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Pittsburgh Penguins
On this day in 2010, Sidney Crosby brought a nation to their feet 🇨🇦
28 Feb, 06:11 PM UTC
big heatdaddy
Top 10 Athletes of ALL time: (not Up for discussion( 1. Tiger woods 2. Floyd mayweather 3. Johnny sins 4. LeBron James 5. Jordan binnington 6. Sidney Crosby 7. The Undertaker 8. Serena Williams 9. Derek Jeter 10. Rachel Starr
28 Feb, 06:39 AM UTC
Mike Commito
On this day in 2010, Sidney Crosby scored the golden goal at the Winter Olympics in Vancouver #Hockey365 @mikecommito's photo on Crosby
28 Feb, 04:45 PM UTC
Team Canada
✨ The Golden Goal ✨ #OnThisDay at Vancouver 2010, Sidney Crosby scored the Golden Goal 🏆 for #TeamCanada 🇨🇦 to defeat the 🇺🇸 in overtime and close out the Winter Olympics!  🤔 Where were you when this moment happened? 🙌 @TeamCanada's photo on Crosby
28 Feb, 01:39 PM UTC
11 years ago today... Sidney Crosby scored the golden goal. 🥇 📸: Harry How/Getty Images @Sportsnet's photo on Crosby
28 Feb, 10:21 PM UTC
Salim Nadim Valji
Exactly 11 years ago today, Sidney Crosby scored the game-winner in overtime against the United States to win gold for Canada in men's hockey at the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, and Chris Cuthbert had the call of a generation…
28 Feb, 04:17 PM UTC
Sunset views on Crosby Beach 🌅 📸 Caitlin
28 Feb, 06:00 PM UTC
Where were you 11 years ago today when Crosby scored the "Golden Goal"? 🥇
01 Mar, 12:19 AM UTC
Rob Taub
Anthony Beauvillier not taking any of Sidney Crosby’s crap this game #Isles
01 Mar, 12:22 AM UTC
Brian Aspinall
Dear Students, Your potential is not defined by some grades on a test. We don’t judge Crosby’s ability to play hockey by the results of just one period. We are here to help unlock your unlimited potential. Believe in yourself. You got this. Sincerely, Your Teachers ❤️
28 Feb, 09:04 PM UTC
The Hockey Guy (THG)
Crosby and DeSmith were the two Pens who seemed to be interested in the Pens game today. The Isles made it look easy. It may have been...
01 Mar, 12:31 AM UTC
In the ocean, I slip from my skin into the soul of the sea. ~Angie Weiland-Crosby. ⬇️The Allure by Michael & Inessa Garmash.🎨
28 Feb, 04:10 PM UTC
Meet me in the middle of your story when the soul is worn but wise. ~ A.W. Crosby #love 💞 #wildlife
28 Feb, 07:55 PM UTC
Katie Crosby
Someone recently asked me, “how do I make friends on twitter?” It’s a good question! Twitter doesn’t come with a social handbook. Most of us have to figure this out on our own through trial and error. 👇
01 Mar, 02:02 AM UTC
Rep. Lenny Mirra
Masconomet's Crosby chosen National Merit finalist, named to Project 351 leadership council via @WickedLocal Congrats Justin!
28 Feb, 06:21 PM UTC
Katie Crosby
When I first got on here, I felt like the new kid at school. It seemed like everyone else knew each other really well. I didn’t understand how this happened but I also didn’t know how to “break in.” Here are my suggestions:
01 Mar, 02:02 AM UTC
Katie Crosby
5) Whenever you see a convo happening amongst multiple people, jump in there and add something. This can feel unnatural but it’s normal for twitter! Most people enjoy making new friends and welcome others to add their input.
01 Mar, 02:02 AM UTC
Katie Crosby
4) Say in your bio that you’re looking to make new friends! Make a blurb that your DMs are “open.” This makes it easier for others who are unsure about the “rules” on here to feel like they have permission to reach out and connect.
01 Mar, 02:02 AM UTC
Katie Crosby
1) Look for likeminded people who make comments under posts from larger accounts that you also agree with. 2) Follow those responders and comment regularly on their posts. This is not weird. It’s normal twitter etiquette!
01 Mar, 02:02 AM UTC
Katie Crosby
7) A practical place to start is by following @WCTSocial. A few of us created this account bc we were overloaded with people asking how to get involved online. We re-tweet movie nights, discord servers, book clubs, and holiday zoom socials Hope this helps! Happy connecting!
01 Mar, 02:02 AM UTC
High Point Academy
Congratulations to Zane Van Vleet and Lukas Crosby for bringing home an Upper State Championship!!! Along with Jay Bower (2nd) & Chad Rowlette (2nd), they advance to state tournament. 👏🏆 #HighPointAcademySpartanburg #GoGrizzlies #GrizzlyWay
28 Feb, 10:37 PM UTC
******* BEDROKK RADIO NEWS ******** Please tune in TODAY - 2PM EST ... John Crosby will be spinning some #Bedrokk >>> ++++ @weir_fm ++++++ @2e0rdu
28 Feb, 05:14 PM UTC
Chris Stevenson 🇨🇦🏒⛳️🍺
@TeamCanada @HockeyCanada @IIHFHockey A few rows up and close enough to hear Crosby yell “Iggy!”
01 Mar, 02:11 AM UTC
Tarps Off Hockey
11 Years Ago, Sidney Crosby Scored the Golden Goal #Canada #USA #GoldenGoal #Crosby #Olympics #Olympics2010
01 Mar, 01:35 AM UTC
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01 Mar, 01:48 AM UTC
#NOWPLAYING ON @weir_fm WITH John Crosby spinning ANGELS OR DEMONS by Bedrokk
28 Feb, 07:47 PM UTC
Lisa “Two Scoops” Congo🇨🇦
@crosby_katie I love you, Miss Katie!
01 Mar, 02:04 AM UTC
Lisa “Two Scoops” Congo🇨🇦
@crosby_katie For sure!! It honestly is just jumping in and interacting with people... you start making connections and it starts flowing from there
01 Mar, 02:09 AM UTC

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