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Sen Dianne Feinstein
The Ninth Circuit has ruled that DACA is legal, contrary to the White House. This decision protects young Dreamers and holds the White House “democratically accountable to the public.” Another important court decision on this important program.
08 Nov, 07:29 PM UTC
Jim Sciutto
Breaking: Federal Appeals Court upholds ruling blocking Trump administration from ending DACA, the Obama-era program that protects young undocumented immigrants who came to US as children from being deported.
08 Nov, 06:30 PM UTC
Travis Allen 🌊
BREAKING: A federal appeals court says the Trump administration can’t end the DACA program, dealing a major blow to the White House. The racists have lost again! RT to spread the truth!
08 Nov, 06:41 PM UTC
Ed Krassenstein
BREAKING: The US Court of Appeals has ordered that President Trump can't end DACA, which shields many young immigrants from being deported, at this time. This is a huge win for America and a HUGE loss for Donald Trump
08 Nov, 07:35 PM UTC
Scott Dworkin
BREAKING: US appeals court decides Trump administration can't end DACA
08 Nov, 06:43 PM UTC
DACA is and will always be constitutional. https://t.co/5SLHTSW5zY
08 Nov, 07:50 PM UTC
Senator Dick Durbin
A federal appeals court today called Pres. Trump ending DACA & deporting these young people "cruel and wasteful." Pres. Trump cannot explain this away as national security. It's a hateful policy aimed at innocent young people. Our President should remember his own family's story.
08 Nov, 11:40 PM UTC
Tom Cotton
1. The lefty Ninth Circuit again practices “TrumpLaw” in which ⁦@POTUS⁩ cannot take action that any other president could. Supreme Court should overturn them, which it does habitually. https://t.co/hJPRbfzL4y
09 Nov, 01:22 AM UTC
National Immigration Law Center
BREAKING: The U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit today upheld a lower court’s ruling to block @realDonaldTrump’s termination of DACA, allowing ~800,000 DACA recipients nationwide to submit renewal applications. 1/ #DefendDACA ✊ https://t.co/qGPunV7Q0E
08 Nov, 07:51 PM UTC
👑💥 Princess 💥👑
DACA isn’t a law. It’s an illegal EO by the previous president that allows illegals to stay in the US. The judge deliberately ruled in favor of an illegal activity, which may be grounds for removal from office. Stop fighting battles you can't win #EndDACA https://t.co/DTeGmUSiJ2
08 Nov, 11:01 PM UTC
The Epoch Times
A Texas poll worker told an undercover journalist for @Project_Veritas that she had seen “tons” of non-citizen voters who weren’t legally supposed to vote. Read the full story: https://t.co/gpx2J1RLrc The Epoch Times's photo on Daca
09 Nov, 12:46 AM UTC
Olga Lautman
Interesting Trump mentioned 9th circuit and how he is happy that DACA is headed to the Supreme Court that he stacked. Also in the same breath said he keeps appointing judges that will end rulings that he views unfair in the 9th circuit. Authoritarian
09 Nov, 03:15 PM UTC
Like a Boss ... DACA & Birthright citizenship will head to SCOTUS. Port of entry or no claim for asylum —> SCOTUS? Votes magically materialize—>SCOTUS? FILTHY tactics by democrats come in many forms, all UGLY & FRAUDULENT it seems. Elaine's photo on Daca
09 Nov, 03:20 PM UTC
U.S. appeals court rules against Trump on DACA immigration program https://t.co/qZDBelcKwg via @Reuters @tomhals
09 Nov, 02:30 AM UTC
And we’re off!!!! Secure our borders! NO to all ILLEGALS! DACA was an EO penned by Barry...Even Barry admitted he had no authority to change immigration LAW. Let NOT ONE illegal in! This is an invasion and must be stopped! #BuildTheWall https://t.co/onLMMhvFe9
09 Nov, 01:34 PM UTC
Appeals court upholds block on Trump’s attempt to end DACA #DemForce https://t.co/rEwMbTpmZl
08 Nov, 06:55 PM UTC
Brian Cates
@molratty @JammieWF See the trick Wardlaw played in his opinion? He called DACA a ‘law’ and said it ain’t up to the Executive Branch to say what the law is, that’s the Judiciary’s job. Except DACA isn’t a law, was never passed by Congress. It’s a policy created by EO.
