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Stephan Lichtsteiner
A nice 3:1 victory in Burnley on our final day of the premier league season ... and congrats to Auba 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻🔝🔝🔝 #WeAreTheArsenal #YaGunnersYa #COYG @Arsenal @Aubameyang7 Stephan Lichtsteiner's photo on #COYG
12 May, 05:54 PM UTC
Indian Gooner 🇮🇳
@Arsenal @Aubameyang7 First full season in the Premier League. No proper wingers in the side. Playing most of the games out of position on the LW. Forced to do defensive work. Still no complaints. Scores 22 league goals. My fookin striker. #afc #coyg https://t.co/rPas3NZ8Ta
12 May, 04:42 PM UTC
Auba - Premier League golden boot winner 2018/19 👏👏👏 #AFC #COYG Gunners.com's photo on #COYG
12 May, 04:59 PM UTC
Arsenal FC 🏆
Aubameyang 🇬🇦 remporte le soulier d’or de son côté (égalité avec Salah et Mané). Félicitations @Aubameyang7 maintenant il faut planter contre Chelsea ! 🔴⚪️ #AFC #COYG #PROUD Arsenal FC 🏆's photo on #COYG
12 May, 04:17 PM UTC
🔴⚪️Gooner Kev⚪️🔴
Aubaaaaaaa with 2 now #COYG https://t.co/uPnnOzlnCT
12 May, 03:27 PM UTC
🔴⚪️Gooner Kev⚪️🔴
Last 18/19 @premierleague match day Shout Outs to all @Arsenal fans. Every follower, every future follower. We Are The Arsenal #COYG https://t.co/MLNrbKxIP2
12 May, 11:22 AM UTC
Arsenal FC 🏆
Arsenal termine sa confrontation face à Burnley, victoire 3-1. Nous finissons 5ème au classement de Premier League. Beaucoup de regrets sur cette fin de saison. Maintenant concentrons nous sur l’Europa League, pour bien terminer cette saison. 🔴⚪️ #AFC #COYG Arsenal FC 🏆's photo on #COYG
12 May, 03:59 PM UTC
Old Bald Gooner
Arsenal's stats this season: P57 W35 D8 L14 F 111 A 65 Don't say they haven't tried..and still a cup final to go! #ATID #COYG #FOYS #LOYALSUPPORTER Old Bald Gooner's photo on #COYG
12 May, 04:11 PM UTC
@Arsenal @Aubameyang7 Auba can officially be called a goat 🐐. #COYG
12 May, 04:45 PM UTC
Yo Pierre!!! #Auba #BURARS #GOLDENBOOT #ARS #COYG Communautécomores's photo on #COYG
12 May, 04:55 PM UTC
Dernier jour de l'EPL! Tant de jeux, tant d'équipes! Voyons ce qu'Arsenal a aujourd'hui! #EPL #EPLTotalGoals #BURARS #COYG Communautécomores's photo on #COYG
12 May, 10:57 AM UTC
Brilliant 1st Premier League season @UnaiEmery_ you over achieved with the players we have and a 50 million budget 👏👏 @Arsenal Well done now to the Europa League final #COYG
12 May, 06:35 PM UTC
One Love Arsenal
WhatAPlayer!! Golden boot winner & hopefully Europa cup soon. #COYG One Love Arsenal's photo on #COYG
12 May, 06:20 PM UTC
This is the final table ranking of 2018/19. If only we had beaten Brighton, we would've been ahead of the Scum. It is frustrating, not gonna lie, but we should look forward and win the Europa League trophy. Come on! #COYG ArsenalArena's photo on #COYG
12 May, 05:59 PM UTC
Jovita Eke (kimjolyn)
Na Pierre-Emerick nwa Aubameyang be the 🏆 Premier League golden boot winner - 2018/19: #betterstriker #Gabon #wakandaforever✊🏾 #arsenalfc #premierleague #africa #coyg 💪💪👊👏👏👏 https://t.co/LHHkLrfFNd
12 May, 06:08 PM UTC
Arsenal fans all over the world 😍 Let's show some love ❤ Let's follow each other ❤🙏 We are winning the Europa league 👑👑 #COYG #Arsenal #AFTV #UELFinal #Baku Ridwanullah's photo on #COYG
12 May, 04:48 PM UTC
Liby Parada. 🦉
Ah pero el City, Tottenham y el Chelsea son mejores que el Arsenal. Okay. #COYG 🤫🤫🤫🤷🏻‍♀️ Liby Parada. 🦉's photo on #COYG
12 May, 06:14 PM UTC
Back again with the @Giantsrl family, @BigEorl predicts a win again, let’s hope he is right this time 😂#COYG GoShred's photo on #COYG
12 May, 04:41 PM UTC
Paul Seales
@PetrCech @premierleague Congratulations on your career. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 One more win please Petr. #COYG
12 May, 06:41 PM UTC
Boston Gooners
This guy ⬇️!! Up next? Baku. #COYG https://t.co/3MSW4fiLaS
12 May, 06:37 PM UTC
Myke Networth
・・・ 🏆 Premier League golden boot winner - 2018/19: Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang 👏👏👏 #afc #arsenal #arsenalfc #premierleague #africa #coyg https://t.co/fv0XMpqjXC
12 May, 06:28 PM UTC
Elorm 🇬🇭
Not that bad a season. One point of 4th position. Europa League finals. Aubameyang with golden boot. We've got to destroy Chelsea for the Cup #COYG
12 May, 06:27 PM UTC
