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S a r a h 🧡☮️💋
Can I be your #crush? I promise to be a good girl! 😘 https://t.co/dBUlkLPcOF
08 Nov, 01:34 PM UTC
Kelvin Rodrigues
“What’s that Haskins?” “Orange #crush, sir.” “Is that the new flavour from Dr Paprika?” “It is, and it’s delicious.” “My uncle used to work in their factory, crushing the used drinks cans.” “That’s cool, sir. Was he happy there?” “No, he said it was soda pressing.” #vss365
08 Nov, 07:23 AM UTC
𝕃 𝕊𝕡𝕠𝕠𝕟𝕖𝕣
"How do you know you have a #crush on someone?" "Well, your heart rate increases, you feel hot, your breath is shallow, your pupils dilate...it's a lot like being poisoned, really." "Huh." "Yep. Makes selling love potions the perfect cover." #vss365
08 Nov, 10:02 AM UTC
Austin John Plays ⚔🛡
what is today's trending hashtag... oh.... umm.... #crush https://t.co/pzsIS73WVI
08 Nov, 02:05 PM UTC
Fighting a Migraine
I'm scared And lonely I need Your hug A big Bear hug With all Your strength Squeeze me Crush me Into your soul Pull me Through your Bloodstream Straight to Your heart Where I'll be safe #vss365 #crush
08 Nov, 01:15 PM UTC
JD Stoxx (Your Nov ‘19 host #vss365)
November words, they're nouns or verbs, and dependable as a wind up clock. Ooh, ooh, I got a #crush on you… -Bruce Springsteen #crush #prompt #vss365
08 Nov, 06:05 AM UTC
David is finally editing!
I'll never tell you I have a #crush on you Everyone breaks Someone's heart Sometimes If I never give you mine You'll never break it But I have a crush on you And I'll never tell you So you'll never be mine That breaks my heart #vss365
08 Nov, 09:49 AM UTC
beautiful nightmare warrior of o’lucid dreams enigma of rare traversing on death’s seams yin-yang #crush of life’s lair you have met your match I know practice makes perfect been stabbed in the back did it hurt your knife or fecht your ulterior attack #BraveWrite #vss365 #tanka https://t.co/dMUOjzNvT5
08 Nov, 07:50 AM UTC
𝓐 𝓟𝓸𝓮𝓽𝓲𝓬 𝓦𝓱𝓲𝓼𝓹𝓮𝓻
I fell for Him like a high school #crush whenever I saw Him I couldn’t help but blush My little giggles His charming smile We’d joke & laugh for quite a while He was always so sweet His dominance was thrilling I submitted to Him & was always willing. #vss365
08 Nov, 09:22 AM UTC
¡ r e n e 🍁
I am in Time's waiting room. A room of many doors. Many worlds waiting to be discovered. I knock on them, one-by-one. The seventh door opens. Gravity pulls. Threatens to #crush me. Another door opens. "You're late!" The alien receptionist snaps at me. #vss365
08 Nov, 12:44 PM UTC
Sex and the Windy City
“A well-done blow job will take over every inch of skin with ticklish goosebumps” I love delivering this delicious sense of warmth with just the right combination of my mouth and hands.. 🔥😈💋 #FuckMeFriday #ngot #blowjob #handjob #friskyfriday #amateur #voyeur #y44 🍆 #Crush https://t.co/YrrFbxdFQh
08 Nov, 04:52 PM UTC
“assuage illusion awaken my frozen sound #crush with infusions my heat rising to astound #compulsions of extrusion” “paint me your huge feast resurrect my #small body to a masterpiece appease me & embody my love’s immortal release” #BraveWrite #vss365 #tanka #ConverStory 📷 Ww https://t.co/fhW08bascx
08 Nov, 06:39 AM UTC
Keira Niels
I'm that guy. The one with a #crush on his best friend. We were fine. Then she tells her crazy ex we're dating. To get rid of him, I guess. Everything's changed, for me, at least. I want to tell her, but I can't lose her. God, it's killing me. What do I do?#vss365 #amwriting
08 Nov, 06:28 AM UTC
250Fiction (Host of #Sunthing ☀️)
The moon develops a #crush on our daughter. At night it camps outside her bedroom window, or chases our car along the highways. ‘Daddy, is the moon following us?’ I hesitate. ‘No, sweetie, it’s just very far away. It looks like that to everyone.’ #vss365 #Sunthing #250Fic 357
08 Nov, 11:29 AM UTC
Sour Patch Kids
Oh #crush is trending? Probably because people are SO EXCITED for SOUR PATCH KIDS Crush @SourPatchKids's photo on #Crush
08 Nov, 02:43 PM UTC
M. S. Reggiori
#vss365 Someday, that Mise en scene would Swallow me But I'd breathe Thru the ripples Of Midnights at the Pier I've had vintage dreams In earth tone shades of cream Though, thru the mist Of a thousand whispers It's Y'red cherry lips I'd #crush upon Bringing color to my dream
08 Nov, 12:43 PM UTC
Carrie 🌻
ZANY Grandpa told us how Irish Gran used to love old comedies on the tv, especially I Love Lucy. Whether Lucy was doing the housework or asked to #crush grapes, there was always laughter. Grandpa smiled as he said he could always see a similarity between Lucy and Gran. #vss365 https://t.co/Gy7eUNspvc
08 Nov, 08:47 AM UTC
Sean Tizzle
What’s happening tonight my people?!?? #Crush #TizzleDonComeAgain
08 Nov, 05:23 PM UTC
#vss365 Is this life we live All that we thought it would be The choices made The right way If we start again With everything we know Would we still be here This day Such thoughts may #crush the heart Never fear doubt Learn to work through it.
