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Al Lemmo
My name is Al Lemmo. I’m running for Congress to defeat radical Rashida Tlaib. My campaign is utilizing the power of social media to reach patriotic Americans like you. Please Retweet and follow me to help send Rashida packing because it will happen in November!
01 Aug, 01:47 AM UTC
“I am voting Republican for the Very First Time” is the title of my latest podcast. Subscribe and listen to the reasons why I stopped drinking the Democratic #koolaid. Available everywhere . @KABCRadio @iTunes @ApplePodcasts
31 Jul, 10:24 PM UTC
Ryan Fournier
So close to 1 million followers! I appreciate and love all of you. Let’s RE-ELECT PRESIDENT TRUMP!
01 Aug, 04:11 AM UTC
Skip Bayless
Harden: 49! But his best shot was the free throw he purposely missed so perfectly and softly off the left side of the rim that Covington was able to snake backdoor and tip it in to force overtime. Never seen such a pinpoint miss. Those are usually purposely bricked.
01 Aug, 04:21 AM UTC
Covington sends it to OT! 🍿 @NBATV's photo on covington
01 Aug, 04:00 AM UTC
Disney Gary Clark
01 Aug, 04:16 AM UTC
Robert Covington forces OT with the incredible tip-in off the missed free-throw! #PhantomCam #OneMission #WholeNewGame @NBA's photo on covington
01 Aug, 04:35 AM UTC
Alykhan Bijani
Robert Covington ties it! @Rockets_Insider's photo on covington
01 Aug, 03:57 AM UTC
Michael Levin
a majestic Covington tip-in to force overtime, a 2-18 game for Tatum, and our OKC pick is still conveying — the best sixers wins are when they don’t play
01 Aug, 04:20 AM UTC
Legion Hoops
Robert Covington TIES THE GAME. 139-139... OT.
01 Aug, 03:59 AM UTC
6’7 Robert Covington denies 7’3 Kristaps Porzingis at the top! 🚫🔥
01 Aug, 03:01 AM UTC
01 Aug, 03:55 AM UTC
ghost of daniel parker
In 2011 the head of the DOJ's criminal division was Lanny Breuer, a partner at ...... Covington & Burling .@MagaKarma1
31 Jul, 07:17 PM UTC
The Forgotten American🇺🇸
Diocese of Covington names 90 with substantiated allegations of sexual abuse of a minor 59 priests, 6 religious brothers, 5 nuns, 20 lay people
01 Aug, 06:23 AM UTC
Mo Dakhil
Just a monster block from Covington, his timing to rotate over as Harden goes to Doncic was perfect. He averaged 2.5 blocks a night after getting traded to Houston.
01 Aug, 03:00 AM UTC
The Daily Dunk
Covington a fait le tour du panier, malin.
01 Aug, 04:00 AM UTC
Her Şey NBA
MAÇ SONU: Rockets 153 - Mavericks 149 🔥 Harden: 49 sayı 9 ribaund 8 asist 🔥 Westbrook: 31 sayı 11 ribaund 8 asist 🔥 Covington: 13 sayı 11 ribaund 4 blok 🔥 Doncic: 28 sayı 13 ribaund 10 asist 🔥 Porzingis: 39 sayı 16 ribaund ÇILGINLIK!!
01 Aug, 04:22 AM UTC
Chris Smoove
Covington Forces OT! Harden 49 Points! 2020 NBA Restart via @YouTube
01 Aug, 09:01 AM UTC
Aman Lakhat
@trvorXX @BleacherReport “Houston is too small” Covington said fuck that and put that shit bacj
01 Aug, 03:58 AM UTC
¡VICTORIA DE #OneMission! Superó en el alargue a #MFFL por 153 a 149. James Harden 48 PTS, 9 REB, 8 ASIS, 3 ROB Y 3 TAP Russell Westbrook 31 PTS, 11 REB, 8 ASIS y 2 ROB Danuel House Jr 20 PTS (6 3PTS), 5 REB y 2 ROB Robert Covington 13 PTS, 11 REB, 3 ASIS
01 Aug, 04:18 AM UTC
Steve Jones Jr.
Westbrook makes another play on defense here, gets beat on the screen but gets the back tap (sometimes you gotta gamble). Covington with a good job in transition of hunting a screen high on the court, Curry switches on to him, Harden able to get his left and finish. @stevejones20's photo on covington
01 Aug, 04:08 AM UTC
Ben DuBose
James Harden: 49 points, 70% FG Russell Westbrook: 31 points, 11 rebounds Robert Covington: Game-tying tip and dagger 3 Danuel House Jr.: 20 points, six 3s With the win, #Rockets lead Dallas by 2.5 in the Southwest. With a loss, would've been 0.5. Huge.
01 Aug, 05:30 AM UTC
Do Deka
Covington’dan Porzingis’e geçiş yok 😤
01 Aug, 03:05 AM UTC
MAXBET is a winner🤑 Westbrook - 2.1 (1u)✅ Covington - 2.9 (1u)❌ Doncic - 4.5 (4u MAX)✅ Brown - 1.91 (0.75u)✅ Hachimura - 1.91 (1u)✅ Ciozza - 2.15 (0.5u)✅ Ciozza - 2.35 (0.75u)✅ Luwawu - 1.95 (1.5u)❌ Lavert - 1.66 (1u)✅ Allen - 2.55 (1u)❌ 223.5%
01 Aug, 08:34 AM UTC
MX Vice
How has Thomas Covington's prep for Latvia been going? Watch #64 put in the laps ahead of round three of @MXGP in this new video.
01 Aug, 02:00 AM UTC
Mark Berman
James Harden (@JHarden13) on Robert Covington’s (@Holla_At_Rob33) tip-in off of James’ missed free throw that tied the game with 3.3 seconds left in regulation: “Unbelievable play. Him and PJ communicated what they were gonna do on the offensive rebound. Honestly,I didn’t mean..”
01 Aug, 05:02 AM UTC
Jay Electronica 🇸🇱
Covington and harden had huge games
01 Aug, 09:37 AM UTC
@dsonoiki @lesshumbleteej Me watching the Covington tip in
01 Aug, 07:26 AM UTC
Inculati con la sabbia da Harden e da quel cesso di Covington #MFFL
01 Aug, 08:27 AM UTC
@dimoskoul @Mitsos_NBA_EL Ναι απλά το θέμα είναι ότι αν είχαν τέτοιο ψηλό δύσκολα θα μπορούσαν να παίζουν όπως παίζουν τώρα επιθετικά Αμυντικά θα πρέπει σε κάθε παιχνίδι να κάνουν υπέρβαση οι Covington και Tucker και οι Harden-Westbrook να βάλουν παραπάνω το σώμα τους στην φωτιά
01 Aug, 09:29 AM UTC

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