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Stephen A Smith
Haaaaaaaaa! I’m sooooo sorry I have to say this, but it’s a necessary message for the FANS....not the team that did have a good season: How ‘Bout Dem @dallascowboys! Haaaaaaaaaaaa! Take y’all asses HOME, Cowboys fans
13 Jan, 04:42 AM UTC
Bleacher Report
.@YG roasts @PostMalone after the Cowboys loss 😂 Bleacher Report's photo on cowboys
13 Jan, 05:04 AM UTC
Barstool Sports
Loyal Dallas Cowboys fan LeBron James is going to celebrate with the Rams while wearing a purse. Shocking development. Barstool Sports's photo on cowboys
13 Jan, 04:42 AM UTC
YG & Post Malone at the Rams vs. Cowboys football game 😂 HIP HOP FACTS's photo on cowboys
13 Jan, 06:17 AM UTC
Clay Travis
Really disappointed LeBron went to Cowboys-Rams today. Can’t believe he’d support a product put on by white slave owners like this. Very unwoke of him. Sad.
13 Jan, 04:44 AM UTC
Hot Freestyle
YG & Post Malone at the Rams vs. Cowboys game 🤣 Hot Freestyle's photo on cowboys
13 Jan, 05:00 AM UTC
Josiah Johnson
Cowboys coach Kris Richard mic'd up 😂 Josiah Johnson's photo on cowboys
13 Jan, 02:51 AM UTC
Bleacher Report
This Cowboys fan really threw his jersey straight into the fire (via @oscar_02213) Bleacher Report's photo on cowboys
13 Jan, 04:54 AM UTC
Barstool Sports
Cowboys fans right now Barstool Sports's photo on cowboys
13 Jan, 04:18 AM UTC
Cameron Magruder
13 Jan, 04:31 AM UTC
FOX Sports: NFL
The Rams slammed the door on the Cowboys' Super Bowl chances. FOX Sports: NFL's photo on cowboys
13 Jan, 04:35 AM UTC
Chicks in the Office
Little known fact: I Fall Apart is actually about the Cowboys
13 Jan, 05:51 AM UTC
Gayle Saunders
#Cowboys exiting the playoffs like 😂🤣😂 Gayle Saunders's photo on cowboys
13 Jan, 05:43 AM UTC
Jimena Sánchez
¿Ya tienen sus @NorthweekMX de su equipo de #NFL? Miren estos de #Cowboys que juegan hoy vs Rams #NFLplayoffs ➡️➡️
12 Jan, 11:23 PM UTC
Ben Rogers
Cowboys took their fanbase on a fantastic journey. Early on they looked dead & buried. To make it as far as they did, esp considering how young they are, this season should be considered a success. Looking forward to 2019, hopefully with a new OC. And Travis back. And Earl Thomas
13 Jan, 05:17 AM UTC
Why are opposing fan bases who didn’t even make the playoffs talking shit about the Cowboys right now? Get a life
13 Jan, 05:28 AM UTC
Aaaand the Cowboys lose! Cycle's photo on cowboys
13 Jan, 04:19 AM UTC
Me: how about them cowboys My cousin: how about your love life LMFAOOOOOOfuckyou:(OOOOOOO
13 Jan, 04:19 AM UTC
The Spectator Index
Most valuable sports brands, 2018. ($ billion) 1. Dallas Cowboys: 4.8 2. Manchester United: 4.1 3. Real Madrid: 4.08 4. FC Barcelona: 4.06 5. NY Yankees: 4 6. New England Patriots: 3.7 7. NY Knicks: 3.6 8. LA Lakers: 3.3 9. NY Giants: 3.3 10. Golden State Warriors: 3.1 (Forbes)
13 Jan, 06:00 PM UTC
Blogging The Boys
We denounce LeBron from Cowboys fandom Blogging The Boys's photo on cowboys
13 Jan, 05:01 AM UTC
shawn mendes updates
Shawn and Niall Horan last night at the Cowboys vs Rams game. According to a fan, they were drunk and dancing to Paper Planes by M.I.A. haha shawn mendes updates's photo on cowboys
13 Jan, 08:14 PM UTC
Jon Machota
Kris Richard on what gives the Cowboys confidence that they have the right formula, coaches, players, etc. to get it done: "For the simple fact that you're asking me that question. We're here. We're here. It wasn't our night. We'll get back together and we'll be right back."
13 Jan, 05:24 AM UTC
Megan Murray
This little ESPN narrative that Cowboys fans should somehow be rooting for Nick Foles because he's from Texas is one of the dumbest things I've ever heard in my entire life.
