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Toxic right-wing website The Daily Wire is manipulating Facebook to reach millions of people ahead of the 2020 election — and Facebook is letting them get away with it. @JuddLegum explains: @nowthisnews's photo on Daily Wire
02 Dec, 08:03 PM UTC
The Daily Wire
Daily Wire 2 loves a good sportsball match https://t.co/jvSIimny6u
02 Dec, 07:42 PM UTC
Stephen Miller
Picture this pip just sitting there all day reporting Daily Wire stories he sees on Facebook, chugging his Malk and getting amped every time he hits send.
02 Dec, 08:29 PM UTC
Sleeping Giants
This guy works at The Daily Wire, which complains that they’re being victimized by social networks on like every other show. https://t.co/b4YX7T4Qt6
02 Dec, 11:00 PM UTC
Jason Campbell
Daily Wire host argues it's better if businesses are allowed to discriminate against people on the basis of race: "Wouldn't you prefer if they just announced it and made that clear so you could stop supporting them?" https://t.co/ewe8DRRqtJ
02 Dec, 10:49 PM UTC
Jason Campbell
Daily Wire host: "If the Native Americans had had as rich a culture, why didn't they build ships that would take them to Europe?" https://t.co/z2tWb9kMGu
02 Dec, 11:43 PM UTC
Don't Walk, RUN! Productions
"...I've uncovered evidence that at least two of the pages are owned by the Daily Wire." Yet neglects to show what that "uncovered evidence" is. Probably because it doesn't exist. Great job, @JuddLegum. https://t.co/YTtnxm10F8
02 Dec, 10:49 PM UTC
Rep. Steven Smith 🇺🇸
The most amazing thing about these kinds of complaints is that they're never made about outright FAKE "journalism" spewed out by DNC talking point amplifiers MSNBC and CNN. I don't like censorship, but the Daily Wire is Walter Cronkite compared to those losers. https://t.co/P6YcKvopoM
02 Dec, 11:41 PM UTC
Emilio Doménech
Si le das un micrófono el suficiente tiempo a cualquiera de los secuaces de Ben Shapiro en The Daily Wire, siempre acaban demostrando lo profundamente infames que son. Es una cosa tremenda. https://t.co/luhIdajKFx
03 Dec, 12:02 AM UTC
Bradley Wilkinson
@JeremyDBoreing How dare you support your websites marketing needs! Lol they are so mad that y'all are out producing them. Maybe they should stop spewing propaganda and try actual news . At least the daily wire doesn't lie about its political leanings. MSM pretends to be objective. What a joke.
03 Dec, 12:14 AM UTC
Ryan St.Onge
@JasonSCampbell And then people wonder why nobody takes The Daily Wire seriously.
03 Dec, 12:14 AM UTC
@nowthisnews @JuddLegum How does Daily Wire do it? They make better arguments libtards!
03 Dec, 12:12 AM UTC
Lover of Laws
The reason the daily wire is shared more often than MSM is because it post factual stories and the MSM is #FakeNews https://t.co/iBQyCBqgk7
03 Dec, 12:12 AM UTC
Hog Dog
Pope Francis: Christianity And Islam The Same | The Daily Wire https://t.co/wzbEJyQE8U
03 Dec, 12:11 AM UTC
Chris Barton
@JasonSCampbell Imagine being both a historical illiterate and a terrible human being. Or you could just be a Daily Wire host and not have to imagine.
03 Dec, 12:11 AM UTC
@Kris_Sacrebleu The Daily Wire is about as alt-right as Ted Cruz. Stop watching NowThis.
03 Dec, 12:10 AM UTC
@nowthisnews @JuddLegum “Toxic”, the most overused word of 2019. The reason why The Daily Wire is so popular is because it’s more reliable then CNN, ABC and NPR. They’ve earned people’s trust.
03 Dec, 12:07 AM UTC
America First News
The Daily Wire: BREAKING: Trump Admin Threatens France With Massive Tariffs Over Digital Tax https://t.co/42UNJpeq4A
03 Dec, 12:06 AM UTC
The Re-Educated Alien
@RobProvince Makes me want to go post some Daily Wire content.
03 Dec, 12:05 AM UTC
Shaughan T
@nowthisnews @JuddLegum You're saying that people are stupid and fall for "The Daily Wire". But if you reason using Occams Razor, the obvious answer is that the MSM message is unwanted, and viewers (being smart) look elsewhere. It's just a more likely answer.
03 Dec, 12:05 AM UTC

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