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Jack Stack Barbecue
KC! Keep an eye out tomorrow to see how you can enter for a chance to win a @Creed_Humphrey signed Jack Stack T-Shirt! 👀 #CreedIsGood 🏈 x 🍖 @jackstackbbq's photo on Creed Humphrey
13 Jan, 09:30 PM UTC
Highest-graded center this season: 🔺 Creed Humphrey - 91.4 He didn’t make the NFL’s All-Pro or the Pro Bowl teams 🥴 @PFF's photo on Creed Humphrey
14 Jan, 05:51 PM UTC
Mookie Alexander
Seahawks fans presumably had their eyes on two centers: Corey Linsley in free agency Creed Humphrey in the draft Linsley made All-Pro 2nd Team. Humphrey got All-Pro votes but missed out on 2nd Team by one vote. Hope you enjoyed the two months that Kyle Fuller started, though!
14 Jan, 06:13 PM UTC
Charles Goldman
AP All-Pro voting for #Chiefs players - Travis Kelce: 9 Orlando Brown: 1 Joe Thuney: 6 Creed Humphrey: 10 Chris Jones: 10 Tyrann Mathieu: 1
14 Jan, 05:13 PM UTC
Kingdom Commentary 💬
Creed Humphrey was inarguably the best center in football while playing the toughest schedule in the league (despite being just a rookie). The fact that he wasn't named First Team All-Pro is a blemish on the instution of All-Pro voting. #ChiefsKingdom
14 Jan, 06:22 PM UTC
Cole Topham
Another day, another robbery of AJ Terrell and Creed Humphrey on end-of-season award lists.
14 Jan, 06:44 PM UTC
The Reid Option
Getting the rookie treatment. None of that matters though. The real reward will come in February 💪🏼 @creed_humphrey
14 Jan, 06:38 PM UTC
Hayley Lewis 👑
Six #Chiefs receive All-Pro votes: The results of The Associated Press 2021 NFL All-Pro balloting as selected by a national panel of 50 media members: -TE Travis Kecle -C Creed Humphrey -LT Orlando Brown -LG Joe Thuney -DT Chris Jones -S Tyrann Mathieu #ChiefsKingdom
14 Jan, 06:53 PM UTC
Voters give Creed Humphrey any amount of credit or praise challenge (impossible)
14 Jan, 06:27 PM UTC
Devon Clements
The #Chiefs players that received All-Pro votes: - Creed Humphrey (10) - Chris Jones (10) - Travis Kelce (9) - Joe Thuney (6) - Orlando Brown Jr. (1) - Tyrann Mathieu (1) #ChiefsKingdom
14 Jan, 05:36 PM UTC
The biggest issue I have is Center and CB#2 Creed Humphrey literally is the best Center in football and isn’t recognized cause he’s a rookie. Diggs is widly wildly overrated. He is like the 84th graded CB in football per PFF. Ramsey, the other All Pro, is #1.
14 Jan, 05:45 PM UTC
Mark Harris
@NFL if you can honestly say that mark andrews and Jason Kelce are better than Travis Kelce and creed Humphrey, you’re a liar
14 Jan, 06:41 PM UTC
greysquirrel 🏈
@RNBWCV Creed Humphrey ist underrated. 🙄 Selbst wenn ich die Chiefs-Brille absetze. 🤷‍♂️
14 Jan, 06:51 PM UTC
Jacob Jenkins
@jpafootball Creed Humphrey, although Jason Kelce deserves it too. #CreedisGood #ChiefsKingdom
14 Jan, 06:49 PM UTC
Philipp Scheu
@HendrikTobias @tst1860 @mmatschi59 @wyrmtaler @MrGIF4479 Alles andere wäre eine faustdicke Überraschung! Es muss einfach Parsons werden und beim OROY seh ich ebenfalls Chase vorne vorbei ich auch viel Liebe für Creed Humphrey übrig hab...Glaube aber da ist seine Position zu unsexy für den Award
14 Jan, 07:10 PM UTC
Also, I knew he wouldn’t win because linemen never get the recognition they deserve, but why isn’t @creed_humphrey at least a finalist for Rookie of the Year???
14 Jan, 07:05 PM UTC
Catpocalypse18&7 🐎
My top 10 rookies W/L 1. JaMarr Chase 2. Micah Parsons 3. Rashawn Slater 4. Patrick Surtain 5. Creed Humphrey 6. Amon Ra St Brown 7. Javonte Williams 8. Najee Harris 9. Mac Jones 10. Jaylen Waddle
14 Jan, 06:59 PM UTC
Cody Martin
How does the highest graded center in the NFL no make first team all pro??? No disrespect to Jason Kelce but @creed_humphrey deserved that spot
14 Jan, 06:52 PM UTC
Creed Humphrey > Jason Kelce
14 Jan, 06:46 PM UTC
José Bernardo
@Rubenibg Para mí está casi perfecto; Creed Humphrey por Jason Kelce.
14 Jan, 06:44 PM UTC
Wilson Tático (7-10)
Eu e grande parte da torcida do #Seahawks tínhamos dois C em vista para 2021: Corey Linsley (FA) foi eleito 2nd Team All-Pro ganhando 11.6 milhões de dólares em 2021. Creed Humphrey (Draft) ficou a um voto de ser 2nd Team All-Pro ganhando 1.3 milhões de dólares em 2021.
14 Jan, 07:15 PM UTC
Tyler Fish
@TheActualCC Bro Creed Humphrey wasn’t for center best center in the league this year snubbed
14 Jan, 07:12 PM UTC
LJ vs the 🌍
Creed Humphrey robbed
14 Jan, 07:11 PM UTC
@NFL Lol Kelce over Creed Humphrey??? Omg
14 Jan, 07:11 PM UTC
Tyler Fish
@NFL Where’s Creed Humphrey and Travis Kelce??
14 Jan, 07:10 PM UTC
Master Shake
@cdotharrison Creed Humphrey easily
14 Jan, 07:06 PM UTC
@ChiefsSTM @tkelce @Mathieu_Era @creed_humphrey and i mean it was clear that Andrews was gonna get it
14 Jan, 07:05 PM UTC