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Hilarie Burton Morgan
Margot picks the Perry’s over her own career. They’re super easy to love. Really wish we got a chance to see how that played out. #CouncilofDads #SaveCouncilofDads
03 Jul, 12:31 AM UTC
J. August Richards
I threw together this little video as a way to say THANK YOU to the cast, crew, fans and the @cityofsavannah for an experience I will never forget. “When it’s all said and done/at least I got to love you!” Until we meet again... #CouncilofDads @jaugustrichards's photo on #CouncilofDads
03 Jul, 01:03 AM UTC
Sarah Wayne Callies
one last #CouncilOfDads twitter party! woo hoo! @SarahWCallies's photo on #CouncilofDads
02 Jul, 11:16 PM UTC
Michael O’Neill
Just like @nbc is not going to renew. #CouncilofDads #SaveCouncilofDads @thisMicONeill's photo on #CouncilofDads
03 Jul, 12:29 AM UTC
Council of Dads
Thank you everyone for joining us for the season finale! Let us know what your favorite moment was. ⬇️ 💚 #CouncilofDads @CouncilofDads's photo on #CouncilofDads
03 Jul, 01:10 AM UTC
#CouncilofDads @nbc You’ve made a huge mistake! In a world full of hate, this show was different . This show was powerful! It was diverse and full of Love and Acceptance.And you didn’t see the value .Shame on you! @CBS @netflix @hulu @ABC Who’s smart enough to pick it up?! https://t.co/N19zT8t9Zy
02 Jul, 10:57 PM UTC
Council of Dads
The cutest. 😍 #CouncilofDads @CouncilofDads's photo on #CouncilofDads
03 Jul, 12:42 AM UTC
Michael O’Neill
Speaking of men crying. "Old Grandpa Dude" Larry! #CouncilofDads #SaveCouncilofDads @thisMicONeill's photo on #CouncilofDads
03 Jul, 12:48 AM UTC
Sarah Wayne Callies
fun fact - from here on out Robin is wearing Luly’s clothes. hers are in the house, all stormy. thank goodness for a daughter with style. #CouncilOfDads @EleWeaver
03 Jul, 12:15 AM UTC
Council of Dads
It's all love on and off-screen for the #CouncilofDads family. https://t.co/KvpH0GtQf4
02 Jul, 11:54 PM UTC
Sophie Denney
Hey @nbc! Are you watching the same show as me right now? Surely not. A show as beautiful as this can’t be cancelled. #SaveCouncilofDads #CouncilofDads https://t.co/eCq0fnLcUp
03 Jul, 12:19 AM UTC
Michael O’Neill
Larry is loyal and fights for the Perry family. @CrabShackTybee needs to rebuild. #CouncilofDads #SaveCouncilofDads @thisMicONeill's photo on #CouncilofDads
03 Jul, 12:35 AM UTC
Michele Weaver
Seriously... ONE OF THE BEST SCENES I HAVE SEEN ON TV! I ball every time I see this scene! My #tvmom and #tvdad, you both captivated the screen. So grateful I got to be your #tvkid 😭 @SarahWCallies @TomEScott #CouncilOfDads #savecouncilofdads @EleWeaver's photo on #CouncilofDads
03 Jul, 01:06 AM UTC
Patrick O'Brien
I cant remember the last time I was so sad for an episode of TV. I'm glad we got these 10 episodes, but this show deserves so much more #SaveCouncilofDads #CouncilofDads
03 Jul, 12:09 AM UTC
Michele Weaver
My heart! It amazes me how many people are encouraged by our show! #gratefulbeyondwords #CouncilofDads https://t.co/EAYOvGvBfk
03 Jul, 12:10 AM UTC
Michael O’Neill
They're ok, we are not ok watching the last episode. #CouncilofDads #SaveCouncilofDads
03 Jul, 12:04 AM UTC
Lindsey Blackwell
Tess is home!!! 😁 #CouncilofDads @lindseybwell's photo on #CouncilofDads
03 Jul, 12:38 AM UTC
Michele Weaver
“Raise him to know his history and be a strong black man” 😭 @kevinddaniels #blm #CouncilOfDads
03 Jul, 12:40 AM UTC
Michael O’Neill
Larry narrates the finale! #CouncilofDads #SaveCouncilofDads @CouncilofDads
03 Jul, 12:02 AM UTC
“I’m still standing Scotty.” 🥺 yes you are mama ❤️💪🏽 #CouncilOfDads
03 Jul, 12:56 AM UTC
rebecca angel baer
It was an honor & a joy to speak with @thisMicONeill I look forward to the final episode of #CouncilofDads tonight & I hope this show finds a new home. #SaveCouncilofDads https://t.co/wRko4zCT9J
02 Jul, 10:29 PM UTC
Tony Phelan
Lots of extras spent lots of time helping us with the Crab Shack ... and they were great !! @CouncilofDads #CouncilofDads
03 Jul, 12:24 AM UTC
Blue Chapman
Great scene!! @EmjayAnthony and @CliveStanden #olderbrother #CouncilofDads #SaveCouncilofDads @IAmBlueChapman's photo on #CouncilofDads
03 Jul, 12:39 AM UTC
Tony Phelan
Theos little grin!! @CouncilofDads #CouncilofDads
03 Jul, 12:03 AM UTC
Michael O’Neill
@Auntie_Cha @nbc @CBS @netflix @hulu @ABC Thanks for your support! This is such a powerful show. I'm grieving the loss of Larry in my life. #CouncilofDads #SaveCouncilofDads @CouncilofDads
02 Jul, 11:03 PM UTC
Jason Mogollon
@nbc why would you cancel @CouncilofDads?!?! In a time w/ tragedy & heartache, society needs a feel-good show like this. Reconsider your decision!! #RenewCouncilOfDads #CouncilOfDads
03 Jul, 03:32 AM UTC
Ashanti Mitchell
@nbc #CouncilOfDads #SaveCouncilofDads So either you pick this show back up. Or you give it to someone who can do what y’all couldn’t. And keep something going that is as beautiful as this show was. You want people talking about it. WE ARE TALKING ABOUT IT!!!!!!
03 Jul, 03:09 AM UTC

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