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Clay10® 🔎🏡
Archived footage of my Grandmother in 1969, being interrogated by the FBI and refusing to turn over members of the Black Panther Party. @djordxc's photo on Costco
07 Apr, 12:26 AM UTC
KILLER MEG (Interdimensional entity)
Any beer under 5% is fine to give to children
06 Apr, 08:55 PM UTC
Gritty is the Way
Landlords do not provide housing. They hoard it.
06 Apr, 04:45 PM UTC
There is not an elevator in my building. There are 75 stairs to my apartment. I went to Costco. @BasicallyIDoWrk's photo on Costco
07 Apr, 12:49 AM UTC
The Irv Gastro Pub
A Costco, Walmart, Home Depot or Ikea cashier can see 600 people in a shift but a hair dresser can’t even see one. @fordnation the demise of small business is in your hands. #OpenOntario
07 Apr, 02:05 AM UTC
Ezra Levant 🍁
You can go to a Walmart or Costco or a liquor store or marijuana store. You can hold a Black Lives Matter rally and police will bend the knee. But if you open a church, you'll be raided by police, and thrown in prison for 35 days. Only in China and Iran -- and Alberta.
07 Apr, 01:25 PM UTC
A game called ADHD&D in which all characters are chaotic neural
07 Apr, 11:43 AM UTC
ima make this a thread of tik toks that piss me off
07 Apr, 02:00 AM UTC
Omar B4rrera Acevedo
A Campeche le hace falta un Costco, Uber y sacar alavg al PRI del poder
06 Apr, 04:34 PM UTC
Vamos x una pizza del Costco
06 Apr, 11:49 PM UTC
Remington Lovebutton
As a retailer, I just want to thank @fordnation for giving all my sales to Walmart and Costco again. Nice to see this liberal government picking winners and losers in small business. #stayathomeorder
07 Apr, 11:43 AM UTC
Global Edmonton
The Edmonton location is the fourth Costco business centre in Canada, and the first one west of Toronto. #yeg
07 Apr, 01:40 PM UTC
doctors: pls help poor ppl get paid sick leave and better access to vaccination doug Ford: ok fine u can’t buy pants at costco or go to the gym
07 Apr, 01:43 PM UTC
@GlobalEdmonton Small businesses having to close and never open again, yet Costco able to open a 4th location. Weird how that can happen. 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
07 Apr, 01:42 PM UTC
The Edmonton location is the fourth Costco business centre in Canada, and the first one west of Toronto. #yeg
07 Apr, 01:40 PM UTC
"Why didn't you wait until our Costco date to get condoms?" "You have much higher hopes for my sex life than I do."
07 Apr, 01:39 PM UTC
@sarcasticLory @TypeAGay @ItsStefi_ I will say the things we do eat that make me feel like a human being is keto bread/buns from Costco (they are legit good) and mission low carb wraps.
07 Apr, 01:38 PM UTC
ALL BLACK The Aquarium Man
@JayRyan909 @anthony99806766 @DurielWood @Jake_Randall_YT I for one will not be using walmart online for anything game related or electronic anymore. I watched my cousin order his from Costco a week after our drop on a Tuesday. He got his delivered to him on a Friday. Tell me wtf walmart doing wrong another store is beating yall?
07 Apr, 01:38 PM UTC
@daleethompson 100% this. I am also angry with how small businesses have been treated. Big box stores like Walmart & Costco have been allowed in-store shopping of non-essential items. Hoping today’s announcement finally address this inequity.
07 Apr, 01:38 PM UTC
Seren Sketches
I really shouldn’t buy new things from costco especially if @IamArkcard can’t consume them too 🤦🏼‍♀️ VD: Video of a 490g packet of garlic butter shrimp chips with a biro resting on top.
07 Apr, 01:37 PM UTC
Tell our major retailers like Bed Bath & Beyond: Bed, Bath & Beyond, Walmart, Amazon and Costco to stop selling MyPillow products - Sign the Petition! via @Change
07 Apr, 01:45 PM UTC
Kahlia Jarral
@TheTorontoSun Except Costco and Walmart and the liquor store. The virus knows not to enter these stores.
07 Apr, 01:45 PM UTC
Liz Farrelly
Exercise the power of #ConsumerBoycott; tell major retailers, such as @BedBathBeyond, @Walmart, @amazon & #Costco, to stop selling #MyPillow products ... Sign the @Change #Petition
07 Apr, 01:45 PM UTC
@CatDadSuperior Whats the point of being an adult if you cant do that shit... also, i found some super good things for breakfast if you go to costco and like eggs...
07 Apr, 01:44 PM UTC
@l_stone @fordnation Is the box stores selling groceries and pharmacy only actually going to happen this time? Pretty sure they said that last time but Wal-mart, Costco etc...were selling everything. At least in Ottawa they were.
07 Apr, 01:44 PM UTC
Marketing & Sales Advisor to Global Tech Companies
Tell major retailers like @BedBathBeyond, @Walmart, @amazon and #Costco to stop selling #MyPillow products. Sign the Petition! via @Change
07 Apr, 01:44 PM UTC
when my parents are out shopping at costco and i remember my brita pitcher needs new filters
07 Apr, 01:44 PM UTC