13 Jan, 04:40 PM UTC
Marcus Mosher
It's amazing to me that the Eagles fired Andy Reid after reaching the NFC Championship game five times in 14 seasons. Jason Garrett has been a coach of the Cowboys for 12 seasons and has zero NFC Championship appearances and he is getting a contract extension.
13 Jan, 10:35 PM UTC
Los Angeles Rams
The #LARams are moving on! Recapping the 30-22 win over the Dallas Cowboys! Los Angeles Rams's photo on cowboys
13 Jan, 10:46 PM UTC
😭 DJ rubbing it in on cowboys fans at the end of the game... caught me of guard when he played ramon Ayala tragos amargos ( bitter drinks)😭 #LARams #DALvsLAR L.A. RAMS's photo on cowboys
13 Jan, 06:32 PM UTC
Are the Cowboys going to the NFC championship game ? Matías's photo on cowboys
13 Jan, 04:38 AM UTC
Public announcement Dallas Cowboys is some cold shit and fuck a Cowboys fan smack at all y’all 🤣 don’t @ me
13 Jan, 03:56 AM UTC
Iamoni ✨
I promise you us Cowboys fans aren’t hurt. We used to this
13 Jan, 04:16 AM UTC
Jeff Duncan
Eagles are following the Cowboys’ defensive game plan and its been effective so far. Only rushing four and using seven in coverage.
13 Jan, 10:56 PM UTC
Lmfaoooo I don’t watch football but damn do the Cowboys actually suck? Every year I see the same niggas mad 😂😂
13 Jan, 05:20 AM UTC
It’s still cowboys till I die 💙🤷🏾‍♂️
13 Jan, 04:34 AM UTC
Cowboy Basketball
2017 ✔️ 2018 ✔️ 2019 ✔️ That's 3⃣ straight wins in Morgantown for the Cowboys. #c2e #okstate Cowboy Basketball's photo on cowboys
13 Jan, 11:00 PM UTC
A $ A P $ E B
No mms cowboys
13 Jan, 05:12 AM UTC
Yep, the Patriots look dominant again, Philip Rivers gets dad-level angry, the all-L.A. Super Bowl no longer a possibility and more in the divisional playoff FreakOut from @ConorOrr
13 Jan, 10:59 PM UTC
Chicago Sports
C.J. Anderson rushed for 123 yards and two touchdowns, and Todd Gurley rushed for 115 more yards and another TD in the Rams' 30-22 win over the Cowboys. Chicago Sports's photo on cowboys
13 Jan, 06:40 PM UTC
Young Mar
Still sick about my Cowboys 😢
13 Jan, 10:59 PM UTC
Insight. Intelligence. Every point made here is summed up by saying, Cowboys beat themselves by way of bad coaching. As has been the last few years. Hopefully they can adjust in the future and return to '90s form.
13 Jan, 10:59 PM UTC
Ulrich Kontchou
At least Skip can have something to hold onto tomorrow on Undisputed... Coz ol Shay Sharpe bout to come with the heat after that Cowboys loss 😭
13 Jan, 11:00 PM UTC
Leslie in Fort Lee
The Cowboys are likeable, too, which is why I was rooting for them.
13 Jan, 11:00 PM UTC
Nick Ochoa☃️
I’ve realized that being a Cubs fan and a Cowboys fan just means a cycle of second round playoff losses
13 Jan, 11:00 PM UTC
Seth Lambertson
Had a blast on date night with my incredible wife lambertini84 😍even though both the Orange & Cowboys. 😞 @ Carrier Dome
13 Jan, 11:00 PM UTC
David Clayton
@EricSully1037 Well this is for 49er John.... I don recall if the 9ers made the playoffs at all this year? Where they been? He always says that ppl should worry more about their own team, so what's his facination with the cowboys? I think he's a secret fan.
13 Jan, 11:00 PM UTC
Justin Schoolcraft
@CaseyTay22 Lmao 😂 you’re right bro, only things I ever tweet about are WVU and the Cowboys....and it’s usually complaining
13 Jan, 11:00 PM UTC
@ThatGuyJt Gotta love the underdog with a storyline. Cowboys sitting at home, all is right in the world as far as I’m concerned! 🙏🏾
13 Jan, 11:00 PM UTC
0213 🧸
@CoreyMay_ @Cee__47 Cowboys worth more money than both your favorite teams. Probably put together
13 Jan, 11:00 PM UTC
Don Brown
@cougsgo They probably should have focused on giving the Cowboys their best game.
