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DESPICABLE- @RepMaxineWaters politicizes #HermanCain’s death with empty condolences to his family at the #covidhearing, shames the deceased Cain for not wearing a mask & unequivocally insists (without proof) that he contracted #COVID19 at Trump’s Tulsa rally🤬 @ConservaMomUSA's photo on #covidhearing
31 Jul, 03:54 PM UTC
Mayday Mindy🌊
I would like to vomit in Steve Scalise’s Mouth #CovidHearing
31 Jul, 01:29 PM UTC
Jason Johnson
I don't believe in deifying govt officials: Mueller last year or #DrFauci today. However, after listening to Fauci at this hearing how can any sane person trust the words of random republicans, Rand Paul or talking heads over an actual infectious disease expert ? #COVIDHearing
31 Jul, 01:44 PM UTC
Mayday Mindy🌊
Did Steve Scalise get shot in his leg cause it sounds like his brain is damaged? #CovidHearing
31 Jul, 01:35 PM UTC
Adam Cohen Lawyers for Good Government #DemCast
@funder 153,000 Americans died due to #coronavirus But instead of asking Fauci how we stop it, Jim Jordan plays politics How does this help Americans stay healthy, Congressman Or survive if they get sick Or pay bills if they lose their jobs #CovidHearing https://t.co/VH5icYo8V5 https://t.co/H1tuEk9lGB
31 Jul, 05:32 PM UTC
Carrie Says: 🗣HCQ Saves Lives
“Can’t go to church. Can’t go to work. Can’t go to school. Even Dr. Fauci says protesting is dangerous. But Democrats encourage people to riot and protest in the streets.” ~ @Jim_Jordan #CovidHearing https://t.co/NoK2nxnpgM
31 Jul, 05:48 PM UTC
Տᗩᑎᗪᖇᗩ ن
☑️are furious at Jim Jordan because he got truth out of Fauci JJ: "Are protests are spreading coronavirus"? #CovidHearing Fauci: “Crowding together, particularly when you’re not wearing a mask, contributes to the spread of the virus” Yes protests spread #COVID19 #Trump
31 Jul, 05:57 PM UTC
lisa S Marie
Fun fact: @jim_jordan is not a lawyer because he never passed a bar exam. #covidhearing #coronavirus #COVID
31 Jul, 02:51 PM UTC
Steve Rustad
Stephen Miller is a racist psychopath. A vicious propagandist. He's a MAGA Joseph Goebbels. #COVID__19 #EpsteinFiles #TrumpMailsItIn #fridaymorning #covidhearing #FridayThoughts #IStandWithRingo Kushner Jim Jordan Steve Scalise Gym Jordan David Duke Ed Rendell https://t.co/sVC1zS5zSV
31 Jul, 06:43 PM UTC
Steve Rustad
Stephen Miller's wife tested positive for COVID. Stephen Miller tested positive for . . . Rabies. Black Plague. Moral leprosy. #COVID__19 #TrumpMailsItIn #covidhearing #IStandWithRingo #ImpotusAmericanus USPS Kushner Jim Jordan Steve Scalise Gym Jordan David Duke Ed Rendell https://t.co/wP2Fa0DRjl
31 Jul, 08:32 PM UTC
Black self taught seamstress trying to make it big out of North Omaha, NE A simple retweet can make it happen ❤️ #BlackBusiness #bgm #brownskingirl #Quarantine #FridayThoughts #covidhearing https://t.co/NLnVlMdDfH
31 Jul, 07:58 PM UTC
Steve Rustad
Texas & Florida have more COVID cases than every country except Russia, India, South Africa and Brazil. So Abbott & DeSantis . . How many people have died because of you? HOW MANY? #COVID__19 #EpsteinFiles #covidhearing Kushner Jim Jordan Steve Scalise Gym Jordan David Duke https://t.co/HUsV6GbMaS
31 Jul, 05:01 PM UTC
I’m Whomever 🇺🇸 🌊
As an Ohioan, I’m embarrassed. I apologize for Jim Jordan. We WILL vote him out. He’s a spineless ass, doing anything he can in hopes for even a wink by the most corrupt President in U.S. history. Sane Ohioans don’t like him either. #CovidHearing #Fauci #GymJordanIsAnAsshole https://t.co/UUoadGLVui
