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Marcelo Ebrard C.
Le dí la bienvenida al Presidente de Cubs, Miguel Diaz-Canel quien participará en el desfile militar de esta mañana. Con ello se inicia el arribo de Jefes de Estado y de Gobierno que asisten a la VI Cumbre de CELAC. @m_ebrard's photo on Cubs
16 Sep, 02:08 PM UTC
Chicago Cubs
To be Frank. @Cubs's photo on Cubs
16 Sep, 12:40 AM UTC
Chicago Cubs
Matt Duffy's turn for a game-tying homer! @Cubs's photo on Cubs
16 Sep, 02:06 AM UTC
Chicago Cubs
A game-tying blast for @robinson28ch! @Cubs's photo on Cubs
16 Sep, 01:44 AM UTC
Chicago Cubs
Matt Duffy makes it a 7-spot in the 3rd! @Cubs's photo on Cubs
16 Sep, 11:18 PM UTC
Chicago Cubs
Here is tonight's #Cubs starting lineup for the series finale in Philly. @Cubs's photo on Cubs
16 Sep, 06:56 PM UTC
Chicago Cubs
Final: Phillies 6, Cubs 5. @Cubs's photo on Cubs
16 Sep, 02:22 AM UTC
Bleacher Nation
When your Playoff Contender is getting smoked by the Cubs. @BleacherNation's photo on Cubs
16 Sep, 11:13 PM UTC
Jake Marisnick has 4 hits for the Padres since the trade. The Cubs grabbing Anderson Espinoza for him might be one of those trades that gets talked about for a long time.
16 Sep, 08:24 PM UTC
John Clark
Cubs with 7 in the 3rd Phillies with 7 in the 4th @JClarkNBCS's photo on Cubs
17 Sep, 12:09 AM UTC
cikicuba universe
cubs! serem banget ini kaya panjul lagi berantem sama ucup terus LIAT ITU MUKA MAS MINGYU HUHUHUHUHUHU TAKUT.
16 Sep, 03:25 PM UTC
Buster Olney
Phillies have cut the Cubs' lead to 7-4, still batting; bases loaded, one out, bottom of the fourth.
17 Sep, 12:00 AM UTC
Ethan Witte
Didi did as much research on the Cubs’ pitching staff as he did on the vaccine
17 Sep, 12:13 AM UTC
Cubs, don't interact at all, just report the malicious comments and let's keep enjoying Woo music and streaming. We are not dead, we are proudly Cubs.
17 Sep, 12:09 AM UTC
The cubs have to have the most blown 7 run leads in the league
17 Sep, 12:12 AM UTC
Prine☭🐒🧠 Tyler O'Neill chase rate enjoyer
I wont say anything about the Cardinals having 7 games against the Cubs
17 Sep, 12:14 AM UTC
Ryan M. Spaeder
There have been 20 runners left on base through four innings in the #Phillies vs #Cubs games. Remarkable.
17 Sep, 12:14 AM UTC
Action Network MLB
The Cubs (+140) held a comfortable seven run lead for a good 30 seconds or so... ☠️ @ActionNetMLB's photo on Cubs
17 Sep, 12:14 AM UTC
Russell Dorsey
To recap the Phillies fourth inning against Kyle Hendricks. -Sent 12 batters to the plate -3 singles -2 walks -2 hit by pitches -2 doubles -1 botched double play -7 runs scored Cubs-Phillies are tied at 7.
17 Sep, 12:13 AM UTC
The Hammer.
@dukakich @EricGoldstein24 HAHAHA Cubs have a 7-run 3rd. Phillies match it with a 7-run 4th. Can’t make it up. New ballgame 🤷🏻‍♂️
17 Sep, 12:15 AM UTC
Derrick Daughtry
@em7srv @JohnKruk Same here! @Cubs fan but a @MLB fan as well. @JohnKruk is one on the best
17 Sep, 12:14 AM UTC
P.J. Weber 🎙
@1quik6 @RareAlphaCardz @CardPurchaser These are just my graded ones. Have another 40-50 to eventually send out when PSA opens back up with reasonable levels. But I love those cards you have! Even as a Cubs fan, Robert is one of my favorites
17 Sep, 12:14 AM UTC
hy TF is Ross leaving Hendricks in this game? @cubs #chicagocubs
17 Sep, 12:04 AM UTC
A's Enjoyer
17 Sep, 12:14 AM UTC
Feels great baby
Cubs we’re up 7-0 now it’s tied Hendricks really only does good vs us 😂
17 Sep, 12:14 AM UTC
Juan Carlos Vázquez
Esos Cubs, ganaban 7-0 después de 3. Ahora están 7-7 al terminar la 4a / Cubs lead 7-0 after 3. Now 7-7 after four against Philly #MLB
17 Sep, 12:14 AM UTC
Who will score the next touchdown? The Phillies or the Cubs?
17 Sep, 12:14 AM UTC
Dub City
@1060WAddison So you're the jinx? Lol, next time the Cubs are up 7 early, I'm betting the opponent money line live.
17 Sep, 12:13 AM UTC