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DJ Akademiks
WAIT... DA BABY was in it too... ohhh hell naw. hot girl sh*t. salute to meg.. she allegedly living her raps.
23 Sep, 01:51 PM UTC
I feel like da baby blame megan for his career dying but nobody told him to get on stage in front of 1000s of people and go on a homophobic rant 😭
23 Sep, 05:14 AM UTC
Oop! Looks like Da Baby took a few shots on his new song ‘Boogeyman!’ DaBaby claims that he slept with Megan Thee Stallion before she reported that Tory Lanez shot her. He also had a few things to say about Pardison Fontaine. Thoughts, #Roomies? 👀 (📸: @gettyimages ) @TheShadeRoom's photo on Da Baby
23 Sep, 04:43 AM UTC
@ronniefrom38th @SheerOpulence2 Da baby has 3 kids by 3 different women. I forget it’s only a woman’s fault for having sex with men while men can have multiple baby mamas and y’all still look up to them and give them all the praise.
23 Sep, 06:57 AM UTC
Let’s see if Pardi has the same energy he had for The Rock for Da Baby https://t.co/1aWkWWnSfb
23 Sep, 05:19 AM UTC
Kris ✨
Da Baby: yea this gone kill em Us: https://t.co/ffhc1GjF5I
23 Sep, 12:14 PM UTC
Da Baby said he slept with Megan The Stallion twice. Alright. Now tell me what are we supposed to do with that information, we know grown people fuck everyday. SO?
23 Sep, 07:15 AM UTC
London Hill 🎀
Lmao da baby said nah I ain’t playing no more @ @ @ @ @
23 Sep, 04:48 AM UTC
Not da baby using Megan from promo…when men get desperate they become pathetic
23 Sep, 04:43 AM UTC
Y’all asked Meg to show proof when she said she got shot but believing da baby say he had sex with her with absolutely no proof whatsoever..
23 Sep, 01:48 PM UTC
⚜️The B-U-N™⚜️
Da Baby telling me he fucked Meg is like telling me what the weather is gonna be in Reno Nevada today …. Nigga ion give a fuck
23 Sep, 01:10 PM UTC
⚜️The B-U-N™⚜️
Da Baby done clowned hisself all the way out … Krusty and Bozo ain’t got shit on him
23 Sep, 12:56 PM UTC
Armon Wiggins
Da Baby REVEALING dat he was DA BANGING #MeganTheeStallion is WILD! Is that was #NickiMinaj was talking about when she said girls be going around F*cling the industry 🥴
23 Sep, 04:49 PM UTC
pisces nigga.
so megan fucked da baby.. https://t.co/YznwXKD2np
23 Sep, 04:45 AM UTC
Da baby a cornball to begin with.. but super cornball now
23 Sep, 02:05 PM UTC
Shawn Carter
@Wiseguy_clinton @DailyLoud So we just gonna skip over Quavo telling us that he nutted in Nicki Minaj face after smashing… but Da baby is wrong for telling .. why Quavo get a pass?
23 Sep, 10:26 AM UTC
DJ Akademiks doesn’t have to be your enemy. You could go for a walk instead. Neither does Da Baby. Or Meg. Or Trump. Or Biden. Or whoever else y’all decide y’all hate today. Because what is that energy doing for you? I think y’all feed off negativity and it needs to stop.
23 Sep, 12:59 PM UTC
If da baby and Tory not lying I think it’s safe to say Meg like short dudes .
23 Sep, 05:38 PM UTC
da baby so fuckin corny lol
23 Sep, 04:24 PM UTC
Great Value Man
📱👀 Nia Long *scrolls* Da Baby *scrolls* Cardi B *scrolls* Squirting vs Creaming *throws phone in the trash*
23 Sep, 02:23 PM UTC
Da Baby so lame omg
23 Sep, 02:05 PM UTC
@ArmonWiggins Meg is a Hot Girl.... So what that she fuxked on him.... she was single right... Da Baby is a munch And Nicki been ran thru so she would know, lolol .. is she jealous that Baby aint care to clap her cheeks. Ppl is grown and they fuxk.
23 Sep, 05:17 PM UTC
Da Baby corny. Never kiss & tell smh
23 Sep, 04:04 PM UTC
I saw that lame ass shit Da Baby said, it’s wild to see the decline of his career in comparison to the trajectory of Lil Baby’s.
23 Sep, 01:04 PM UTC
Dusty 🦊🎗🐷
23 Sep, 05:44 PM UTC
Da Biggest
Da baby a lame fr niggas don’t kno how to get a pussy and stfu 😑
23 Sep, 01:12 PM UTC
Visionary, But a Classic. 🌹
Da baby is literally so corn it's not even funny. I wish he would've just Stfu and let me think he was fine
23 Sep, 01:58 PM UTC
Da Baby is giving Diary of A Bitter Black B_tch! https://t.co/k7Tkii5f1e
23 Sep, 04:17 PM UTC
aka DJAudiTory
i remember when y’all would get all fake aroused on here by Da Baby’s short man syndrome and the attacks he would make on random citizens.
23 Sep, 04:48 PM UTC