31 Jul, 06:47 PM UTC
Venture Capital
😷 Watch this before you decide that not wearing a mask is the hill that you may die on... #coronavirus #covidhearing #WearADamnMask https://t.co/blWL2tluH8
31 Jul, 07:17 PM UTC
Steve Rustad
The Ebola death toll for Obama was 2. The GOP savaged him for "failed leadership" The COVID death toll for Trump? 152,000. The GOP response? Endless praise for Trump's leadership Craven assholes. #TrumpMailsItIn #covidhearing Kushner Jim Jordan Steve Scalise Stephen Miller https://t.co/L3kCd55btz
31 Jul, 06:37 PM UTC
Emily Thies
I see Gym hasn’t changed his uniform of a wrinkled shirt and gross yellow tie. This is Congress, Sir. You could TRY and dress the part. 🙄 #fridaymorning #covidhearing https://t.co/pJJ6MDdzj3
31 Jul, 03:59 PM UTC
Crystal Monroe © 🇺🇲TEXT TRUMP To 88022🇺🇲
RECLAIMING MY TIME Round 2.... #covidhearing
31 Jul, 02:24 PM UTC
Joy Bella
@Jim_Jordan Jim, you’re straight up awesome! Thank you for standing up for what’s right and never backing down. We need more men like you. #JimJordan #covidhearing https://t.co/jWswATMO66
31 Jul, 07:02 PM UTC
The US case-fatality ratio is running at 3.3%. Meaning that for every 100 cases 3-4 people are dying. Every 1000 cases, 33 dying. Every 10,000, 330 dying. Yesterday we had 68,503 cases. Of those 2,260 WILL DIE. Trump and @GOP still don’t get it. #COVID #covidhearing #COVID19 https://t.co/8znUucmtjI
31 Jul, 03:29 PM UTC
IDK what made Jim Jordan think he could bully Dr Fauci into saying BLM protests caused a rise in cases. Did he not know this is the man that personally took care of Ebola patients bc he didn’t want to ask ppl to do something he wouldn’t do #covidhearing https://t.co/6YcrtuESdO
31 Jul, 08:28 PM UTC
DAMN! @Jim_Jordan just NUKES Dr. Fauci on the hypocrisy of allowing mass left-wing protest, riots, and looting while citizens are arrested for opening their business or for going to church. #PROTESTING #coronavirus #covidhearing https://t.co/khMOVODcg7 👈 https://t.co/VH1lhB36UA
31 Jul, 07:13 PM UTC
Fauci is speaking science to Congress, and the GOP members are desperately engaging Google Translate. #CovidHearing
31 Jul, 01:42 PM UTC
Great Qs by @RepRaskin in #covidhearing to debunk trump LIES, Propaganda & #Gaslighting #DeadlineWh #MTPDaily #TheReidOut https://t.co/FbNWwm7a11
31 Jul, 07:15 PM UTC
Marty713 🇺🇲 🌟🌟🌟👊
USPS 🇺🇲👇👍 #VoterFraud Dims Cheat #covidhearing 🤡 🎬 🇺🇲 https://t.co/xEG81JmbDA
31 Jul, 08:49 PM UTC
I told Julius ,Floyd ,Ndlozi right here on twitter that @CyrilRamaphosa will be their down fall , they thought I was bluffing now #VoetsekEFF is trending all coz of their love for big nose #LimpopoShacks #gomoramzansi #ANCLives #covidhearing @Lungah__ @DjNewAfrica @pietrampedi
31 Jul, 08:47 PM UTC
https://t.co/QPGDver6cy Like a Boss. #laughteristhebestmedicine. #covidhearing. #mimifoster
31 Jul, 08:51 PM UTC
🍐 Swifty the Shrew 🍐
Still, nobody who knows what my Twitter screenname refers to? #TrumPmailSitin #6MonthSofwAlls #KneEl4hocKey #ImpoTusamEricaNus #CoviDhearing #NatioNalmutTday #EpsteInfiles #TheumBrelLaacaDemy #BlackjOy #HurriCaneisAias #BlackiSking #CerviXasong #SeduceMein5wOrds #IstanDwithrinGo
31 Jul, 08:48 PM UTC
#EpsteinFiles #Epstein #SAVETHECHILDERN #covidhearing #lockdownextension https://t.co/o8n9u1cWs7
31 Jul, 08:45 PM UTC

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