08 Nov, 06:29 AM UTC
Jon West
He had a #crush and it was just that: a squeezing, compacting feeling. Everything reduced to craving her. Unrequited was like jeans, and always in season. His puppy love waiting to be put down. He had a crush. She had a friend. His letters unsent smelled like September #vss365
08 Nov, 11:58 AM UTC
Deborah Wynne
The sun threads thru empty trees, casting striped shadows on the snow. A buck steps cautiously, hoping for bits of frozen grass poking thru frigid tundra. As his hooves #crush the icy crust, he picks up his head, hears noises not in his world. The shot rings out. He falls.#vss365 https://t.co/Lc7Lm94FJu
08 Nov, 02:40 PM UTC
Helen Laycock
#vss365 The hammering was tribal. Strings of rain snapped on my windscreen, stretching car lights into elongated red and white stars. In a cacophony of yawning scrapes and wailing screeches, I was jolted with a bang. In slow motion, I felt the folding #crush of metal and bone. https://t.co/RY8ODAfrYa
08 Nov, 08:47 AM UTC
Essvari AI
Can you tell me just when did we tumble along a harmless #crush and fell head first in hopeless love..? #vss365
08 Nov, 03:29 PM UTC
Adds a rock. "I'm sorry," Ian said. "My manners are usually much better than this." Adds a rock. "I would have shown you the world but you disobeyed me. You had to talk to him." Adds a rock. "You left me no choice but to #crush you. The other piles will keep you company." #vss365
08 Nov, 03:44 PM UTC
ĐɆ.ɐılɥɐp ʞlᙠ
What is a #crush? But a temporary swell, A mind full of wreckless thoughts. Dreams with no action, Means no satisfaction, So you wander on to results. #vss365
08 Nov, 03:33 PM UTC
Roark Clarke starts #NaNoWriMo #WIP @ 12,231
She was pretty & poised with a sharp mind & wit. But it was her humor & kindness that sealed the deal. Seeing her laugh & be kind to the others? It made him jealous. Shit! He was too old to have a #crush on her. #vss #vss365 #amwriting #WritingCommunity #writing #writerslife
08 Nov, 02:13 PM UTC
Jinju’s #GOT7 are back!💚
The English, I wasn’t fully prepared #Crush (#크러쉬) & #PinkSweat$ - I Wanna Be Yours https://t.co/hpPAAZR5sM via @YouTube
08 Nov, 03:30 PM UTC
Lucy Paul
Staring at my phone, my heart can't help but flutter. I look at every picture my #crush has posted, paying attention to every detail of his face. His ocean blue eyes. His boyish dimples. His coy, yet mischievous smile. I want to be his. I want him to be mine. #vss365
08 Nov, 05:09 PM UTC
Vincent Marshall
It went quiet. The cold vapor spitting from my face was the only proof I was still breathing. My body jittered in shock, frantic wanting to puke but I choked it down- a lone tear escaping down my cheek. The #crush of her skull still rang in my ears. I could finally smile #vss365
08 Nov, 06:13 AM UTC
Md Saifullah Rizvi
One of the most Spacious, peaceful, and pious place On this scattered earth Is my love laden heart, It has accommodated All my beautiful #crush, Giving them due respect, Pray for their best, And never look at them with lust. #vss365 #amwriting #amwritingromance #poetry #poem
08 Nov, 04:43 PM UTC

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