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Kato Leonard
Remember when Hillary didn’t show up for her 9 million Benghazi hearings? Me neither ... #ContemptOfCongress
08 Oct, 02:41 PM UTC
BrooklynDad_Defiant Savage!
There's a disturbing pattern here. - trump claims he's innocent of ___ - Congress subpoenas witnesses - trump OBSTRUCTS testimony - Congress writes angry letter, shrugs It's time for Congress to GROW A PAIR, and act like they have equal power. THEY DO. #ContemptOfCongress https://t.co/dgfMshynDw
08 Oct, 03:08 PM UTC
Laurel M. Davila
Strong evidence of #ObstructionOfJustice. This is #ContemptOfCongress! When WE THE PEOPLE instruct you to hand over the evidence — you better damn well do it — or face imprisonment! #ImpeachmentInquiry #ImpeachmentTaskForce https://t.co/zPBCq1IFVF
08 Oct, 03:21 PM UTC
Ryan Knight 🗽
“The failure to produce this witness, the failure to produce these documents, we consider yet additional strong evidence of obstruction.” Congrats @realDonaldTrump for getting outplayed by @RepAdamSchiff. You just added another article to your impeachment: #ContemptOfCongress.
08 Oct, 03:55 PM UTC
Palmer Report
Donald Trump’s day so far: - Panics over Gordon Sondland - #ContemptOfCongress - Trump is losing badly in court today - Captain Kangaroo is a thing - Rudy and Lindsey go berserk - Impeachment poll numbers climb even higher - Trump is going to prison - It’s still only 1:30pm
08 Oct, 05:30 PM UTC
Alyssa Milano
HOLD THEM IN #ContemptOfCongress. https://t.co/TFvSAI6sXb
08 Oct, 11:11 PM UTC
Congressman Al Green
We are now in a deep state cover-up caused by the President, AG, and Sec of State among others. Congress, we must not allow the paralysis of analysis to prevent us from honoring the Constitution, protecting democracy, and preserving the republic. #ContemptOfCongress #ImpeachNow
08 Oct, 11:22 PM UTC
Sophia A. Nelson
At some point Congress is going to have to get some balls and start arresting these clowns who thumb their noses at them. #Sondland should be arrested and held in #ContemptofCongress start showcasing your Article I powers, House of Representatives. You have it--use it!
08 Oct, 02:58 PM UTC
ALT-immigration 🛂
It is almost like i wish the house democrats had a precedent or something.... #ContemptOfCongress https://t.co/99D8LXTeyL
08 Oct, 04:09 PM UTC
Resistance is duty ✊
We are now 100% in a constitutional crisis. Congress is a coequal branch of government. trump is obstructing justice!!! The @GOP is pretty much saying democracy is dying cause trumps “doing his job” the people deserve better. #ContemptOfCongress
08 Oct, 02:08 PM UTC
Tara Dublin Rockstober
Congress also needs to issue an arrest warrant for Mike Pompeo for refusing their subpoenas to appear. A subpoena isn’t a Facebook invite where you click “Interested” & then blow it off 😡😡😡 #LockHimUp #ContemptOfCongress #ImpeachmentTaskForce
08 Oct, 04:08 PM UTC
Shawn In Az 🌵
#ImpeachTrumpTuesdays #ImpeachNow #ContemptOfCongress Out here in these streets where I'd say about 58% of Americans driving by are honking in support of impeachment 😁 @ShawnInArizona's photo on #ContemptOfCongress
08 Oct, 04:05 PM UTC
Tim Higgs-Boson Driscoll
I'm no Hillary fan, but I'd like to point out that she showed up when Congress summoned her. When you've done nothing wrong and have nothing to hide, you let your people show up... @realDonaldTrump #ContemptOfCongress #ImpeachTheMFTraitor @tdriscoll97's photo on #ContemptOfCongress
08 Oct, 10:50 PM UTC
Tara Dublin Rockstober
Note to @HouseDemocrats: no more letters “asking” anyone to appear. You issue subpoenas & arrest anyone who defies them for #ContemptOfCongress. Stop letting these traitors get away with their criminal behavior #ImpeachmentTaskForce @RepAdamSchiff @RepJerryNadler @SpeakerPelosi
08 Oct, 04:11 PM UTC
♥️🌺 SIZZLE 🌺♥️
