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Toronto Maple Leafs
It's @ScotiaHockey Game Day: Leafs are back on home ice for a clash against the Coyotes tonight at @ScotiabankArena. Catch all the action at 7:00 on @Sportsnet and @TSN1050Radio. #LeafsForever Toronto Maple Leafs's photo on Coyotes
20 Jan, 02:40 PM UTC
Xeni Jardin
Noted cancer survivor and amazing soul Tommy Chong give me a joint he grew today with his face right there on the label and I am smoking it now looking at the eclipse and two coyotes just walked down the middle of the road and I think I can see forever
21 Jan, 04:23 AM UTC
Hockey Night in Canada
Toronto has lost 7 of its last 10 games.
21 Jan, 03:01 AM UTC
Deborah Marion
400,000 Coyotes Are Killed in the U.S. Each Year… The Reason Why Will Make You Livid
20 Jan, 05:00 AM UTC
500 choros contratados en el callao ni trabajaban solo cobraban, esa mafia lo creo Alex Kouri el Amigo y el candidato a la Alcaldia por el APRA de Alan Garcia bufalos y coyotes cómplices de esta basura
21 Jan, 01:46 AM UTC
Craig Morgan
Final: Coyotes 4, Maple Leafs 2. Coyotes pull within 4 points of the playoffs in the wacky Western Conference, and improve to 22-22-4 overall.
21 Jan, 02:33 AM UTC
Ian Tulloch📊
I'm torn tonight because the Dermott-Zaitsev pairing has looked great...but the Leafs are losing to the Coyotes. Ian Tulloch📊's photo on Coyotes
21 Jan, 01:44 AM UTC
NHL Trump
Things are going so badly for the propaganda Toronto Maple Leafs following a VERY COSTLY loss to the irrelevant Arizona Coyotes. Sadly, the bad defense Leafs are free falling quickly as OCD-laden Mike Babcock loses control of the room. Sad situation!
21 Jan, 03:15 AM UTC
Peter Askin
320,000 coyotes are killed in the U.S. annually & the reasons are pure bullshit. All this slaughter does is ensure the rodents the coyotes prey on will get out of hand. 400,000 Coyotes Are Killed in the U.S. Each Year… The Reason Why Will Make You Livid
20 Jan, 07:51 AM UTC
Anza-Borrego DRC
Coyotes howling at the "supermoon blood moon wolf moon total lunar eclipse" :-) Anza-Borrego DRC's photo on Coyotes
21 Jan, 02:59 AM UTC
TSN Hockey
“They’re not an elite team anymore, they’re not playing like an elite team. Are they capable of being an elite team? Yeah, they are - but they’re not there...” @CraigJButton on the #MapleLeafs' ongoing struggles after loss to Arizona #TSNHockey TSN Hockey's photo on Coyotes
21 Jan, 03:45 AM UTC
Elian. ⁵𓅓
no bs I remember crying when I saw the movie..them damn coyotes ganged up on bens dad😩😭😭
21 Jan, 02:40 AM UTC
Y’all! There is coyotes in Farmers Branch I’m dead 💀 Samuel.Alcala®'s photo on Coyotes
21 Jan, 01:14 AM UTC
Catherine Silverman
Imagine losing your mind over Jordan Martinook, who's so nice that the entire Coyotes fanbase STILL cheers every time he scores a goal and he's on another team entirely
21 Jan, 04:35 AM UTC
Luke Lapinski
Kuemper hasn’t lost in regulation since 2018. Starting to look like a goalie who plays better with more ice time. #Coyotes
21 Jan, 04:24 AM UTC
I’m bundle up outside watching this lunar eclipse.. bad ass! I hear coyotes howling in the distant.
21 Jan, 04:30 AM UTC
#太地町 の イルカ猟をやめさせよう!
Wolves And Coyotes Feel Sadness And Grieve Like Humans @Dodo
21 Jan, 01:08 AM UTC
Tabitha Grow
Nevermind, a pack of coyotes has started it's way our direction so back inside I go
21 Jan, 04:35 AM UTC
#Yosemite #Halfdome Coyotes barking at dusk. Dan's photo on Coyotes
21 Jan, 04:20 AM UTC
Jay Elsen
The USD men drop a 75-68 decision at Omaha. The glass helped tell the story in this one. The Coyotes (8-11, 2-4) finish minus-12 on the boards, allowing 10 offensive rebounds and 12 second chance points. USD will try and salvage the final game of its road swing Wednesday at UND.
