
Christine Pelosi
THAT feels awful. Believed in my #Niners to the end. But congrats KC fans - your guys earned it.
03 Feb, 03:07 AM UTC
Total Cardinals Move
Congrats, KC! #TeamMO
03 Feb, 03:20 AM UTC
Cj Anderson
I am so happy 4 Andy Reid man if anybody deserves It it’s him Congrats KC
03 Feb, 03:03 AM UTC
Marako T.
I ain’t going to lie, I smiled when Andy Reid got hype as they poured Gatorade on him...Congrats KC...Y’all earned it!!!💯
03 Feb, 03:09 AM UTC
Steelers Empire
Congrats KC! They deserved it. Love Mahomes.
03 Feb, 03:02 AM UTC
President Kamala’s Hand (STILL)
Andy is a good guy from what I’ve read. He lost a son to drugs and worked with players other teams didn’t want. Congrats KC fans. Good job 9’ers, too. Y’all turned it around and are young enough to keep it going. Good game matched good halftime on Janet Jackson appreciation day
03 Feb, 03:11 AM UTC
Paul Rieckhoff
In the modern era, it’s not defenses that win championships anymore. It’s QBs. And that was true again tonight. When it came down to it, Mahomes got it done. Garoppolo did not. Congrats, KC. You deserve it. But #ChangeTheName.
03 Feb, 03:06 AM UTC
justin austin
Congrats #cheifs #SuperBowlLIV . Congrats kc you deserve it
03 Feb, 03:05 AM UTC
JD w/HawkHaterTV
We choked. No excuses. Congrats KC.
03 Feb, 03:34 AM UTC
Dora Birkelbach
@JackPosobiec He looked absolutely miserable during the anthem. Now he can go home and kneel all he wants. Congrats KC! Well deserved win for Andy Reid!
03 Feb, 03:22 AM UTC
Jonathan Griesy
@McDermedFox9 I keep posting this pic but it all began in MN. Only took 24 years to get the job done. Congrats KC! #BigPatLittlePat
03 Feb, 03:38 AM UTC
Congrats KC. Well deserved! Also Kyle (you blew it) Shanahan
03 Feb, 03:09 AM UTC
Cheesy Grandi
So we sold Super Bowl squares as fundraising for daughter’s soccer team. The square we sold to daughter’s ninong ended up as the ending of the final score and he won $750 😁 Congrats KC Chiefs! #SuperBowlLIV
03 Feb, 03:43 AM UTC
baldilocks says Repeal CA AB5 and Kill HR 2474
Congrats KC!
03 Feb, 03:12 AM UTC
Lisa D
Great game, congrats KC! Hey @NFL can we please reinstate @MylesLGarrett now???
03 Feb, 03:11 AM UTC
Hawthorn Hill Elementary
HHE ❤️ the Chiefs!!!!! Congrats KC!!!!
03 Feb, 03:32 AM UTC
Michael Maugans
It hasn’t always been easy being a Chiefs fan, but watching the turn around has been epic. Congrats KC‼️
03 Feb, 04:39 AM UTC
Congrats KC, but can we talk about shakira and JLo again 🤤😏
03 Feb, 03:21 AM UTC
Dan Frakes
Congrats KC. Tough Niners loss, but a lot of great stories in the Chiefs win. Plus, *ahem* some people are learning there’s a KC in Missouri, so, win-win.
03 Feb, 04:33 AM UTC
Not playin football but congrats KC 🏈 🤨 Love times with this little guy.
03 Feb, 05:21 AM UTC
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03 Feb, 03:52 AM UTC
So glad for Andy Reid!! Even though his team best my @Titans two wks ago.Congrats KC.KC has a great team!!We'll c them again!!!!
03 Feb, 06:33 AM UTC
Shawn 蘇 (蔡隽秀)
Congrats KC!!! WHOO!!🎉🏆
03 Feb, 07:02 AM UTC