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Rick Wilson
Here's a simple test: The Democrats either hold Sonland in contempt based on obstruction, or they don't. Hey, it's just a Constitutional crisis. Why bother with protecting the prerogatives of a co-equal branch of government in the face of lawlessness and obstruction?
08 Oct, 12:28 PM UTC
Rick Wilson
This is a dumb, fallacious argument. The Democrats are terrible at politics, terrible at power, and terrible at communications. They're in a Constitutional crisis, and they're playing this like weaklings. Spectacle demands spectacle, power demands power. They suck at it.
08 Oct, 01:52 PM UTC
Orin Kerr
Ok, *now* there’s a constitutional crisis. (Just waiting for the right time to say that.)
08 Oct, 09:59 PM UTC
Rob Reiner
A mentally ill Criminal is recklessly thrusting US into a Constitutional Crisis. Patriotic Americans will not allow a Lying Narcissist to destroy 243 years of self rule.
08 Oct, 11:36 PM UTC
George Takei
The White House is creating a constitutional crisis by refusing to cooperate with a Congressional impeachment inquiry—one that is supported by a solid majority of Americans. So, hey, GOP. Question for you. You really want to go to the mat for THIS guy?
08 Oct, 10:56 PM UTC
Resistance is duty ✊
We are now 100% in a constitutional crisis. Congress is a coequal branch of government. trump is obstructing justice!!! The @GOP is pretty much saying democracy is dying cause trumps “doing his job” the people deserve better. #ContemptOfCongress
08 Oct, 02:08 PM UTC
Brian J. Karem
The statement by POTUS is a rebuke of Congress, the Constitution and sends a clear message: @realDonaldTrump is above the law. What will Congress do? Call his bluff? Slap witnesses in irons? Cave? Try to go through the courts? THIS is the Constitutional crisis. @BrianKarem's photo on Constitutional Crisis
08 Oct, 09:38 PM UTC
Scott Lemieux
"I can’t imagine a more straightforward constitutional crisis than a presidential administration simply refusing to cooperate with the legal process laid out in that document by which the legislature is supposed to investigate executive misconduct."
08 Oct, 11:19 PM UTC
Liddle’ Savage
Are we still allowed to say “Merry Constitutional Crisis?”
08 Oct, 10:10 PM UTC
Danielle Blake🔶️
USA: ok we're just going to have a full blown constitutional crisis with the executive openly defying the constitution and flouting the law UK: *crashing through the wall like Kool-Aid man* HOLD MY BEER
08 Oct, 10:29 PM UTC
Tom Dreisbach
Does the White House’s blanket refusal to cooperate represent a “constitutional crisis”? Here’s one law professor 👇
08 Oct, 10:12 PM UTC
American Times Film
Trump has been a walking, talking constitutional crisis since before election day 2016. The irony of his supporters claims that they are the righteous, noble defenders of the constitution is such unbelievable cognitive dissonance it's hard to comprehend.
08 Oct, 11:23 PM UTC
Bill Ritter
#BreakingNews and a constitutional crisis and confrontation now in the making. The White House says it will not participate in the Congressional impeachment inquiry @billritter7's photo on Constitutional Crisis
08 Oct, 09:19 PM UTC
Alexandra Erin (Scary)
Constitutional Crisis on Infinite Crises Buckle up, neighbors.
08 Oct, 11:37 PM UTC
Kathy Baumgardner
@SethAbramson This. Will. Not. End. Well. This is a constitutional crisis unlike anything ever before in the history of our country. He will not go quietly. And the Republicans have knowingly given him cover for his multitude of crimes. We need a hero.
08 Oct, 10:45 PM UTC
𝙱𝚊𝚕𝚝𝚒𝚖𝚘𝚛𝚎 𝚃𝚘𝚖 🌱
@nprpolitics This is the Constitutional crisis. If the Democrats don't start arresting people for defying subpoenas, the law has officially become meaningless. Impeachment is solely the responsibility of the House of Representatives.
08 Oct, 11:44 PM UTC
Frank Savage
Like who locks them all up if they continue to refuse? It's wild but we're at the Constitutional crisis many of us warned about.
08 Oct, 11:44 PM UTC
Some mentally ill, cognitively delayed Hollywood Celebrities are recklessly thrusting the US into a Constitutional Crisis. Patriotic Americans will not allow a democratically elected POTUS to destroy 243 years of self rule. @robreiner
08 Oct, 11:44 PM UTC
Patrick Folan
@GeorgeTakei Illegitimate nasty lying can’t take the heat blow dried @realDonaldTrump election was a constitutional crisis. His time in office has been a disgrace and disaster for USA. And his defeat in 2020 will be a victory for our democracy. @arneduncan @PeteButtigieg @JoeBiden
08 Oct, 11:44 PM UTC
This sounds like a constitutional crisis to me...
08 Oct, 11:44 PM UTC
The very definition of a constitutional crisis.
08 Oct, 11:44 PM UTC
Darth Shwa
'Seriously Folks This Is Actually a Constitutional Crisis': Trump Tells Congress White House Won't Cooperate With Impeachment Probe
08 Oct, 11:44 PM UTC
This is what a Constitutional crisis looks like
08 Oct, 11:44 PM UTC
Lisa Leeman
@tedlieu Please use it. This is becoming a real constitutional crisis. Use Subpoena, censure, contempt.
08 Oct, 11:43 PM UTC
@robreiner We are not on the Verge, we are smack dab in the middle of a Constitutional Crisis and if we allow the illegitimate President to stay in office, our Democracy is Dead.
08 Oct, 11:43 PM UTC

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