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Matthew Keys
CPUC: Fix your equipment. PG&E: Nah. Federal judge: Fix your equipment. PG&E: Nah *wildfires* PG&E: ...how about we just turn off the power? https://t.co/NHBpW8cYc9
08 Oct, 11:14 PM UTC
Adam Housley
Listen the CPUC is a mess, California leadership has failed to address all the issues with PG&E over the last 20 years...and PG&E has flat out stunk. Now I wonder if the state wants em to fail and piss everyone off so they can try for a state takeover.
09 Oct, 02:53 AM UTC
@ex_Tesla $PCG is simply transferring its wildfire liability risk to its customers in the form of preventative outages. Because of this, the CPUC should reduce its allowed ROE on its rate base, due to lower risk profile. Fair is fair. @PGE4Me @californiapuc
09 Oct, 02:24 AM UTC
Elle Donavan
@ToddMulder @SovernNation @PGE4Me @GavinNewsom Apparently this was approved by the CPUC. So much for deregulation. This is the end result of shareholder profit over rate payer.
09 Oct, 05:15 AM UTC
Kelly McKinney
It says: “...safety of our customers is our most important responsibility” We hear: “...our liability is our most important responsibility” This is the kind of crap that only a monopoly could hope to get away with CPUC should pull PG&E’s charter https://t.co/tmmpe6mteQ
08 Oct, 10:31 PM UTC
Chris Keeler
@adamhousley @PGE4Me Look into how public utility profits are figured. The entire industry and CPUC are complete crooks. There’s no reason we should be paying 4-5x the national average for electricity.
09 Oct, 03:38 AM UTC
Rob Carlmark
Be wary of the argument..."People shouldn't live where there are fires. Look at this map...that would remove a good chunk of the entire state. This is CPUC map of high fire danger areas. 6/ @rcarlmark's photo on cpuc
08 Oct, 05:29 PM UTC
Andrew Middleton
@drvox Personal speculation? That's the point. PG&E has been under a lot of pressure to be safe- maybe this is all to make safety and compliance look so arduous that the CPUC insists that PG&E return to business as usual or at least cut them some slack.
09 Oct, 03:01 AM UTC
IE residents expect to join community members from Los Angeles, Oxnard, and Northern California on Thursday October 10 to ask the CPUC to retire gas fired plants set to retire and not allow them to continue polluting communities across the state! https://t.co/GDaWxFRZ4t
09 Oct, 01:46 AM UTC
Chris Keeler
@mishmashmisty @adamhousley @PGE4Me That’s the problem. Their profit is pegged to a percentage of investment back into the system. So they have to raise rates to invest in the system, then raid them again to get back to their guaranteed profits. The CPUC approves every last one.
09 Oct, 03:46 AM UTC
🌹Lucy @FortLiberty🇺🇸
This is PG&E's payback. Then they'll request a rate increase from CPUC to cover the costs of repairs and lawsuits, and they'll get it. So basically, customers are the ones being sued. Not the owners and stockholders. Thanks Rockefellers #poweroutage
09 Oct, 07:35 AM UTC
@missnastywoman I've written 2 the Governor of California, the CPUC and others. It is time to remove the investor class from PG&E. PG&E isn't capable of paying dividends and keeping up infrastructure. Paradise fire high voltage lines 100 years old. 86 people died due to poor upkeep.
08 Oct, 10:14 PM UTC
boudin bro 🎃🌹
@buttpraxis I love being told that the answer is to “pressure the public agencies instead, you crazy socialists” who’s actually going to the CPUC meetings? because hint: it’s NEVER the person giving that SUPER helpful advice lmao
09 Oct, 05:52 AM UTC
California PUC
We are interested in hearing from you! There are 3 ways you can comment on issues before the @californiapuc: • Speak at a Voting Meeting • Attend a public forum • Write to us (letter or email) Questions? Contact our Public Advisor's Office! Info: @californiapuc on cpuc">https://t.co/zwURmFBqMe @californiapuc's media on cpuc">https://t.co/IpsaB3hFN3
08 Oct, 08:15 PM UTC
Patrick, MBA, MS
@AandGShow The CPUC should be sued for allowing PG&E to get away with this.
