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Sam Stein
The Conways know Twitter is public, right?
02 Dec, 07:54 PM UTC
Lauren Hough
The conways would like you to know they appreciate your participation in their weird sex game.
02 Dec, 08:23 PM UTC
@cmclymer @ConnieSchultz "Hi! We're the Conways, and we'd like to be the next Carville/Matalin sensation!"
02 Dec, 08:42 PM UTC
Revolutionary Retiree
@ConnieSchultz I always get the feeling the Conways are playing us.
02 Dec, 08:31 PM UTC
Christina Wilkie
The Conways now appear to be bickering in public.
02 Dec, 08:03 PM UTC
Benjamin Laden 🆘
it's professional wrestling, I don't think the Conways are fighting anymore than I think Trump is fighting with CNN, the NYT, anymore than I think he's fighting with bloomberg. it's a cheap trick to suck up oxygen and overload our ability to comprehend what's going on
02 Dec, 09:49 PM UTC
Daily Caller
A "Keeping Up With The Conways" reality show would break the Nielsen ratings
02 Dec, 08:10 PM UTC
Jeffrey Levin
George Conway fires back at Kellyanne Conway's Joe Biden insults
02 Dec, 09:08 PM UTC
David R•lst•n
The Conways are now tweeting @ each other like this., Wow!
02 Dec, 10:32 PM UTC
The story about the #Conways won't be a @hallmarkchannel movie.
02 Dec, 07:56 PM UTC
Someone please explain this war of the Conways shit show to me.
02 Dec, 09:52 PM UTC
Dreadful E
My Conways hot take is that they are exhibitionists and this is foreplay. You are very welcome.
02 Dec, 08:43 PM UTC
Tosca Austen
The Tale of Two Conways. This isn’t funny anymore. It’s abusive. Please stop.
02 Dec, 08:37 PM UTC
Starting to suspect that the Conways can only orgasm when one of their tweets passes some 2k RT threshold.
02 Dec, 08:31 PM UTC
The Conways is going to be a fantastic sitcom.
02 Dec, 09:19 PM UTC
Bad Fox Graphics
Top: The Conways (12/2/19) Bottom: Happier times (9/2/14)
02 Dec, 08:12 PM UTC
Allen Frances
Among the great mysteries of the universe is how the Conways can share the same bed.
02 Dec, 10:04 PM UTC
Congrats to Conways @dcmaine30 @NCATFootball on being named a Walter Payton Award Finalist! He is also a Blanchard-Rogers Trophy Finalist for South Carolina Collegiate Player of the Year! He has scored 21 TDs this season!
02 Dec, 01:48 AM UTC
Vigil For Democracy 🆘
@gtconway3d The Conways are putting on a show. It’s not War of the Roses.
02 Dec, 09:25 PM UTC
Mel Conway
Software design conferences need to have discussion groups around this video. Watch it.
02 Dec, 10:42 PM UTC
Steve Herzfeld 🌊
@briantylercohen @joncoopertweets Don't fall for it. The CONways are messing with us. George CONway is a Koch Network/Federalist Society Republican. It really bugs me when resisters follow him.
02 Dec, 10:54 PM UTC
Neon Nettle
Kellyanne Conway’s Offer To Testify At Impeachment Hearing Means Democrats Are Going To Have To Put Up Or Shut Up READ MORE:
02 Dec, 09:25 PM UTC
Courtney Ranstrom
Do the Conways tell their kids, “Even though we fight on Twitter, we love each other and more importantly we love you. We love being Twitter famous more, but we do love you all.”
02 Dec, 11:36 PM UTC
Tweet stream from @conways_law on “the importance of systems thinking in education (and a lot of other things)” | Systems Community of Inquiry
02 Dec, 11:09 PM UTC
Occam’s Shaving Butter
Can you imagine an even more obnoxious couple than the Conways? One enables trump, the other spends all his time whining about trump on Twitter. I’ve heard kellyanne let’s George use his own dick on the weekend, when she’s not wearing it.
02 Dec, 10:56 PM UTC
@ashlie_weeks @roper_93 I will say that some others with perhaps better judgement believe that the Conways are just mocking Democrats with an act. That's possible too. In fact probably. Even if it *seems* real. "pro" wrestling looks real too..........
02 Dec, 10:43 PM UTC
Blank Slate
The Conways have officially taken it to 11.
02 Dec, 10:53 PM UTC
Thinking out random
@Fiordiligi5 The Conways are working some scam. It's just going to make the eventual book deal more lucrative.
02 Dec, 11:40 PM UTC

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