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BBC Countryfile
Thanks very much for watching #Countryfile tonight. Hope you enjoyed our Remembrance themed programme - next week Hertfordshire.
12 Nov, 07:20 PM UTC
Paul Steele
Ramble Time! :) And proudly helping @BBCCiN on a #CiNRamble You can help and get a Pudsey Ramble Hat to help suppor… https://t.co/5wCq3Mfnum
12 Nov, 01:15 PM UTC
David K Smith
(i) Star anise is used to make Tamiflu so (ii) #Countryfile suggest a star anise hot toddy will be antiviral. (i) True. (ii) B*ll*cks.
12 Nov, 07:11 PM UTC
BBC Countryfile
So now you know! Do NOT pick anything from a hedgerow unless you're certain about what you're picking! #Countryfile
12 Nov, 06:39 PM UTC
BBC Countryfile
Did you see that? @AdamHenson getting covered in blue stuff! At least he's avoided foot rot! #Countryfile
12 Nov, 07:00 PM UTC
BBC Countryfile
How do we save our villages? @tomheapmedia will be looking at possible solutions later in the programme.… https://t.co/3RW6fIgYNj
12 Nov, 06:36 PM UTC
BBC Countryfile
On tonight's #Countryfile @EllieHarrison__ pays tribute to the 'Idle Women' who worked on the canals in WW2 - inspi… https://t.co/uckrohoBam
12 Nov, 06:00 PM UTC
BBC Countryfile
On #Countryfile in 20 mins we hear the incredible story of 98 year old Alfred Smith and his experience of the evacu… https://t.co/6xQGZJ5Osa
12 Nov, 06:00 PM UTC
Henry Pryor
If you want to keep villages alive we need to persuade villagers to allow more affordable housing. Without homes fo… https://t.co/n0a2UjjtEu
12 Nov, 06:40 PM UTC
Botanica Health
#Countryfile it was a pleasure sharing with you our winter health boosting recipes. Thank you for your interest
12 Nov, 07:12 PM UTC
National Housing Fed
For more about the #Countryfile report on the decline of our rural services and what we can do to counter this tren… https://t.co/AJeYaCXcP7
12 Nov, 07:22 PM UTC
National Housing Fed
With the closure of vital amenities, local residents feel villages are losing their very soul #countryfile #RuralHousing2017
12 Nov, 06:32 PM UTC
Richard Walker
#countryfile Tom Heap investigates how the rising prevalence of Tom Heap is causing depression in Sunday tea time viewers
12 Nov, 06:46 PM UTC
Helen Brown
Ancient Sweet Chestnut at Killerton House. Could this be the anti bacterial lifesaver of the future? As seen on… https://t.co/DX5Sl9MSPI
12 Nov, 08:16 PM UTC
Adam finally finds the rare breed he's been after, the Lesser Spotted White Botty..... #Countryfile
12 Nov, 06:57 PM UTC
Andrew Langstone
@iangw64 "If you've been affected by Tom's negativity, there's a Heap Line" available. ... #countryfile
12 Nov, 06:40 PM UTC
So interesting to hear Alfred Smith’s first hand experience of Dunkirk. What a hero. #Countryfile #Dunkirkspirit 🎖🏅
12 Nov, 07:07 PM UTC
Watch #countryfile then buy a ticket for the "Mitsubishi Motors Badminton Horse Trials" #MMBHT 🐴… https://t.co/YUvR7X1jCo
12 Nov, 06:27 PM UTC
National Housing Fed
Watch @BBCCountryfile from 6.20pm today (BBC1) for a discussion of our #RuralLife2017 findings (out tomorrow)… https://t.co/fj8VowPRUj
12 Nov, 05:50 PM UTC
Morgane Legendre
“Building affordable housing could help reinvigorate dormant villages and keep vital services open” #Countryfile #RuralLife2017
12 Nov, 06:53 PM UTC
Ravendra Singh
The black truth of the atrocities and crimes against India's saints and devotees is #18Nov_BlackDay in 2014 We are… https://t.co/MPZ7bfgpUU
13 Nov, 07:01 AM UTC
Paul Francis
#Countryfile you must have proper high speed broadband in rural areas. Not the BT con of fibre to the cabinet, then… https://t.co/SiZ8lHN964
12 Nov, 06:53 PM UTC
Resurgence mag
#Countryfile tonight celebrates the positive effects on children's wellbeing when they reconnect with nature! Read… https://t.co/3lSYxhiEkg