09 Oct, 04:52 AM UTC
California PUC
Did you know Oct. 7-11 is recognized as #CustomerServiceWeek? We're very thankful for a dedicated team in our Consumer Affairs Branch (https://t.co/mzzWraHVn9), who are always ready to assist consumers with billing and service matters with regulated utilities! https://t.co/llpU1TGPmB
08 Oct, 04:49 PM UTC
Ryan O'Horo
@GossiTheDog @PGE4Me It's not about load capacity? You can shut off neighborhoods, but the supply lines are also impacted, which means you can't easily isolate them. This was a process started by SDG&E, also used by SCE and regulated by the CPUC.
09 Oct, 06:09 AM UTC
Omar Masry
@laurafriedman43 @GavinNewsom On most of these issues, PG&E has been a roadblock that often fights cities and counties with endless legal costs in our courts and at the CPUC (in one recent fight PG&E lawyers tried telling the CPUC that cities may need to put in electric meter cabinets on sidewalks for every
09 Oct, 05:08 AM UTC
The Spookiest Side of the Street
Thread but with one major caveat. CPUC is complicit in the current situation due to their consistent failure to regulate for the public. We need a different public power entity. #ShutoffPGE https://t.co/AkGM1C3b6T
09 Oct, 04:50 AM UTC
electable woman
@cvsiak @PGE4Me And this is how to file it electronically, instead of sending 8 paper copies to whatever address: https://t.co/7GGhhhp9cc ... that website is clear as mud.
09 Oct, 04:29 AM UTC
@ClaraJeffery I worked in public power in CA for a decade. If PG&E cared about safety they would’ve invested in the maintenance of their infrastructure— as they promised the CPUC they would do each time they asked them to approve a rate hike— instead of spending it on exec pay & marketing
09 Oct, 03:08 AM UTC
@zackstern Do you actually think the state could do better. The CPUC already mandates most of what PGE does. No utility can operate in these drought conditions without danger of fire.
09 Oct, 02:42 AM UTC
Marybel Batjer (president), Clifford Rechtschaffen, Martha Guzman Aceves, Genevieve Shiroma, and Liane Randolph - #cpuc #pgeshutoff #PGE - and remind me again why you're even on this commission? certainly isn't for the people of California. @GavinNewsom https://t.co/nh7pxsSO8h
08 Oct, 10:18 PM UTC
#お前らのPCスペック晒していけ グラボが届いたので CPU:Ryzen7 3700X CPUc:Corsair H150i PRO RGB MB:X570 Steel Legend RAM:CORSAIR DDR4-3200 8*2 GPU:XFX RX 5700 XT THICC II Ultra PSU:Corsair RM850x Case:Corsair Carbide 275Q 静穏ケースで中見えないのでLEDは普段消してます。 https://t.co/PV95vfGkFh
09 Oct, 08:32 AM UTC
CPUC Fire Threat Tiers and PG&E Shutoff Areas for my homies around my area 🙏🏽 https://t.co/vDTW0vbPiE
09 Oct, 07:33 AM UTC
@coccobella19 @sfchronicle You do realize they are regulated by the CPUC, and the Commissioners are appointed by your Governor.
09 Oct, 07:52 AM UTC
David Terrie
@BlakeDontCrack We're being softened up for a bond measure. PGE and the CPUC can burn in hell.
09 Oct, 06:28 AM UTC
Michael McCarthy
@cydharrell Outdated drawings/maps were a factor in the San Bruno gas explosion that killed 8 and destroyed a neighborhood. (page 25) https://t.co/JFHR2ARF9X https://t.co/kpmXEk926G
09 Oct, 06:05 AM UTC
Tim Della Maggiore
@dannoyes Where is the proof of this? Your article cites no documents, CPUC approvals, etc. You call yourself investigative reporter but you’ve done no investigating, only got quotes from some of PG&E’s biggest critics. You are fueling the public rage for clicks
09 Oct, 05:40 AM UTC
aditi rao
@clancynewyork @PGE4Me and you’re totally right that the regulators should be grilled. what up CPUC!? unfortunately i haven’t kept up with what they’ve been up to since PG&E’s second (recent) bankruptcy. i need to actually fully read susie cagle’s article.
09 Oct, 05:25 AM UTC

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