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Jake Tapper
The woman whose “important voice” he was amplifying the other day was demanding that Dr. Fauci, Chris Cuomo and the rest of us at CNN turn over our urine to her so she could test it for hydroxychloroquine which she insists we are all secretly taking. Totally normal.
28 Jul, 10:49 PM UTC
Cynthia Nixon
So Cuomo is fine taxing poor people but not billionaires who are profiting off the pandemic?
28 Jul, 08:27 PM UTC
David Sirota
SCOOP: Sen. @JohnCornyn copied Andrew Cuomo’s corporate immunity law & pasted it WORD-FOR-WORD into the Senate GOP’s new Covid relief bill. The provision would give the GOP’s big donors legal immunity if their corporate decisions kill Americans.
28 Jul, 12:57 PM UTC
Zephyr Teachout
Cuomo, doing first drafts for Republicans since 2010. This is horrifying.
28 Jul, 01:26 PM UTC
𝑴𝒊𝒄𝒉𝒆𝒍𝒍𝒆 6.0
CUOMO'S NAZIS are going to every business here & issuing fines of around 10K if they aren't enforcing his mandatory mask wearing!!!
28 Jul, 10:55 AM UTC
Brave Frontline COVID Doctor Calls Out Fake News, Challenges CNN's Chris Cuomo to Take a Urine Test to Prove He Isn't Taking Hydroxychloroquine (VIDEO) very important to watch video via @gatewaypundit #TornadoTrump
28 Jul, 05:30 PM UTC
Cuomo lies to us. He told us to quarantine if we just returned from another state. He was in Georgia and went right back to work the next day in NY. I didn’t see him quarantine for 14 days. I guess he’s above the law.
28 Jul, 09:46 AM UTC
Sid Rosenberg
@sidrosenberg This guy really has a set of balls. He’s personally responsible for THOUSANDS of elderly people dying and his shutdown policy is destroying small businesses everywhere but he’s riding in on his white horse to save baseball? What a piece of shit. ⁦
28 Jul, 09:08 PM UTC
Rosa Maria Pantin
Doctora que apoya y promueve el uso de la hidroxicloroquina, reta al ancla de CNN Cuomo y al doctor Fauci, a que se hagan exámenes de orina ella asegura que los dos están siguiendo este tratamiento de prevención contra el virus chino, y agregó yo apuesto que los de la OMS también
28 Jul, 08:33 PM UTC
Bernard B. Kerik
.⁦@NYGovCuomo⁩ Blames ⁦@NYCMayor⁩ Rikers releases, anti-cop attitude for #NYC crime wave
29 Jul, 01:55 AM UTC
Fake News King Chris Cuomo (who himself violated quarantine guidelines) Asks If We Can Trust the GOP Governor of Florida, But Totally Ignores His Brother’s Deadly Failures and Lethal Bad Decisions:
28 Jul, 04:10 PM UTC
Bernadette Hogan
Mayor Bill de Blasio tanked at a city pool Monday — when a female swimmer shouted at him, “We love you, Cuomo!” Making the situation even more sticky for Hizzoner, when he told the woman his name wasn’t Gov. Andrew Cuomo, she replied, “Oh. What is it?’’
28 Jul, 11:49 AM UTC
Senator Michael Testa
Murphy’s unilateral reign, which is tanking New Jersey businesses and livelihoods, is not grounded in science or data. His decisions are solely dependent on which way certain political winds are blowing, or whatever Gov. Cuomo opts to do first.
28 Jul, 03:25 PM UTC
David Sirota
SCOOP: Senate Republicans copied Andrew Cuomo’s corporate immunity law & pasted it WORD-FOR-WORD into the GOP’s new pandemic relief bill. The provision would protect the GOP’s donors from Covid-related lawsuits filed by health care workers & patients.
29 Jul, 12:15 AM UTC
The nursing home serial killer puts Puerto Rico on the travel quarantine list and then tells mlb all baseball teams should play in NY even after hearing Florida Marlins have 10 players with coronavirus. Cuomo and Diblasio are the worst mayor and governor in NY history
28 Jul, 11:42 PM UTC
Cuomo Watch
So smart of Andrew Cuomo to shut down New York State’s economy. Hopefully the Federal government doesn’t give Team Cuomo a single penny.
28 Jul, 10:30 PM UTC
Mystery Solvent
I wonder which college football coaches will be a Governor Cuomo and which will be a Governor DeSantis?
29 Jul, 02:00 AM UTC
Fredric U. Dicker
Re Cuomo:”What a piece of sh*t.”
28 Jul, 11:15 PM UTC
Mo Brooks
 @RepMoBrooks #CNN #ChrisCuomo gushes over brother NY Gov #AndrewCuomo #COVID19 response & BASHES Florida Gov #RonDeSantis COVID19 response. FACT: A New Yorker is SIX TIMES more likely to die from COVID19 than a Floridian. (Deaths/million data) #FakeNewsCNN anyone?
29 Jul, 02:08 AM UTC
Michaela Marmorato 🇺🇸
Good night to everyone except Andrew Cuomo.
29 Jul, 02:09 AM UTC
Marie Fonseca 🔥🅰️🌹
@CynthiaNixon @NYCMayor It’s NYPD they already took credit for it - nothing is going to get better as long as everyone gets to have zero responsibility because everything is blamed on trump - this is cuomo and deblasio and they need to be help accountable
29 Jul, 02:07 AM UTC
@jaketapper Chris Cuomo took Hydroxychloroquine. That's a fact. Is Fauci taking it? Well,he hasn't denied it. So shouldn't journalists be a little curious & asking the "Good Doctor" these questions?
29 Jul, 12:00 AM UTC
R. Lamartiniere, MD
@ChrisCuomo I disagree, that would only apply to A. Cuomo. Florida has less than 20% the deaths of NYS. No widespread ICU bed shortages. One of these days will quit harping on cases solely for political reasons.
28 Jul, 06:44 PM UTC
#CUOMO_19 #COVID19 #Elderly #NeverForget Cuomo forgot. #FabianistSocialism
29 Jul, 01:31 AM UTC
Still Not Clair™️⚢ ♈️
Cuomo and Deblasio already killed off the vulnerable in NY. It's fine. Get back to the important work of supporting riots @NPR
29 Jul, 02:15 AM UTC
Corporate Dems are Trumpsters
@ExtraHighMarx Is that by Andrew Cuomo?
29 Jul, 02:16 AM UTC
@mabomm1 @MsGambino1 Who cares about Cuomo, he'd worthless. Man left his girl cause he couldn't put up with her illness.
29 Jul, 02:15 AM UTC
@MidwinCharles @ACLU What Andrew Cuomo and the worthless Mayor saying about this new tactic???
29 Jul, 02:15 AM UTC

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