09 Nov, 01:11 PM UTC
Appeals Court blocks Trump administration from ending DACA https://t.co/RHzAKcEn4Z Newsweek's photo on Daca
09 Nov, 03:35 PM UTC
Carlos Soto
Tal vez para algunas personas la #IndependenciaJudicial sea una nimiedad. Otros pensamos que no es así, y que es sumamente importante para proteger los derechos humanos de las minorías y de toda la sociedad (vía ⁦@KARELERUCA⁩). https://t.co/Y844F1AxV1
09 Nov, 03:08 PM UTC
President Trump says fight over DACA should end at Supreme Court https://t.co/c95qj0Dmcl
09 Nov, 04:00 PM UTC
Vincent Fusca 2024
@Jali_Cat @JVER1 @Scotus @scotusreporter @SCOTUSblog @TheDemocrats @SenFeinstein Funny, our great President @realDonaldTrump offered a pathway for many more DACA individuals then the left suggest.....But @SenFeinstein and her friends on the left could not give up human/child/sex trafficking for them to get it. We have many routes to accomplish this.
09 Nov, 02:36 PM UTC
Luis Montes Brito
Corte de Apelaciones falla a favor de DACA y decide que Trump no puede cancelar el programa https://t.co/peQP7O0gxg
09 Nov, 02:06 AM UTC
Chris Monti
@charliekirk11 I wonder how many DACA are already voting. In CA they register anyone who gets drivers licenses to vote via the New Motor Voter Act. 1500 recently ‘found’ illegally registered to vote, CA AG thinking about suspending Motor Voter Act bc of this https://t.co/nbh1FCyr0b
08 Nov, 10:51 PM UTC
A federal court has upheld a ruling that blocks the Trump administration from ending DACA. This program has provided more than 700,000 dreamers the opportunity to live and work in the United States. LCLAA applauds this ruling and condemns any attempt to end this program. #DACA
08 Nov, 09:48 PM UTC
Marziyeh MRM
Well legal immigrants are as important as DACA, we are also young dreamers who work so hard in this country while no one support us moreover separating us from our family. @SenFeinstein @SenSanders @UndoFamilyBan #RepealTheBan #Undo_Family_Ban https://t.co/ODKIYkHpf9
09 Nov, 04:41 AM UTC
The Forward
Federal Court Rules Against Trump’s Effort To End DACA Program https://t.co/JvhE0DEoWe
09 Nov, 02:30 PM UTC
America's Voice
He means he wants DACA ended: https://t.co/WOUmdroQ5i
09 Nov, 04:02 PM UTC
Internists applaud court decision upholding #DACA, supporting medical education and our public health. https://t.co/KOD9QHQMEo
09 Nov, 04:08 PM UTC
Spark Emerald
@MaerRoshan @mitchellvii I love Democrat votes that come in a couple days later those are always the funnest they always tell Democrats to vote frequently and they do from County to County to County dead DACA duplicate @TheRealHublife @_hublette
09 Nov, 04:05 PM UTC
Jeff Pitzen
@bewarestupid @BIArchitectess @Hecate40 @molratty The better question: What law, as passed by Congress, is DACA a part of?
09 Nov, 04:14 PM UTC
Appeals court upholds block on Trump’s attempt to end DACA https://t.co/bxv3uEUuJU
09 Nov, 03:44 PM UTC
Appeals court says administration can’t end DACA, Trump says it sets up Supreme Court fight https://t.co/nR5QKZaTuK
09 Nov, 04:12 PM UTC
🇷🇴❤️🇵🇱Rainbow Dash🇷🇴❤️🇵🇱
Toți îl făceau să sufere dar roata se întoarce.. nu voi mai lăsa pe nimeni să îi dacă nici un rău. Se rupe inima in mine când îl văd că suferă..
09 Nov, 04:12 PM UTC
Realitatea TV
Un bărbat de 76 de ani a dispărut de acasă. Dacă îl vedeţi pe stradă sunaţi la 112! - https://t.co/tOMeUIejov
09 Nov, 04:15 PM UTC
Melissa Riley
@selectttt @realDonaldTrump They requested that DACA go back to the Supreme Court. Now what are you going to do?
09 Nov, 04:14 PM UTC
@bewarestupid @molratty Was DACA correct process in the first place?