21 Jan, 02:02 AM UTC
Coyotes down slumping Maple Leafs 4-2 CP24's photo on Coyotes
21 Jan, 04:38 AM UTC
Wav God ☆
Idk what’s sadder, The coyotes being 22-22 or the fact that this is their best season in a very long time
21 Jan, 04:24 AM UTC
Standing outside, watching the eclipse, and the coyotes start yippin and howling.....🌑🌚 #Eclipse #bloodmoon
21 Jan, 04:42 AM UTC
Ancient salty gamer witch
So very, veeerrrry fuckin' carefully, I flip on my phone's flashlight, turn reeeealy slowly, and fan the light across the treeline. Eyeshine. *Multiple sets of eyeshine.* Too high off the ground to be coyotes (we've got coyotes) or foxes (we've got foxes).
21 Jan, 04:40 AM UTC
rahef 🌻
@TheOakLeafs Oh they definitely lost the underlying metrics battle against the Coyotes and the Panthers and the Avalanche. During this stretch, they've looked good against the Devils, Bruins, Lightning, Canucks. Thats 3 of their 4 wins since Christmas.
21 Jan, 04:37 AM UTC
Watching the lunar eclipse, realizing I'm the only one out here. Except the coyotes.....
21 Jan, 04:34 AM UTC
Joshua Clipperton
Vinnie Hinostroza scores winner, Coyotes down slumping Maple Leafs 4-2 (CP photo credit @ChrisYphoto) Joshua Clipperton's photo on Coyotes
21 Jan, 04:29 AM UTC
@howlinCOYOTES32 @azsportsguy1 @stansdadchayka It's no hallucination, the goal was good, the coyotes scored more than once, and they beat the leafs.
21 Jan, 04:26 AM UTC
Leyton Ruga
@MarZo97531427 @C_Biscuit1993 The leafs lost to the coyotes tonight
21 Jan, 04:25 AM UTC
No Hollary
@NationalEclipse Cows mooing, coyotes yelping! It’s a party everywhere!
21 Jan, 04:44 AM UTC
Shane Powers
It freaks me out that Olbermann knows my hood. Let’s get this dog back. The coyotes are WIDE AWAKE in wintertime on our mountain.
21 Jan, 04:43 AM UTC
The NHL Tracker
NHL SCORE: Arizona Coyotes 4-2 Toronto Maple Leafs #arizonacoyotes #arizona #coyotes #yotes #ourpack #nhlhockey #icehockey #instahockey #hockey #nhl
21 Jan, 04:43 AM UTC
Kortney_Lynn 🌺🧜🏼‍♀️👩‍👦💚
I can hear the coyotes howling as if they are right around the corner 🙈🙈🙈
21 Jan, 04:43 AM UTC
Chaz Lee
I am sitting by a fire listening to coyotes loss their shit because of this eclipse, it’s incredible.
21 Jan, 04:43 AM UTC
rahef 🌻
@TheLeafsIMO @TheOakLeafs I did see that. But I can tell you off of the top of my head that they lost the xG% battle against the Islanders, Avalanche, Coyotes, and Panthers. Against Minnesota it was close, I think the Leafs had the edge.
21 Jan, 04:43 AM UTC
Love Lockets
I have this view accompanied by a chorus of coyotes right now 🌘
21 Jan, 04:43 AM UTC
Sub Dude
@_bexology Coyotes howling it up now too. Also my neighbors fan belt is howling, but whatever.
21 Jan, 04:43 AM UTC
My very amateur picture of the #LunarEclipse ... the most amazing part was that the coyotes all started howling! OldJehle❌'s photo on Coyotes
21 Jan, 04:43 AM UTC
Tiffany J.
@casper6688 @KeithOlbermann Please share. Tons of coyotes in the canyon.
21 Jan, 04:42 AM UTC
@TheRickWilson Serious howling- coyotes, dogs.
21 Jan, 04:41 AM UTC
Rob Del Mundo
Leafs 2, Coyotes 4 - The Good, The Bad and The Ugly
21 Jan, 04:41 AM UTC
☾ ↞∁ʜᴇʏ🅞🅣🅔↠ 🐺
I’m outside in the snow, watching this eclipse,listening to coyotes howl.
