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Inspired by the Costume Institute’s ​'In America: A Lexicon of Fashion' exhibit and this year’s Met theme, Dan collaborated with Anderson to create a powerful ensemble that celebrates “the resilience and the love and the joy” of the LGBTQIA+ community ❤️
14 Sep, 12:14 AM UTC
Carolyn B. Maloney
Across the country, women’s rights are under attack. I have long used fashion as a force 4 change. As the Met Costume Institute reopens w/ their inaugural exhibit celebrating American designers, I am calling 4 the certification of the ERA so women can be equal once and for all. @CarolynBMaloney's photo on Costume Institute
13 Sep, 09:53 PM UTC
Cora Harrington
A small thing to note in terms of The Met Gala and The Costume Institute. The Costume Institute itself is not just a party or exhibits. It’s the acquisition, curation, and preservation of over 30,000 items across 7 centuries.
14 Sep, 04:53 AM UTC
The Met Gala, formally called the Costume Institute Gala or the Costume Institute Benefit and also known as the Met Ball, is an annual fundraising gala for the benefit of the Metropolitan Museum of Art's Costume Institute in New York City.
13 Sep, 08:08 PM UTC
Rosana Hermann
O Met Gala é um evento beneficente, pra angariar fundos para o Costume Institute do Metropolitan Museum of Art de Nova York (The Met). The Costume Institute é o acervo de moda do Metropolitan, uma coleção com mais de 33 mil objetos q representam 7 séculos de roupas e acessórios
14 Sep, 12:57 AM UTC
Cycling ensemble, 1895. Kyoto Costume Institute. @wikivictorian's photo on Costume Institute
13 Sep, 04:46 PM UTC
Zinnia Bukhari
@VVFriedman Correction: Someone *donated* 35k to the Met Museum Costume Institute fundraiser for her to attend.
14 Sep, 01:40 AM UTC
Vogue Magazine
Ahead of this year's #MetGala and Costume Institute exhibit, "In America: A Lexicon of Fashion," Vogue's International editor-at-large, Hamish Bowles, takes us through everything you need to know about American fashion. @voguemagazine's photo on Costume Institute
13 Sep, 06:00 PM UTC
Louis Vuitton
.@VirgilAbloh at the #METGala2021. The #LouisVuitton Men’s Artistic Director wore one of his own designs to the opening exhibition of the Costume Institute’s Gala “In America: A Lexicon of Fashion” at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. #METGala @LouisVuitton's photo on Costume Institute
14 Sep, 12:30 PM UTC
Eleanor Lambert started the benefit for the Met's Costume Institute first took place in 1948. The first event was a midnight supper, which was called The Party of the Year, where invited guests could buy a ticket for $50 each. Since then, some major names have served on the board
13 Sep, 08:08 PM UTC
Cora Harrington
I feel like when people hear about The Met Gala, their thoughts begin and end at “Oh, it’s a party for the rich.” And it absolutely is. But there’s also more going on there. Because, again, unlike every other department in The Met, the Costume Institute has to fund itself.
14 Sep, 04:57 AM UTC
💀Kara Jorgensen🏳️‍🌈
Do people not know that the Met Gala actually helps to keep the museum/costume institute open? They invite the rich people because they have deep pockets and they will make large donations to the museum in return for publicity.
14 Sep, 02:55 AM UTC
งาน MET Gala หรือ Costume Institute Gala คือ งานเลี้ยงประจำปีเพื่อหารายได้เข้าสถาบันเครื่องแต่งกายแห่งพิพิธภัณฑ์ศิลปะเมโทรโพลิทันในนิวยอร์ก เพราะฉะนั้นไม่ว่าจะเป็นดาราสายไหนก็มีสิทธิ์เข้าร่วม พอดีเห็นคนสงสัยว่าริฮานน่าไม่ออกเพลงใหม่ ทำไมมาเดินพรมแดงได้ 555555
14 Sep, 02:36 AM UTC
Pao Con P de Prada
@elpunketo_ La Met es la inauguración de la exhibición de Costume Institute. Es una cena, que es hosted por Anna Wintour para recaudar fondos para la perseverancia de artículos de moda que entran en el archivo del Costume Institute, piezas de moda que datan desde el siglo 17
14 Sep, 03:53 AM UTC
Tim Edwards
The Met Gala is a charity event for the Costume Institute...Each year the Met Gala raises six to seven figures Not a penny for hospitals, the homeless or climate change? What about the fires or the hurricane damage? Nothing?
