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Reginald 💥☄️ #ForeverTrill
Dababy can rap whatever he want about Megan on that album and we still aint gone listen to it LMAAAOOOOOOOOOOOOO
23 Sep, 05:50 AM UTC
DaBaby says he slept with Megan Thee Stallion multiple times on his new song ‘Boogeyman’ https://t.co/QpwReAXODS
23 Sep, 04:46 AM UTC
philip lewis
DaBaby decided to go full cornball
23 Sep, 05:13 AM UTC
Megan was fucking Tory & Dababy???? At the same time? https://t.co/QM4VaPz8Yp
23 Sep, 04:41 AM UTC
Daily Loud
DaBaby says he slept with Megan Thee Stallion multiple times even the day before she was shot‼️😳 https://t.co/dgsPmGPHrc
23 Sep, 05:04 AM UTC
DaBaby dropped an album and no one cares I’ve prayed for times like this
23 Sep, 05:02 AM UTC
Line Cook Legend
Dababy admitted Tory shot her that’s the funniest part. The next lil nigga meeting gon be interesting
23 Sep, 02:27 PM UTC
First impressions of DaBaby’s “Baby On Baby 2” ⁉️👀 @Rap's photo on DaBaby
23 Sep, 03:59 PM UTC
Dreadful Rebel
So DaBaby says he fucked Megan y’all believe it, with absolutely no prove But Megan says a man who literally has a violent history (from beating up Dax over a rap challenge that Tory started to punching August for not shaking his hand) shot her y’all saying she lying.
23 Sep, 12:42 PM UTC
dababy knew no one was gonna talk about his song so he had to throw megan under there
23 Sep, 05:08 AM UTC
Dans son nouvel album, Dababy a révélé avoir couché plusieurs fois avec la rappeuse Megan The Stallion 💀 Cela s’est déroulé quelques heures avant l’incident avec Tory Lanez, en 2020. https://t.co/ktjIXLfifv
23 Sep, 12:17 PM UTC
XXL Magazine
JUST IN: DaBaby claims he slept with Megan Thee Stallion multiple times in new song “Boogeyman” https://t.co/EeXdEBbOrb
23 Sep, 07:26 AM UTC
Megan Thee Stallion when Pardi asks her if she had sexual relations with DaBaby or Tory Lanez: https://t.co/8hB40j4rDw
23 Sep, 05:09 AM UTC
Nicolas is in renaissance
I’m sure Megan was not checking for some 40 years old 5’2 pitbull lookalike that calls himself Dababy
23 Sep, 05:01 AM UTC
Oop! Looks like Da Baby took a few shots on his new song ‘Boogeyman!’ DaBaby claims that he slept with Megan Thee Stallion before she reported that Tory Lanez shot her. He also had a few things to say about Pardison Fontaine. Thoughts, #Roomies? 👀 (📸: @gettyimages ) @TheShadeRoom's photo on DaBaby
23 Sep, 04:43 AM UTC
kk 🤓
Megan thee Stallion was NOT wrong when she said in NDA “when they shit ain’t poppin, they using Megan for marketing.” And that’s exactly what DaBaby just did 🤣🤣 wouldn’t of even heard the song or anything about the song if he didn’t say something about her.
23 Sep, 12:28 PM UTC
I can’t stop thinking about Tory and DaBaby’s sperms duking it out inside Meg’s reproductive tract
23 Sep, 04:32 PM UTC
DaBaby stole my friend @LaylaHendryx’s song to diss Megan Thee Stallion. How do you steal from a black to disrespect another black woman? FLOP! https://t.co/J3LgO510qu
23 Sep, 07:16 PM UTC
Rap All-Stars 🏆
DaBaby is back in rare form 👀🔥 https://t.co/Z2rxTmO17Z
23 Sep, 05:01 PM UTC
⚡️T-Time ⚡️
Everybody embarrassing Charlotte. DaBaby, The Panthers, the Hornets.. everybody embarrassing.
23 Sep, 12:47 PM UTC
Hate to say it but DaBaby is 100% women’s fault
23 Sep, 04:59 PM UTC
That sh!t Da Baby pulled talkin bout he slept with Megan The Stallion is lil boy shit. I hope she sue him for defamation or whatever they can legally pull out the bag. In the mean time let’s run this bar ONE MO TIME FOR THE PEOPLE IN THE BACK!👇🏼 #DaBaby #MeganTheeStallion https://t.co/8B0V1dfxgo
23 Sep, 02:46 PM UTC
Girl Cole
DaBaby so damn lame and that’s exactly why he in the position he in now! What a fuckin loser!
23 Sep, 03:51 PM UTC
M. Bouldin
#SnoopDogg debuts his 3-D animated children series on #YouTube https://t.co/SwNEcrqJNH #DaBaby https://t.co/2btUHYuP8i
23 Sep, 09:34 PM UTC
Daily Trends Gh
Argentina Raphinha Kudus Sterling Essence Kevin De Bruyne #wotowoto The 3 Wollacot Tariq Lamptey Lil Baby Portugal Dababy Nelly https://t.co/VyhKuDPHEJ
23 Sep, 09:34 PM UTC
who didn’t know dababy and Megan where smashing are y’all really surprised it’s same reason Kelsey her best friend shot here cuz she don’t know how to keep that musty horse pussy in her leggings,shi go ask her producer he know, moneybagg, jay-z,etc lol they know the truth 😭😭
23 Sep, 09:34 PM UTC
The Visionary
If DaBaby did hit she just be throwing that mfer around but that don’t make him any less of a hoe ass nigga. What was the purpose of the lyrics g?
23 Sep, 09:34 PM UTC
Daily Trends Gh
Argentina Raphinha Kudus Sterling Essence Kevin De Bruyne #wotowoto The 3 Wollacot Tariq Lamptey Lil Baby Portugal Dababy Nelly https://t.co/TTxw7TSe1l
23 Sep, 09:34 PM UTC