21 Jan, 04:41 AM UTC
Todd Cassel
#Coyotes are 5-1-1 in last 7 games. 8-4-2 in last 14. #Yotes Todd Cassel's photo on Coyotes
21 Jan, 04:41 AM UTC
Illy Galalien
@GuffyNicola @MarkSKrikorian @davidfrum Pt. Roberts is isolated, no point. Hyder and Stewart BC/AK is the same. The wall is for MX, cartels and coyotes. There are more illegals and various visa holders in US than there are Canadians.
21 Jan, 04:41 AM UTC
@omgtabby What for real coyotes?!
21 Jan, 04:40 AM UTC
Neighborhood coyotes really howling tonight
21 Jan, 04:40 AM UTC
@amberjoljne Speaking of coyotes, I saw someone wearing a skinned coyote around their neck. The coyote had all their insides taken out to be worn as a fucking scarf. It’s disgusting how heavily conditioned so many humans are to only care about some animals.
21 Jan, 04:40 AM UTC
Diandra Mae
It’s really eerie, standing in the middle of your back yard as you star up at the sky, and hearing the coyotes starting to act up. #imgoinginsidenow
21 Jan, 04:40 AM UTC
If these coyotes near my house don't stfu I swear I hear them allllll night long
21 Jan, 04:39 AM UTC
@Mikel_Jollett @Mark_Sheppard FTR, the wall isn't just a symbol, Trump *really* wants it, and wants it BAD! Even the Dim Don understands the Cartels have TUNNELS. That's the point: the CARTELS have tunnels. A wall won't stop drugs. It WILL stop refugees from crossing WITHOUT paying the Cartels' Coyotes.
21 Jan, 04:38 AM UTC
Emily 🔮
There’s a pack of coyotes right behind my house omg
21 Jan, 04:36 AM UTC
@_jxcamp The coyotes at my parents place in Arizona actually start howling and stuff when a storm comes through!
21 Jan, 04:35 AM UTC
midterms grabbed back 👍
@waltshaub I am enjoying it with coyotes providing sounds effects 😉
21 Jan, 04:35 AM UTC
Cidny Bullens
I’m standing outside in NM. Suddenly as the moon is almost gone, the coyotes start howling. Amazing!
21 Jan, 04:35 AM UTC
Asif Malik
#coyotes beat a good #mapleleafs club a team that beat the #lightning earlier in the week. #phx
21 Jan, 04:34 AM UTC
Asif Malik
#coyotes #phx Asif Malik's photo on Coyotes
21 Jan, 04:33 AM UTC
Comedy College
"RU STaNDUP COMIC material? Move over Chris Rock!" #bulldogs #bollywood #mu #nyu #bangalore #asia #perth #aus #flames #jets #preds #avalanche #knights #sharks #preds #coyotes #bulldogs #bollywood #mu #nyu #bangalore #asia #perth #aus #lu #cats #qu
21 Jan, 04:33 AM UTC
January California belongs to a union
Watching from my neighbors front porch. Beautiful, simply beautiful. Out towards the river bottom some coyotes have started howling, not sure if they're howling at the red moon. #lunareclipse
21 Jan, 04:31 AM UTC
Ay these coyotes are going crazy rn
21 Jan, 04:31 AM UTC
Kamen Rider Mel-O
My camera lens catches the light weird so I couldn't get a good pic of the eclipse. I can hear coyotes howling out here...
21 Jan, 04:30 AM UTC
☆ Haley ☆
Nearly full eclipse and I can hear coyotes howling from somewhere north of here.
21 Jan, 04:29 AM UTC
@xeni what did the coyotes say?
21 Jan, 04:27 AM UTC
Todd Cassel
This twitter timeline is just a mess, especially when multiple sports events of interest. I’m seeing #Coyotes victory tweets ahead of the game even starting with football all out of order. It’s just terrible, @twitter, you guys are making a big suck.
21 Jan, 04:27 AM UTC
@MapleLeafs Losing to the fucking coyotes is basically rock bottom.
21 Jan, 04:27 AM UTC
joe duplantis
@coyotesbuzztap @Coyotes amazing super blood wolf moon tonight joe duplantis's photo on Coyotes
21 Jan, 04:26 AM UTC
Lourdes Juan
My cousins little dog was killed yesterday in Tuscany. 😓 Most likely by a coyote. Watch your little pups when they go out at night and don’t leave any food or open compost.
21 Jan, 04:26 AM UTC

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