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How a bubble vortex created by the collision of cold & warm deep water currents catches the pufferfish by surprise [source and full video:]
13 Feb, 03:00 PM UTC
Kevin Parker's first album since 2015's 'Currents.'
14 Feb, 03:45 AM UTC
Grand Solar Minimum
Feb2020 Antarctic Sea Ice continues its 40yr mid-summer growth trend (3,000km2/year). If Antarctica was rapidly melting wouldn't the alleged Circumpolar Deep Water heat currents melt the East Antarctica (+63 gigatons/year 40yr trend) coastal ice & the sea ice be declining?
13 Feb, 09:01 PM UTC
We Don’t Have Time
The gigantic ocean currents that surround the earth are growing faster. Their operating energy has increased by 15 percent every ten years since 1990, a new study shows. 😱 #WeDontHaveTime
13 Feb, 11:27 AM UTC
Echoes of the Past!
(1) "Leaves Taken by The Wind!" - by Echoes of the Past "He who has no memory of the past Is like a leaf Taken by the wind Made to dance to rhythms of currents of which he is unaware…
13 Feb, 02:40 PM UTC
Tame Impala / The Slow Rush 今回のアルバム、80's風味のシンセの大胆な導入、浮遊感漂う音像と無機質なビートによるダンスの快楽性の共存による現代的なサイケデリアの演出という意味でCurrentsの延長線上にあるのは確かだと思います。 しかし、リズムは前作より多彩かつマッシブに →
14 Feb, 09:01 AM UTC
Eray Yıldız
Üçüncü loopta hala bir Currents cazibesi arıyorum.
14 Feb, 10:07 AM UTC
#internetBillofRights #Standup4Brexit #Brexit
There is no #ClimateEmergency Arctic ice grew from the 60s thru the 80s & is no growing again. 11 year cycles of solar irradiance & ocean currents are responsible.. CO2 is plant food.
14 Feb, 09:01 AM UTC
ちなみにワイのTame Impalaアルバム格付けは上から順に Innerspeaker Currents The Slow Rush Lonerism でございます
14 Feb, 09:57 AM UTC
NWS San Juan
Friday 14 A moderate to high risk of rip currents exists for most of the local beaches of islands. Un riesgo moderado a alto de corrientes marinas existe para la mayoría de las playas locales de las islas. #prwx #usviwx @NWSSanJuan's photo on currents
14 Feb, 10:08 AM UTC
Kedia Advisory
#NickelDailyHighlights #Nickel trading range for the day is 943.9-971.3. #Nickel prices consolidate amid technical, fundamental, macro and geopolitical cross currents #Investors now look forward to the US inflation figures for a fresh impetus.
14 Feb, 06:10 AM UTC
Hong Kong International Film Festival Society
#TakamineHideko: “#NaruseMikio always shot without uttering a single sentence, so I had no choice but to turn myself into a mute as well. "The pair distill their portraits of women in emotional currents even as battles rage within. #UNTAMED 🎟 : #CineFan @HKIFFS's photo on currents
14 Feb, 10:01 AM UTC
Arctic ice melt is changing ocean currents
14 Feb, 09:56 AM UTC
Cui Bono
@GregLBean It’s everywhere. The beaches are littered with ash, brown froth and huge logs. Currents are moving the detritus of the cities all up and down the coast. Erosion is like we rarely see.
14 Feb, 09:36 AM UTC
Derek Holmes
@realBURN5 @Aquaman88 @redmarvelgirl21 @SpiderWomnDaily @Lionman771 @GianncarloI @HFoh @LiquidAwesome @CrashSheridan @ComicsNerd2 @EHTcomics Yeah, sure Spidey it's to protect you from electrical currents, not because you just like the feel of it you deviant.
14 Feb, 10:40 AM UTC
Pugsley Addams
she’s cute but she’s no Currents #SlowRush
14 Feb, 05:52 AM UTC
Owen J Brown
@bramaroberto @Footballstewart Well they beat Lonerism with Currents so..
14 Feb, 10:11 AM UTC
RT 最新作も好きですが、Currentsでございます。
14 Feb, 09:50 AM UTC
Че-то новый Tame Impala ни о чем. По-прежнему считаю, что их дебютный InnerSpeaker - самый лучший. На втором месте уже Currents.
14 Feb, 09:49 AM UTC
Thomas Goodrich, "Dresden, 1945," on the Hell on Earth created by British and American firebombing of civilian targets | Counter-Currents Publishing
14 Feb, 10:42 AM UTC
14 Feb, 10:38 AM UTC
feel like pure shit just want currents back;-(
14 Feb, 10:32 AM UTC
Ayar F⋆cking Ratwell⚡️
@DaydreamingBFly @spicecooochie @puzzy_lips Whos doing it like u ? Stream currents or erotica after slow rush!
14 Feb, 10:26 AM UTC
is this it//the strokes nevermind//nirvana currents//tame impala am//arctic monkeys the dark side of the moon//pink floyd blue album//weezer bullets album//MCR
14 Feb, 10:25 AM UTC
14 Feb, 10:25 AM UTC
alex hale
Nieważne ile razy tata słucha the currents od bastille to i tak za każdym razem mówi na początku „o boże jakie piardy”
14 Feb, 10:18 AM UTC
Owen J Brown
@rramesss @bramaroberto @Footballstewart Not fully listened to new one yet but I’d say beating Currents is a near impossibility. Come at all close = a big win.
14 Feb, 10:14 AM UTC
comrade goth
Pretty nervous about the new Tame Impala album, which cannot possibly improve on Currents but then I remember Lemonade came after Beyoncé so
14 Feb, 10:09 AM UTC
Okay I love the new Tame Impala album its brilliant. One of the best and most genius bands. Always incredible. Worth the wait and I was glad it lived up to expectations. Currents is one of the best albums ever and this comes close
14 Feb, 10:05 AM UTC
Augusto Daminelli 💡
Novo álbum álbum do tame impala tá mais música de drogado doq o currents(2015). amoo
14 Feb, 09:45 AM UTC