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Mark R. Levin
1. President Trump had no choice but to issue the Executive Orders this afternoon, and given that Obama instituted DACA without legislation and John Roberts seemed okay with that, the president's DOJ will have strong grounds on which to defend them.
09 Aug, 01:18 AM UTC
Donald Trump Jr.
Helping illegal immigrants with DACA with an Exectuive Order was no problem, but helping actual Americans with their taxpayer dollars with an Executive Order is problematic??? Liberal Privilege is a hell of a drug.
09 Aug, 01:06 PM UTC
Just think of it as DACA for Americans needing relief from unemployment and payroll taxes.
08 Aug, 09:41 PM UTC
Kurt Schlichter
Why is the DACA executive order a valid thing per SCOTUS but not this?
08 Aug, 10:27 PM UTC
I Have Not Yet Begun To Pounce - Brian Cates
ADDENDUM: This is 100% correct. CHIEF JUSTICE ROBERTS HIMSELF OPENED UP THE DOOR FOR THIS WITH THAT DACA RULING JUST LAST MONTH. Remember, TRUMP HIMSELF warned that this gives the President TOO MUCH POWER, if EO's **can't** be reversed by successors. https://t.co/3E8ZQPYg5Q
08 Aug, 10:12 PM UTC
JT Lewis
So you’re telling me that Obama was allowed to help illegal aliens via Executive Order (DACA) But Trump isn’t allowed to help AMERICANS via Executive Order?!?!
09 Aug, 02:27 AM UTC
🇺🇸Col. Rob Maness ret.🇺🇸
When the Judicial branch didn’t rule the DACA EO unconstitutional they opened the door for today.
08 Aug, 09:35 PM UTC
🇺🇸 3Days3Nights 🇺🇸
Let me get this straight. 1. It was ok with the Media & Justice Roberts when Obama used an EO to give money to illegals through DACA. 2. But the Media says it is not ok for Trump to do the exact same thing by using an EO to give money back to US Citizens. @realDonaldTrump
09 Aug, 05:17 AM UTC
Mark R. Levin
So where are the Republicans in Congress pushing a law to defund DACA?  Has Sasse done anything?  I recall Sasse voting for the unconstitutional Iran-Obama-Corker process. https://t.co/uyDmKvWbtb
09 Aug, 03:10 PM UTC
Melissa Tate
Anyone upset that President Trump signed an Executive order to send money to struggling American families just call it “DACA for Americans” 👌🏾
09 Aug, 05:11 PM UTC
Jon Miller
DACA people have absolutely no right to be here in the first place
09 Aug, 12:25 PM UTC
@ColbyItkowitz @pbump He did. Not only with DACA, but he changed key provisions of the ACA, right before his reelection campaign, so that employers would not feel the weight of the onerous regulations until he was out of office. The more you know!
09 Aug, 05:06 AM UTC
Sean Spicier
Inventing a political issue out of thin air (DACA), and helping starving Americans during a pandemic isn’t exactly the same thing
09 Aug, 04:11 PM UTC
Physics Geek
Obama: I don't have the authority to do this (DACA). Obama: Oh what the heck, here's DACA by EO. SCOTUS Justice Roberts: Totally cool. Trump: Here's an EO to do [lots of things that should never be done by EO]. The left: Totally bogus. Me: Haha fuck you.
09 Aug, 05:12 AM UTC
Mark Kirin
🤔When the Left/MSM whine about the EOs @realDonaldTrump signed to HELP the American people, 😠Reply DACA...and drop the mic ➡️RT to share I am @markkirin_ @markkirin_ on DACA">https://t.co/5xRR4sC9CV
09 Aug, 03:10 PM UTC
Land of the Free
Obama used EO’s 276 times to go after conservatives with the IRS, effectively change immigration law (DACA), shut down businesses who opposed him using EPA, etc. Now that SCOTUS has affirmed Obama’s EO’s are in effect LAW which can not be reversed, TRUMP NEEDS TO DO THE SAME.
09 Aug, 12:44 PM UTC
Kelci Morrison
If you think #DACA recipients have no right to be in the US, you can fuck right off... https://t.co/HcpHHCGl5A
09 Aug, 05:28 PM UTC
Peter Masiakos
45’s record on children: 1. Empty promises to MSDHS survivors. @davidhogg111 @Emma4Change @JosephSakran @fred_guttenberg 2. Kids in cages @AmerAcadPeds 3. Tried to kill DACA @SCOTUSblog 4. Called them COVID immune @CDCDirector 5. Restructured @USPS, causing delays in meds
09 Aug, 04:53 PM UTC
Yossi Gestetner
@ColbyItkowitz Congress has the power of all laws but the executive is the one to execute them — Except until Obama decides otherwise. MOREOVER, his DACA actually required funding to be allocated for it and it was done without Congress so your dumb spin does not even work. cc @MZHemingway
09 Aug, 01:54 PM UTC
David Benjamin
FACT: @BarackObama did DACA on an Executive Order. Supreme Court ruled that was cool. Yesterday @realDonaldTrump did 4 EO’S. They will be ruled legal. Pelosi, Schumer, don’t like American Citizens. They always FAVOR ILLEGAL ALIENS?
09 Aug, 05:18 PM UTC
Steve Lopez
@MillerStream Defunding DACA is not a smart choice for America. Also, DACA recipient did not choice to come here, they were brought by their parents, just like the black slaves came to America against their will. So if I don’t belong here neither do you. https://t.co/uSVtlkeppM
09 Aug, 05:06 PM UTC
Shawn Hawkins
#Obama used Executive Orders to help #IllegalImmigrants & DACA, #Democrats & #media praised him! President @realDonaldTrump uses Executive Orders to help #America & #Americans, #Dems & #mediascum vilify him! Let that sink in! #LiberalHypocrisy #LiberalPrivilege #MAGA #KAG
09 Aug, 12:34 PM UTC
Undocu Jacks👽
Why tf is DACA trending??? bro let me live
09 Aug, 05:13 PM UTC
Reyna Montoya
It is cruel, inaccurate, and cynical to use the economic pain of a health pandemic to go after #DACA recipients like me to justify @realDonaldTrump actions. The inability to compromise, the consistent blame game & lack of action from Congress has gotten us here.
09 Aug, 04:53 PM UTC
Since DACA is trending, here are some friendly messaging reminders to help you be a good ally: 🚫 Stop focusing on TAXES 🚫Stop saying “they came here as kids through no fault of their own” 🚫Stop saying “they’re not criminals”
09 Aug, 05:25 PM UTC
Junson Chan 🇺🇸
Trump checkmated everyone with his latest Executive Orders. On top of that, look at all the pieces of Seditious trash attacking relief for Americans. #daca #scotus
09 Aug, 01:17 PM UTC
@RonBrownstein Your boy @BarackObama did same thing w DACA/Obamacare taxes. Save us your phony outrage. Trump did what SCOTUS or at least Roberts said was perfectly fine. In other words, Trump played you again. Now you have to defend lawsuits which would prevent aid to Americans. Enjoy!
09 Aug, 06:30 PM UTC
@1stWorldParent @MillerStream The only truth hater I’m seeing here is you 😂😂 DACA kids do NOT get a free ride and are the hardest working people I’ve ever met. They don’t mooch off the government but in fact contribute to YOUR SS with taxes without ever being able to benefit from it.
09 Aug, 06:30 PM UTC
@aceaceebaby THAT MF PART 👏🏽👏🏽 they feel entitled to just have everything without working hard for it & when someone with DACA “steals” their opportunity, they feel snubbed🙄 like stfuuu and get off your high horse
09 Aug, 06:30 PM UTC

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