14 Sep, 04:07 AM UTC
🦷 olivia
“venus” tshirt from vivienne westwood and malcolm mclaren’s “let it rock” store (1972-1973) via the met’s costume institute
14 Sep, 10:48 AM UTC
AFP News Agency
VIDEO: A glance inside The Met's 'In America' Costume exhibit. The first chapter of the Met Costume Institute's annual exhibition brings together past and current American designers. It is back after it was canceled two years in a row due to the pandemic @AFP's photo on Costume Institute
14 Sep, 02:48 AM UTC
Why would I hate The Gala? It’s the one fundraiser they have for the Met Costume Institute, which is dedicated to preserving history, and also allowing for penny admission for New Yorkers, amongst other great things
14 Sep, 01:14 PM UTC
Jennifer Binis
Seeing a whoole bunch of takes on AOC (her ticket was donated) and her dress (designed by Aurora James, creator of the 15% pledge) and even her "gall" at being at the Met Ball, which is a fundraiser for the Costume Institute.
14 Sep, 11:18 AM UTC
NO DIPLOMATIC PASSPORT, NO OPINION. not u all bragging about a "fashion event"?¿ with no direct invitation? METG@LA: It marks the opening of the Costume Institute's annual fashion exhibit
14 Sep, 11:05 AM UTC
Billie Jean King
It was so much fun seeing all the tennis players turn out for the #MetGala last night. The gala raises money for the museum's Costume Institute, and this year is the museum’s 75th anniversary.
14 Sep, 01:27 PM UTC
Mike Servito
the least they could do is match the tens of millions in donations to the costume institute and help those in need because this country is actually a lexicon of strife and suffering.
14 Sep, 01:27 PM UTC
Kat Msia kita ada ke Costume Institute @BLLRCHMD ..I think it will be nice kalau Muzium Tekstil buat soiree macam ni to collect funds for the museum, God knows the bloody museum needs it bad! Should work with UITM I think!
14 Sep, 01:21 PM UTC
Youngster Joey
@CastleRavens @FoxNews It pays for itself. $35,000 per ticket, $275,000 for a table. Some people are invited to go for free. AOC was most likely invited. The event is a fundraiser for the museum of art costume institute.
14 Sep, 01:24 PM UTC
@yaesami for the costume institute of a new york museum
14 Sep, 01:20 PM UTC
@RysiekzMisia2 Nie chodziło o to żeby wyglądać normalnie, w końcu to Costume Institute Gala w muzeum sztuki. Ale można wyglądać ładnie jak Kendall Jenner
14 Sep, 01:18 PM UTC
@lingerie_addict @CAwkward The Costume Institute is amazing and any exhibit of theirs is well worth a visit
14 Sep, 01:30 PM UTC
@yaesami no(?) i mean it makes sense that all the guests come in extravagant costumes because its for the costume institute
14 Sep, 01:30 PM UTC
@LpezCullar Un evento de moda anual que sirve como precedente para la inauguración del Costume Institute en el museo de Nueva York en el que personas de la industria musical, modelos y otros famosos llevan, en teoría, vestidos icónicos con una temática que se elige cada año y que influyen +
14 Sep, 01:29 PM UTC
Matty 🇨🇦
@PatternNoticer @KyleKulinski The Metropolitan Museum of Art's Costume Institute.
14 Sep, 01:29 PM UTC