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Everything Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
Aaron Hickey on Cristiano Ronaldo 🤣😂👊🏽 @AboutScotlandd's photo on Cristiano
13 Aug, 05:37 PM UTC
Papa Francisco
Se debe rezar siempre, también cuando todo parece vano, cuando Dios parece sordo y mudo y nos parece que perdemos el tiempo. Incluso si el cielo se ofusca, el cristiano no deja de rezar.
13 Aug, 11:30 AM UTC
Frank Khalid
Reece James taking about Cristiano Ronaldo. @FrankKhalidUK's photo on Cristiano
13 Aug, 09:20 AM UTC
B/R Football
It's been five years since Cristiano Ronaldo scored a stunner in the Spanish Super Cup then reminded the Camp Nou his name 😤 https://t.co/K790QgN8fB
13 Aug, 12:04 PM UTC
Manchester United
Straight to it, @Cristiano 👊 #MUFC || #BREMUN @ManUtd's photo on Cristiano
13 Aug, 04:07 PM UTC
Piers Morgan
Imagine being the greatest footballer of all time having to endure playing with this gutless bunch of weak woeful wastrels? Must be torture for @Cristiano - hope he escapes soon. @piersmorgan's photo on Cristiano
13 Aug, 04:58 PM UTC
ᴄʀɪsᴛɪᴀɴ ɢɪɢʟɪ
Saquen a Cristiano Ronaldo del Manchester United cuanto antes. Por el bien del fútbol. https://t.co/SnXTeVF7rc
13 Aug, 05:20 PM UTC
Frank Khalid
Zlatan Ibrahimovic talking about Cristiano Ronaldo & Lionel Messi. @FrankKhalidUK's photo on Cristiano
13 Aug, 07:23 AM UTC
The CR7 Timeline.
❗Cristiano Ronaldo's nephew on Instagram story: “Get out of there uncle." https://t.co/PfOfyitc8b
13 Aug, 06:26 PM UTC
RETWEET if you believe Cristiano Ronaldo has to leave Manchester United. #FreeRonaldo https://t.co/rESPVMdZCN
13 Aug, 06:25 PM UTC
The United Stand
Erik ten Hag’s advisors are furious that #mufc have let him down badly in the transfer market. Ten Hag's agents have been left disappointed that he has been hung out to dry after being landed with a shambolic window and the Cristiano Ronaldo circus. [@sbates_people]
13 Aug, 09:41 PM UTC
The CR7 Timeline.
🎙 Kylian Mbappé: ‘Cristiano started winning the Ballon d'Or, mainly after he was 27 years old. Which gives me some leeway.’ ‘Maybe I too will win it later, once my career is well advanced.’ https://t.co/N6Q3795dEe
13 Aug, 07:53 AM UTC
Cristiano Ronaldo has been shortlisted for the Ballon d'Or for the 18th year in a row. Another record 🐐 @ESPNUK's photo on Cristiano
13 Aug, 10:00 AM UTC
Manchester United
🎯 @Cristiano #MUFC || #BREMUN
13 Aug, 04:22 PM UTC
Gio CR7
Cristiano Ronaldo a marqué 18 buts en PL avec cette équipe je sais pas si on se rend compte du truc ??
13 Aug, 05:30 PM UTC
Madrid Zone
🎙| Benzema: “It’s true that I’ve scored more goals, with Cristiano we had a different style of play where I gave more assists but he really helped me a lot on & off the pitch.” #rmalive
13 Aug, 08:24 AM UTC
Ewatomi of Ibadan
My Ibadan people can you see something..? SAVE THE DATE! This is becoming a competition, abeg let's make it fun and reward the state with the biggest OBIdient movement... Cristiano Luis Diaz Youth Day #ObidiEND Dino Dunamis #RCCGConvention Shiloh Seun Calabar Essence Ilorin https://t.co/WNCTTHz3GT
13 Aug, 08:50 AM UTC
‼️ Cristiano Ronaldo's nephew on Instagram story: “Get out of there uncle.” https://t.co/0OSvu56wYN
13 Aug, 06:21 PM UTC
Sheikh Hammad
Cristiano Ronaldo Scoring 18 League Goals in this Manchester United is bigger than anything Messi has done for PSG so far.
13 Aug, 06:35 PM UTC
Cristiano Ronaldo has the most Ballon D'or points and Nominations since the award was introduced 🇵🇹🐐 https://t.co/TSN8ZcfKIV
13 Aug, 06:13 AM UTC
Corinthians Rage Comics 🌹
Roger Guedes pegou a 10 pro Yuri pegar a 9 pra 7 ficar livre pro Cristiano Ronaldo, eles acharam que a gente iria deixar isso batido.
13 Aug, 09:15 PM UTC
🤔 “Is Ronaldo wrong for saying he wants to leave Man United?” 👀 “I think he saw this coming.” @MarkGoldbridge believes Cristiano Ronaldo saw #MUFC’s poor start coming @talkSPORT's photo on Cristiano
13 Aug, 08:11 PM UTC
Portal Blanco
🔙 Há exatos 5 anos... Cristiano Ronaldo y nada más. 🐐🤍 https://t.co/G0bXsA2NcJ
13 Aug, 01:07 PM UTC
Everyone was attacking Cristiano Ronaldo for saying according to the reports that he wants to leave because the project is not convincing. If this doesn't change your mind, I don't know what can. https://t.co/zzb6sVlMvk
13 Aug, 05:04 PM UTC
🎙 Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo? 🗣️ Kylian Mbappé: “This is like choosing between your Mom and Dad.” https://t.co/tsS81sXCQ3
13 Aug, 02:30 PM UTC
Exactly 5 years ago, Cristiano Ronaldo takes revenge on Messi & silenced the Camp Nou. 58': Subbed on in the Super Cup Final vs Barca 80': Scores screamer to put Real in front 81': Takes revenge on Messi's shirt lift celebration Unforgettable day..👑🐐 https://t.co/QyewoTrhqn
13 Aug, 01:20 PM UTC
Hay gente que dice que Cristiano Ronaldo no está en el TOP 5 mejores jugadores de la historia. https://t.co/60e0L6Xkt4
13 Aug, 11:50 AM UTC
nyoongen rovallgio
Goat seperti Cristiano Ronaldo bisa-bisanya nangis di lapangan Manchester united memang hebat https://t.co/BzkvqiPeax
13 Aug, 05:32 PM UTC
"Cristiano ronaldo is an entertaining player" The entertainment: https://t.co/Wk3hRmSTsu
13 Aug, 06:51 PM UTC