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🇨🇦 Charl 🇺🇦
As with everything else, the right is trying to convince its base that CPP and EI should be ended. It’s scary how easily misled people can be.
23 Sep, 05:27 PM UTC
Kim Siever
You know how @PierrePoilievre and the @CPC_HQ are complaining about so-called tax hikes, when referring to CPP and EI. Do you know how much they’re going up by?
23 Sep, 07:35 PM UTC
Kim Siever
Combined, you’ll be paying anywhere from $3.60 and $3.90 more per paycheque for both CPP and EI. Oh, and the new EI rate is the same as it was in 2017. It was lowered during the pandemic.
23 Sep, 07:35 PM UTC
The Invisible Hand
@sunlorrie CPP and EI both are mandatory. You can pay into CPP your entire life + matching for your employer and if you die before you start receiving benefits, all you receive is a $2,500 death benefit. The rest is a massive contribution to the gov't. They are obvious taxes.
24 Sep, 01:53 AM UTC
#PierrePoilievreIsLyingToYou Hey Pierre n media, CPP and EI are NOT a tax, so stop to referring to it as if it is , they’re contributions to an insurance n pension plan
23 Sep, 05:57 PM UTC
#TrudeauMustGo Russian Bot
@givepeazachance It’s exactly what you’re doing with this tweet! They are asking to stop the increase not stop the CPP and EI all together. Clean out your ears. https://t.co/Aat1KZ2BGf
23 Sep, 07:06 PM UTC
Karen 🇨🇦
@CalgaryOccupy @PierrePoilievre wants to stop Trudeau from taking excess CPP and EI and depositing it into government revenues Canadians are struggling, losing money in RSPs in #stockmarketcrash and paying more for food because of #JustinFlation We need a break Not more taxes #TrudeauMustGo
23 Sep, 08:23 PM UTC
Gil McGowan
Jean seems to be joining Pierre Poillievre in attempting to confuse voters about what is and what isn't a tax. Poillievre is wrong about CPP and EI; and Jean is wrong about royalties. https://t.co/IgpDPuHXXU
24 Sep, 04:56 AM UTC
Michael Behiels
Excellent thread explaining how little workers and employers will have to increase their contributions for CPP and EI starting on January 1st 2023. Poilievre’s and his MPs’ goal was to stop the mandatory contributions of Corporations and middle and small businesses had to make. https://t.co/5fxiOn77UQ
24 Sep, 02:54 AM UTC
Nickie with an 'e' 😷 💉 🚲
Pierre PoiLIEvre would take CPP and EI away from Canadians all while keeping his Gold -plated Pension... A pension that Canadian Taxpayers have funded!!! Pierre Poilievre doesn't care if Canadians starve!! https://t.co/nxYzoLSpBh
24 Sep, 12:34 PM UTC
#pierrepoilievreislyingtoyou The leader of the Convoy Party wants to fundamentally change Canada as we know it… Strict anti Abortion Laws. American pay to use healthcare. Gun lobbyists to control our gun laws. He LIES about CPP and EI He lies about what he can do as PM. https://t.co/q62ZIuoGA7
23 Sep, 08:22 PM UTC
Remelej - future PM 🇨🇦
I think any political party that puts this on their platform would add quite a few votes. Pensions for MP’s should be money purchase plans, like RSP’s, and not defined benefits. You get out what you put in plus any growth. PP wouldn’t be so vocal against CPP and EI https://t.co/erQmfIiPKB
24 Sep, 02:57 PM UTC
Cal Deobald
A thread on the actual numbers involved in the CPP and EI rate increases. Examine the amounts and then tell me that the opposition to these increases and calls for their elimination isn't performative. https://t.co/JXZ2m41MwU
24 Sep, 01:28 PM UTC
Ottawa centric
What does not surprise me he is not complaining at all about his own gold plated pension which is certainly better than CPP and EI https://t.co/OCqShkoAWx
24 Sep, 10:58 AM UTC
Denis Viens du Lac 🇨🇦 🇺🇦
@Heaven_on_2011 @slimjimtx I thought of pushing my own anti-CPC conspiracy theories but every crazy one I could think of turned out to be actually true, and Con supporters were OK with them. Y'know, crazy insane ideas like 'cancel daycare, CPP and EI; replace $CAD with Bitcoin, fire BoC Chairman. 😅
24 Sep, 02:57 PM UTC
@dalybeauty CPP and EI are extremely worthy contributions. The way the world is headed now, more Canadians will be relying on them than people realize/ want to acknowledge.
24 Sep, 03:12 PM UTC
Brock Warkentin
@Daniel_Blaikie Easy to preach about things bring "for your own good" when you sit there raking in $180k/year. It won't impact your grocery budget having cpp and ei payments go up. But it will impact your constituents who may have to choose between eating or paying rent. Fyi - go back to work.
24 Sep, 03:15 PM UTC
@DanAlbas Inflation is rising all over the world. CPP and EI aren't taxes, they're programs that workers depend on. #NeverVoteConservative
24 Sep, 03:13 PM UTC
@gilmcgowan @PierrePoilievre PeePee is trying to sneak in a reduction - in the employers contributions to CPP and EI which match the employee withholding. To further boost corporate profits. Certainly not help young working CDNs US similar agenda - end Medicare and Social Security for profits
24 Sep, 03:02 PM UTC
@DaneLloydMP He's going to sell public assets to his rich buddies and cut their taxes too by ending programs that Canadians depend on like CPP and EI. #NeverVoteConservative
24 Sep, 03:53 PM UTC
@JustWrongThink @givepeazachance It may not have been what was said, but it’s encouraging people who seem to think Canadians can do without any kind of social programs. By the way, you get a tax deduction for CPP and EI contributions. Did you mean payroll deductions?
24 Sep, 03:31 PM UTC
Never give up
@darbyTL @kim_siever @MichelletypoQ @PierrePoilievre @CPC_HQ CPP and EI are taxe funded programs. Go read the thread from President CFIB. https://t.co/hvLrT27p3m
24 Sep, 03:21 PM UTC
Rob Rohampton
@sunlorrie It’s truly amazing how you waste so much time on BS semantics to try and prove a moot point. Taxes or not, CPP and EI are critical components of the social safety net and we should be investing more into them.
24 Sep, 03:11 PM UTC