13 Jan, 11:00 PM UTC
@scothoffman11 I take it you enjoyed Aikman reliving the Seahawks game and blaming everything that went wrong on the Cowboys (couldn’t be the Lambs playing better)
13 Jan, 11:00 PM UTC
𝓣𝓲𝓯𝓯 🛸
DEAD ASS ☠️every cowboys fan has been so fucken salty today!🤫
13 Jan, 11:00 PM UTC
Lee King
Only thing worst then the Dallas Cowboys losing out of the playoffs is if Philadelphia Eagles win
13 Jan, 11:00 PM UTC
New Iron Sheik
What excuses Cowboys fans got? 😭
13 Jan, 11:00 PM UTC
Wayne Clarke
Stephen A. trolls Cowboys fans after Dallas’ playoff loss to the Rams
13 Jan, 11:00 PM UTC
Soldier For Life 9318
@MikeTaylorShow I need too buy blue chew no more cowboys. Till August
13 Jan, 11:00 PM UTC
Brad Darby
@Wombat_Matt Hi, my name is Matt and I’m a Cowboys fan... Hi Matt - it’s been one day since my last game
13 Jan, 11:00 PM UTC
Bob McDade
Dissing the Eagles game of the weekend is the Rams-Cowboys? Bad always. #joebuck
13 Jan, 11:00 PM UTC
Iceman Tom Kazanski
Wow. You guys really are cowboys. #Iceman #TopGun
13 Jan, 11:00 PM UTC
Michael “Dallas Cowboys” Scarn
#COWBOYS #COWBOYNATION #cowboyswire #DC4L @dallascowboys as long as #Garrett is there this is as far as we will go. Why can’t we get a real head coach? by the time @realjerryjones figures this out these young player will be on the downside of their careers. Cowboys =mediocrity
13 Jan, 11:00 PM UTC
I'm proud of ya... All of ya. Every man wants his children to be better'n he was. You are. The Cowboys turns 47 today! #TheCowboys #moviequotes wisecrackings_official's photo on cowboys
13 Jan, 11:00 PM UTC
All the cowboys fans rooting for the eagles now
13 Jan, 11:00 PM UTC
Blue Star Brasil ✭
Ataque do Rams já sabia o que a linha defensiva do #DallasCowboys iria fazer em 90% das jogadas Blue Star Brasil ✭'s photo on cowboys
13 Jan, 11:00 PM UTC
Happy Being Me!
@DezBryant It's not a hate thing... All you've done is down the Cowboys and you played for them. I have no respect for someone who talks mad junk about an organization that stood behind you thru all your injuries and garbage. Show SOME loyalty
13 Jan, 11:00 PM UTC
@DexESmith Colts & Cowboys had really good chances for shocks, but both choked. Eagles are capable of causing upsets. That can only be a good thing.
13 Jan, 10:59 PM UTC
Humberto Jacquez
@HelmanDC cowboys nation will always give you flack
13 Jan, 10:59 PM UTC
The Unchosen One
@BleacherReport @oscar_02213 Classic Cowboys vs. #ClasslessBaby
13 Jan, 10:59 PM UTC
Well since the cowboys are out now, I’m rooting for the saints in this👏🏽👏🏽
13 Jan, 10:59 PM UTC
Ryan Neff
The Eagles have obviously studied the Cowboys game against the Saints..Almost to a tee
13 Jan, 10:59 PM UTC

@Shane_Anthony94 @BR_NFL @RapSheet yes i said good game last night, the one where the cowboys lost, can u read my guy
13 Jan, 10:59 PM UTC
Savvas Tzionis
Discussion re: Dallas Cowboys apparently being most valuable team in the world (as opposed to soccer teams).
13 Jan, 10:59 PM UTC
★ Kim ★
@DezBryant I’m a Dallas Cowboys fan and I’ll always love you Dez and you know I’m rooting for the Saints 😘🏈
13 Jan, 10:59 PM UTC
Tyler Morgan
@thesteve_tm @Travis_Wayne15 please do. this is what i heard couple years ago when y’all made the playoffs then lost to the packers. i heard “we back” “how bout them cowboys” then go 6-10 the next season. so please spare me.
13 Jan, 10:59 PM UTC
Beauregard Fitzpatrick
@Electrikpusha @stoolpresidente @SmittyBarstool Interesting. I would say How much of this has to be Haslen’s fault 26-96-1 since He took over ownership. Williams had First winning record by a coach since Romeo In 2007. I’m a cowboys fan so ownership pretty pretty rough over there too
13 Jan, 10:59 PM UTC
Griffin Baxter
@Jakewilcox23 @joeharp_ I’m what they call realistic lol this is why I hate cowboys fans
13 Jan, 10:59 PM UTC

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