09 Nov, 04:14 PM UTC
Federal Appeals Court Deals Trump Another Setback On DACA https://t.co/38D78Wnzan thank God for judges.
09 Nov, 04:14 PM UTC
Brian T
@realDonaldTrump Build the wall deport all illegals no daca no amnesty
09 Nov, 04:14 PM UTC
WASHINGTON | The Latest: Trump wants DACA fight to go to Supreme Court https://t.co/DXsQ3bqlUZ STL.News's photo on Daca
09 Nov, 04:14 PM UTC
in many ways DACA is an illegal executive order only congress can write and pass immigration law the next 3 constitutional judges should be sent to the 9th court ofg Apeals where there is 3 vacancies
09 Nov, 04:14 PM UTC
@indictingoliath DACA is EO right? Pres Trump can makes EOs too
09 Nov, 04:14 PM UTC
lloyd morris
@realDonaldTrump ..Don, Stay immigration strong. No DACA, if so, what about their Parents, they will still be illegal with other children born here and on welfare. You will get Black votes
09 Nov, 04:13 PM UTC
Horatio Cacles
Allow people ineligible to vote... Felons, illegal immigrants, DACA people, the dead, and when possible vote multiple times... I was witness to a woman bragging about having cast ballots in Florida, Georgia, and Maryland all for the Democrats. I don’t know if true.#ArizonaSenate
09 Nov, 04:13 PM UTC
Yellow Rose
@LindseyGrahamSC @ScottforFlorida Why are private cars used to transport ballots? To a truck? Just sounds wrong. Word was DACA recipients voted in Austin, TX. ??? We want fair elections and all legitimate votes counted. We want them secured.
09 Nov, 04:13 PM UTC
Nutriționist Sportiv - Roxana Sandu-Radu
Musai de vizitat standul daca aveti nunti sau botezuri 🤓 https://t.co/V3c58rZv4K
09 Nov, 04:12 PM UTC
Bob Kelly
Screenshots: Newsweek I think @LindseyGrahamSC has morphed into "just another shameless toady" of @realDonaldTrump. 👎 @FoxNews @foxandfriends @NRA @RNC @GOP @DNC #POTUS45 #Trump #TDS #MAGA #KAG #DACA #GOP #DNC #MafiaDon #CrimeFamily https://t.co/v1Fl1i6uG5
09 Nov, 04:12 PM UTC
Kate Ryan Photos
Appeals court rules against Trump on DACA immigrant policy https://t.co/yaxoWFYgd1
09 Nov, 04:12 PM UTC
@FAIRImmigration @Reuters @tomhals It was illegal from the get go when Obama set it up (DACA)
09 Nov, 04:12 PM UTC
Darwen Cemetery
@ElizbethjmSmith @DACA_History @DarwenVale The pictures don't do them justice. Lovely tributes
09 Nov, 04:11 PM UTC
‘Dreamers’ Win Round in Legal Battle to Keep DACA https://t.co/mmPx5Cw7sn
09 Nov, 04:11 PM UTC
#DACA has protected 700,000 people who were brought to the U.S. illegally as children or came with families that overstayed visas. https://t.co/9fjJDNRw2u
09 Nov, 04:11 PM UTC
Alex Ferrero
Corte de EE.UU. falla contra Trump en política sobre DACA https://t.co/pzBcjKKtXm Alex Ferrero's photo on Daca
09 Nov, 04:11 PM UTC
Radio Caroní 93.1 FM
Corte de EE.UU. falla contra Trump en política sobre DACA https://t.co/q582Er7xQc Radio Caroní 93.1 FM's photo on Daca
09 Nov, 04:11 PM UTC
La Prensa | Virtual
Corte de EE.UU. falla contra Trump en política sobre DACA https://t.co/GmtWYcaXJK La Prensa | Virtual's photo on Daca
09 Nov, 04:11 PM UTC
ProLifePatriot #MAGA 🥀✝️🥀🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
@realDonaldTrump No DACA, No Amnesty, No Sanctury Cities, Deport All Illegal Aliens, Build The Wall! #MAGA #KAG #NoDACA #DeportThemAll #BuildTheWall #VoteRed #MobRule #StandWithICE #LockThemAllUp #MobRuleDemocrats #VoterFraud #VoterID #StoptheSteal #BorderPatrol
09 Nov, 04:11 PM UTC

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