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/ フォロー&RTで当たる🎉 新春・柿の種祭🎊 \  #亀田の柿の種 チョコ&アーモンド発売記念❗ 抽選で20名様にまるっと1ケース(12袋) #プレゼント 🎁 応募締切は1月24日(金)16:59まで✨ 【応募方法】 1️⃣@kameda_kakitane をフォロー 2️⃣この投稿をRT🔁 👇応募要項こちら @kameda_kakitane on Coppy"> @kameda_kakitane's photo on Coppy
13 Jan, 02:00 AM UTC
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13 Jan, 03:00 PM UTC
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13 Jan, 03:00 PM UTC
TVアニメ「七つの大罪 神々の逆鱗」コラボ記念RTキャンペーン! 「#バン」の声を担当する 「#鈴木達央」さんのサイン色紙が抽選で3名様に当たる! 【応募方法】 ①@kotodaman_prをフォロー ②このツイートをRT ③1/15(水)23:59まで #コトダマン #七つの大罪 #七つの大罪神々の逆鱗 @kotodaman_pr's photo on Coppy
13 Jan, 07:00 AM UTC
Grant McAuley
In no way does this take Coppy off the hook for improper actions and subsequent dishonesty, but I find this entire thing to be mindboggling. Houston cheated to get to and win the World Series yet no players disciplined, GM and MGR get 10 mos. unpaid, team loses picks, pays fine.
13 Jan, 07:27 PM UTC
Thanh vy
Đu số lượng rồi like share ủng hộ Vy đi . Video chị đi some gởi Vy x m học hỏi . Nên san đăng cho các anh clips 💯% thanhvy . No coppy nha 🖐️🖐️ .Ai cần gì đọc tiêu chí hãy nt nha ...
13 Jan, 11:15 AM UTC
Tommy Poe
It's weird to think signing players illegally who may never even make it to the majors has more long-term repercussions than cheating to try to win the World Series. Not that I think Hinch and company deserved lifetime bans. Only that it makes it so dumb that Coppy got one.
13 Jan, 07:12 PM UTC
Coppy got banned for life for getting poor island kids paid and losing 100 games. Luhnow and Hinch blatantly cheated their way to a World Series title and get a year. Seems fair.
13 Jan, 07:14 PM UTC
Coppy didn’t cheat and got a lifetime ban btw
13 Jan, 07:03 PM UTC
David O'Brien
Stripping them of 1st & 2nd picks in 2 drafts is pretty severe, as is 1-year suspension for manager and GM. From what I'm told, Coppy got lifetime ban because he never came clean w/ MLB officials even after others described exactly what #Braves were doing in international FA.
13 Jan, 07:09 PM UTC
Doc Herbert
To everyone who is comparing this situation to Coppy: The man lied his ass off over and over and over during the investigation. Some of his punishment was for the international signing stuff, but most of it was for blatant and repeated perjury. It's not even close to the same.
13 Jan, 07:47 PM UTC
Alex Anthopoulo$
Coppy got a lifetime ban from baseball and these guys get a year for fundamentally affecting the outcome of games. Cool, MLB. @Braves #chopon
13 Jan, 06:59 PM UTC
Jasoñ Reese
Wow! So Coppy gets banned for life and Luhnow & Hinch only get a year? MLB hates the Braves don’t they?
13 Jan, 07:01 PM UTC
Cory McCartney
Agree, Grant. Thought a lifetime ban had to be coming for someone. This directly impacted the product on the field. What Coppy did was against the rules, but it didn't hurt that actual game itself.
13 Jan, 07:33 PM UTC
Just a reminder that Coppy got banned for life for signing prospects to a little more money but cheating to a World Series had no lifetime bans. I don’t know who you ban for life but just interesting.
13 Jan, 09:55 PM UTC
So, Coppy gets banned for life for international signing infringement. But Hinch gets suspended for 1 year for cheating?
13 Jan, 07:40 PM UTC
Baseball is Fun & Interesting
@Ken_Rosenthal @EvanDrellich Braves ex-GM, Coppy, got a lot worse for less.
13 Jan, 07:14 PM UTC
Grant McAuley
@JeremyMMerrick I am not saying Coppy deserved differently. But I could not disagree more with that latter part of your statement. This does not send a strong enough message or do justice to what the Astros did.
13 Jan, 08:53 PM UTC
coppy finding out the astros “punishment”
13 Jan, 08:04 PM UTC
4 Years Freddie’s Gato
Coppy should transition to a woman and apply for a gig in baseball.
13 Jan, 09:45 PM UTC
Tommy Poe
I cannot wait for the Cora and Coppy podcast.
13 Jan, 09:15 PM UTC
Stephen Nelson
@SportsCenter @JeffPassan Isn't this worse than what Coppy did while at the Braves? He gets life suspension and these guys get a slap on the wrist (I'm sincerely asking).
13 Jan, 09:26 PM UTC
Richard Staff
@jaseidler [whispering to date while watching suspensions being handed down when Coppy first appears on the screen] That's Coppy
13 Jan, 09:06 PM UTC
Jeremy Merrick
@grantmcauley Coppy actocely obsteucted the MLB investigation as well as lied that is why he is banned for life. To be sure the Astros deserve a severe punishment but obviously the commissioner felt they're cooperation with the investigation merited some level of leniency
13 Jan, 08:51 PM UTC
Sean Thibodeau
@DOBrienATL @KhamaalE Didn’t Coppy get a lifetime ban?
13 Jan, 09:20 PM UTC
@grantmcauley @stevenwiener @TalkingChop I’m cool with Coppy getting the lifetime ban, he never showed remorse but $5m?!?! Braves lost $25-30m when players were cut loose and you’re right: zero on field impact.
13 Jan, 09:17 PM UTC
Coppy really got sent to the shadow realm and these dudes got a year vacation smh
13 Jan, 07:20 PM UTC
Jonathon Brown
Any Braves fan who wants to defend John Coppolella needs to unfollow me now. It’s stupid to compare punishments especially when what Coppy did definitely deserves a lifetime ban not just for what he did, but also the fact that he continuously lied about it.
13 Jan, 09:58 PM UTC
4 Years Freddie’s Gato
@deb922 But Lady Coppy!
13 Jan, 09:56 PM UTC

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