We have three golden boot winners. mosalah @Aubameyang7 sadiomaneofficiel .👏🏼👏🏼. They really did Africa proud. . . .#tannatalkssoccer #ttsszn #tts #aubameyang #mane #salah #coyg #ynwa… https://t.co/s6sLVXMQim
12 May, 06:26 PM UTC
TheGibier 🌟🌟 One Player, On Goat
@PetrCech @premierleague děkuji petr ! Job isn't finished yet 🔴⚪ #COYG
12 May, 06:19 PM UTC
I prefer 5th place with a Europa League trophy , than a 4th or 3rd place without a trophy, Hopefully our boys will win the Europa League on 29th may #COYG https://t.co/IYNQTBNHKn
12 May, 06:45 PM UTC
Rana Hasham
Congrats @Aubameyang7 for the #PremierLeague #Goldenboot. Way to go #COYG #Yagunnersya #Arsenal
12 May, 06:44 PM UTC
FINAL Burnley 1-3 Arsenal. Los gunners cierran la Premier League con victoria que corta la hemorragia de las ultimas jornadas, pero insuficiente para acceder a UCL, acabando quintos. Doblete de Aubameyang, que con 22 tantos queda como máximo goleador junto a Salah y Mané. #COYG Arsenal_DSC's photo on #COYG
12 May, 06:43 PM UTC
Claude Wu 🔴 ⚪️
We managed to get an "AWAY" win in our "3RD AWAY KIT" with "LICHSTEINER" and "MUSTAFI" playing. Europa League Final here we come ! #COYG
12 May, 06:41 PM UTC
Sunny C
Then there was the customary end-of-season 'chicken curry'...!! One more push to complete our season..!! 🏆#AFC #COYG #premierleague #gooners #goonerfamily #chickencurry #Arsenal Sunny C's photo on #COYG
12 May, 06:40 PM UTC
@TheAFCnewsroom 7 After years of decline it's great to see some progress at last. Long long way behind City and Liverpool but should get back on top of the Spuds next season. Trust Emery for clear out and reinvest in his type of players #coyg
12 May, 06:38 PM UTC
@PSGalu Announce @paulpogba at @Arsenal @UnaiEmery_ Very welcome in London ♥️ #COYG
12 May, 06:37 PM UTC
@Conor_Pepper Outstanding all season, let’s make next year bigger and better #COYG
12 May, 06:36 PM UTC
Arsenal News
Manchester United flop Alexis Sanchez apologises to fans after pathetic season https://t.co/cAKqxUqo9Y #gunners #coyg #Arsenal
12 May, 06:35 PM UTC
Mr Esquire
Ah yes , we move ....#COYG https://t.co/zYzQUY2CwP
12 May, 06:33 PM UTC
Let do a replica of this on 29th #COYG https://t.co/TSPRr8oRSK
12 May, 06:32 PM UTC
Kevin Curtin
We've got @Aubameyang7. #WeAreTheArsenal #COYG
12 May, 06:30 PM UTC
AUBAAAAAAAAAAA!!! #COYG https://t.co/izGQUv8Ofz
12 May, 06:30 PM UTC
Lawal Omokolapo
Congrats @Aubameyang7 you make me proud, remember I promise to make you my captain in the FPL all through this season. Thanks #coyg weldon guys #YaGunnersYa Lawal Omokolapo's photo on #COYG
12 May, 06:29 PM UTC
@nabilljamar Goodluck final!! #coyg
12 May, 06:28 PM UTC
Danny Lowry
If I could change one thing about our season it would be that last minute @Aubameyang7 penalty against Spurs... Score that, and @Arsenal finish in the Top 4 and Auba wins the #GoldenBoot outright. Fine margins! Our season now hangs completely on the @EuropaLeague final! #COYG
12 May, 06:28 PM UTC
Alex LL.B.☺Gooner
Congrats to @Aubameyang7 ⚪️🔴👊👏 #COYG Alex LL.B.☺Gooner's photo on #COYG
12 May, 06:28 PM UTC
If we had won any one of those 4 games...we would be 3rd. Ffs. Let's make up for it on May 29th. #COYG #AFC THE KLAW🖐🏿's photo on #COYG
12 May, 06:26 PM UTC
Arsenal News
Unai Emery reveals conversation with Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang before brace to win Golden Boot https://t.co/8PnYQOkH9c #gunners #coyg #Arsenal
12 May, 06:25 PM UTC
congratulations on the golden boots @Aubameyang7 #coyg #YaGunnersYa #AubameBloodclaatYang
12 May, 06:25 PM UTC
Why do some our fan base always have to find something to bitch about. Yes we missed out on top 4 but we are closer than most thought we would be and we have a European final to come #afc #COYG
12 May, 06:23 PM UTC
From the beginning of the EPL season I thought that 5th was a realistic goal and top 4 was a stretch goal. Disappointed to not finish top 4 but with a win in Europa being in the CL would be huge! Let’s finish the season strong! #COYG
12 May, 06:22 PM UTC
Right At The End
Can’t believe Auba is getting stick for his penalty miss v Spuds costing us CL qualification, we fell apart when it mattered, he’s the major reason we got as close as we did. #coyg #afc
12 May, 06:19 PM UTC
Let’s hope #Watford win the FAcup now so that united have to qualify for the Europa league and cancel their pre-season plans 🤞🏻 #BURARS #arsenal @Arsenal #coyg
12 May, 06:19 PM UTC