Pedophile enabler, Jim Jordan & You Can’t Fix Stupid aka Matt Gaetz can NOT grasp that the term “kangaroo court” didn’t come from Captain Kangaroo‼️😃😆🤣😂 https://t.co/YW6gi8ImrB #CaptainKangaroo #ContemptOfCongress #Sondland #Resist #Traitor #Resisters #Resistance #TurdReich
08 Oct, 09:21 PM UTC
Tony Stark 2020 💥⎊
This is what #ContemptOfCongress gets you, @GOP Support for Trump’s impeachment is higher than when Presidents Nixon and Clinton were beginning to face their own impeachment inquiries, with approval for impeachment polling in the mid-40s. #TuesdayThoughts https://t.co/tpOrt9FICE
08 Oct, 07:30 PM UTC
Quaker Nana
Amen! #ContemptOfCongress https://t.co/xnK3HC5PJ3
08 Oct, 06:27 PM UTC
Tara Dublin Rockstober
When does the Sergeant at Arms pick him up? #Sondland #ContemptOfCongress #ImpeachmentTaskForce https://t.co/8KG5K7MmNY
08 Oct, 06:44 PM UTC
Matt Gaetz is the Fred Flintstone of Bozo the Clowns #KangarooCourt Captain Kangaroo #ContemptOfCongress https://t.co/0gBdizFzk9
08 Oct, 09:19 PM UTC
Lesley Abravanel🆘
Breaking per Josh Lederman @JoshNBCNews: Gordon #Sondland was in frequent contact with Trump about Ukraine and was also using encrypted What's App. #ContemptOfCongress #TurdReich #ImpeachmentTaskForce #RemoveTrump #SondlandResign
08 Oct, 05:07 PM UTC
Shawn In Az 🌵
So the aide says due to the possible #ContemptOfCongress charges, Trump should hire the best representation he could find And that's when Trump said "Get me Trey Gowdy" https://t.co/JiGkuUsKIX
09 Oct, 12:47 AM UTC
Carla Braswell
Just a reminder, the articles of #impeachment against Nixon that passed were: I. #ObstructionOfJustice II. #AbuseOfPower III. #ContemptOfCongress The contempt article was for willfully disobeying subpoenas.
08 Oct, 10:21 PM UTC
Holly Figueroa O'Reilly
@Ladycat954 Oh, shit. Trump's base would go NUTS. #contemptofcongress #kangaroocourt https://t.co/kThIri39to
09 Oct, 12:25 AM UTC
We call your #ContemptOfCongress and will be sending said tratiors to Gitmo https://t.co/rqSaZthuDk
08 Oct, 10:46 PM UTC
Tony Stark 2020 💥⎊
This letter is ridiculous. They pretend not to know that Pelosi wants an INQUIRY & not a trial until evidence warrants it. Trump's enablers are running out of rocks to hide under & the stable genius with the unmatched wisdom is clearly scared of Congress. #ContemptOfCongress https://t.co/NQeYxMd0d8
08 Oct, 09:59 PM UTC
Sally Deal
@realDonaldTrump You buddy (mostly likely ex-buddy by now) Napolitano is #FoxNews' senior judicial analyst. He's says that your ADMITTED contact with #Ukraine is a CRIME. Congress is duly elected to do oversight. #ObstructionOfJustice #ContemptOfCongress WATCH! https://t.co/cQ3LRyWCub
08 Oct, 05:27 PM UTC
Analisa Swan 🆘 #DemForce
Jimmy Carter is a true president. A man of moral courage, conviction, believer in the value of hard work, & love of community. Tre45on is a criminal, unfit for the presidency. #ImpeachTrump #Impeach #ImpeachTrumpNow #ThursdayThoughts #ObstructionOfJustice #ContemptOfCongress https://t.co/2uYHRLHDG0
08 Oct, 06:39 PM UTC
Harry who
#ContemptOfCongress FOR REAL!! WTF https://t.co/HMLmoDPUaq
08 Oct, 02:53 PM UTC
♻️🇺🇸 Christopher Zullo
Fact of the matter is Donald Trump asked on South Lawn for Ukraine, China to investigate a political opponent. Text messages between his ambassadors show support was withheld and how to get it, which phone call on July 25th alluded. Trump’s obviously afraid #ContemptOfCongress
08 Oct, 11:27 PM UTC
The Tweetwit 🆘
#ContemptOfCongress Donald Trump is screwed. The House doesn't even need to impeach Trump for soliciting foreign interference in American elections now that he is openly obstructing justice. Plus he is in contempt of Congress. The House will impeach him for three offenses. https://t.co/K38QXb7X0s
08 Oct, 11:24 PM UTC

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