12 Nov, 07:17 PM UTC
National Housing Fed
Turn on BBC One now for #Countryfile. Later @natfedMonica and @tomheapmedia will discuss the devastating effects of… https://t.co/gvjsuyKn91
12 Nov, 06:28 PM UTC
Heather Wastie
This is how we looked on #countryfile #remembrancesunday Thanks to Rich for sending the photo.… https://t.co/9xBlqwUnvL
12 Nov, 10:17 PM UTC
National Housing Fed
Rural England has lost 81 post offices since 2011 #countryfile #RuralLife2017
12 Nov, 07:03 PM UTC
duppy the dog
How good to see local people keeping villages alive #countryfile
12 Nov, 06:52 PM UTC
Reade Allaboutit
#countryfile, #Strictly2017 #BluePlanet2 #HowardsEnd... No wonder I'm not getting much done tonight @BBCOne 😂😂😂
12 Nov, 09:16 PM UTC
Simon Parker
#countryfile it's bad enough in coastal towns down here in Hampshire, retirement flats going up every where and job… https://t.co/okhmWeFZsi
12 Nov, 07:58 PM UTC
🌺 कृष्णा 🌺
"फ़िल्म पद्मावती के विरोध के बजाय लीला भंसाली को रा.सु.का.लगाकर जेल में डाल देना चाहिए, सारे Producersका नशा उतर जाएगा" #countryfile
13 Nov, 07:17 AM UTC
A local village, Claverley in Shropshire, has a population of 1620 and three thriving pubs. #countryfile
12 Nov, 06:32 PM UTC
Ian O'Donnell MBE
Slobbing on the sofa with my boy watching #countryfile we know how to rock it out!
12 Nov, 09:26 PM UTC
❄D🌹wn Oliver❄
Just watching #countryfile on catch up. When I was a child the big kids taught me to score poppy seed heads and lic… https://t.co/uHcchzu9R3
12 Nov, 09:06 PM UTC
Watching #CountryFile here. A 5th of School children don't know where bacon comes from. WTF! It comes from the shop. Dumb kids!
12 Nov, 07:02 PM UTC
Alarum Theatre
Missed us on #countryfile last night? You can catch up on iPlayer https://t.co/TG0zFa9Hvr #TheIdleWomen
13 Nov, 07:13 AM UTC
#countryfile Really nice to see SN kids at the farm and loving it so much,sheep cuddles warmed my heart.💜
12 Nov, 08:19 PM UTC
Ritasha Martin
#countryfile Cutting flight feathers off birds with scissors... in front of children...teaching them that its ok t… https://t.co/0GEU3iNl8Z
12 Nov, 07:37 PM UTC
#countryfile glad to see my local pubs still going and well supported
12 Nov, 06:30 PM UTC
Nick Hollis
I've just bought my Country File Calendar from https://t.co/HNFqcib3Kx #countryfile
12 Nov, 10:52 PM UTC
stuart thompson
#countryfile loved the Elle section on working canal boats in https://t.co/kFvUwajmB1 Stoke Bruerne as pit stop on… https://t.co/4g9gG89PMS
12 Nov, 08:46 PM UTC
Acharya Munendra
" सफलता सदा उनका वरण करती है जिनमें सफलता की पात्रता होती है " #MondayMotivaton ,#Strictly2017 ,#AntiBlackMoneyDayhttps://t.co/tPQAro8LUf
13 Nov, 05:32 AM UTC
Elevage Jolivet
Young people will never be able to return to the British countryside with current house prices with some villages i… https://t.co/JRb3CCI7wz
12 Nov, 10:03 PM UTC
Dot's Bible Class
Luk 12:37 Blessed are those servants, whom the lord when he cometh shall find watching: verily I say unto you, that… https://t.co/PvawYur37B
12 Nov, 09:40 PM UTC
Daily Express
#Countryfile: Adam Henson SICKENS viewers by sniffing sheep’s foot: https://t.co/vMNtfI7ua6
12 Nov, 09:08 PM UTC
Andrew Langstone
@fergieweather @hammondweather Stav had his barn dance shirt on tonight for the #countryfile forecast.
12 Nov, 08:18 PM UTC
talk about rugby
#countryfile sorry 2 ask u this but as there was a compertion for the celenadar. are they on your website please.?
12 Nov, 08:11 PM UTC
Trendinalia UK
⒈ Northern Ireland ⒉ #SUINIR#MTVEMA ⒋ Gerry Armstrong ⒌ #BrazilGP#TheChase#countryfile ⒏ Alisah ⒐ Jonny Ev… https://t.co/72qzx8tzmU
12 Nov, 08:00 PM UTC
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