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Adam Schefter
Vikings’ RB Dalvin Cook has been declared out for the rest of the game with a shoulder injury.
15 Dec, 10:56 PM UTC
Vikings RB Dalvin Cook ruled out with shoulder injury. @NFL's photo on Dalvin Cook
15 Dec, 11:02 PM UTC
Filling in for Dalvin Cook, Mike Boone scores his second TD! #SKOL 📺: #MINvsLAC on CBS 📱: NFL app // Yahoo Sports app Watch free on mobile: https://t.co/ALWDCpltog @NFL's photo on Dalvin Cook
15 Dec, 11:40 PM UTC
Alvin Burk
Fantasy football semifinals and your RBs are Dalvin Cook and Melvin Gordon. https://t.co/jtngDBuBN6
15 Dec, 10:54 PM UTC
TJ Perry
I REALLY hope Dalvin Cook is just messing around and not concussed lmao https://t.co/8fT8GrV8XO
15 Dec, 09:45 PM UTC
Brennan Cassidy
Dalvin Cook and Chris Godwin injuries right before fantasy championship weekend? https://t.co/pFvyWzpoqL
15 Dec, 11:00 PM UTC
Optimistic Vikings fan
Hear me out. Yes, all of Dalvin Cook, Alexander Mattison and Mike Boone are good, but I think all of their successes says more about the zone blocking scheme up front
15 Dec, 11:47 PM UTC
Yea Dalvin Cook definitely on some CTE bullshit https://t.co/sP4yn5CPVg
15 Dec, 11:25 PM UTC
Shed Sports
Phone call for Dalvin Cook https://t.co/unBpzMHe8h
16 Dec, 12:54 AM UTC
Courtney Cronin
Mike Zimmer was asked whether the injury Dalvin Cook sustained to his shoulder is the same as the one that has been lingering since the Broncos game. "No, it's not." On whether he knows Cook's timeline for recovery. "No, I don't."
16 Dec, 01:20 AM UTC
No word on severity of Dalvin Cook's injury https://t.co/IbyKN2mUDx
16 Dec, 12:55 AM UTC
Dan Kelley
I was in the semifinals for both of my fantasy football leagues this week. The only way I go 0-2 is if Miles Sanders outscores Derrick Henry, Leonard Fournette and Dalvin Cook each by 30+ points. Eliminated in both leagues. #FantasyFootballPlayoffs #FantasyFootball 😢 https://t.co/hpvB8TqZci
16 Dec, 12:14 AM UTC
Twitter Moments
No Alexander Mattison, no Dalvin Cook, no problems for the @Vikings as Mike Boon scores two touchdowns in the victory over @Chargers. https://t.co/06mNVuz7Iq
16 Dec, 12:34 AM UTC
Somebody get this man in concussion protocol... WTF? https://t.co/zGEK5DS0NN
15 Dec, 10:11 PM UTC
Pioneer Press
Vikings fans invade Chargers’ stadium, but Dalvin Cook hurt in 39-10 win https://t.co/5mN7wn129k @PioneerPress's photo on Dalvin Cook
16 Dec, 12:28 AM UTC
Timothy Pontzer
Major thanks to Chris Godwin's hamstring, Dalvin Cook's shoulder and Amari Cooper's disappearing act for ending my fantasy football season. https://t.co/L2XR5XLNAW
16 Dec, 01:02 AM UTC
NFL Draft Diamonds
Georgia RB and Brother of Dalvin Cook, James Cook, Arrested on Alcohol Charge https://t.co/azCyXbN5GJ https://t.co/1SwLZ83RA8
16 Dec, 12:52 AM UTC
#NFLxESPN 🏈 ¡No terminó el partido! 🚨😱 https://t.co/M5jKXRh78g
16 Dec, 01:04 AM UTC
Dalvin Cook went down To the Championship I go
15 Dec, 11:06 PM UTC
Jim Misstishin
I would like to retract my last tweet. Dalvin Cook is the man. I pray for nothing but full recovery for next week. Thank you and god bless Dalvin.
16 Dec, 01:04 AM UTC
Brett Hoffland
Vikings win in dominating fashion! Their record is now 10-4 on the season. But how bad is Dalvin Cook's injury? The @KSTPSports crew breaks down the game tonight at 10 on @KSTP @BrettHoffland's photo on Dalvin Cook
16 Dec, 01:17 AM UTC
Jeff Wald
Story: The #Vikings forced 7 turnovers and scored 30 unanswered points in a 39-10 win over the #Chargers on Sunday. They inched closer to the NFC Playoffs in the process, but lost Dalvin Cook to a 3rd quarter shoulder injury. @FOX9 | https://t.co/9b9esFlUCU
16 Dec, 12:48 AM UTC
My #NFLFantasy playoff could’ve been done tonight as well, Dalvin Cook’s injury & benching Julio over Robert Woods could be costly. A player each to go, Michael Thomas vs Drew Brees. 12 pts up, let’s hope they cancel each other out...
16 Dec, 12:51 AM UTC
These are the types of L’s that will make you get some liq and start eating meat again. Just eating some Tilapia, drinking Moscato, sitting in the crib wondering where it all went wrong? Why Dalvin Cook get hurt? Why Philip Rivers can’t hold onto the ball? Why Drake have 4 TDS?
16 Dec, 01:19 AM UTC
@Holdenradio @4for4football Emmanuel Sanders, Hunter Henry, Dalvin Cook, Robert Woods.... never even had a prayer
16 Dec, 01:12 AM UTC
diane lee
@AGofTheWorld My husband was counting on big point totals from Dalvin Cook & Julian Edelman. Combined, they had 8 pts 🤦‍♀️
16 Dec, 01:10 AM UTC
Tyler T.
Y’all out here worried about your fantasy impact from Dalvin Cook- I’m worried about my real team in real life. Be smart Vikes.
16 Dec, 01:10 AM UTC
Dalvin Cook would get hurt when I’m one round away from copping first place that was my MAIN MAN
16 Dec, 01:05 AM UTC
The Bemidji Pioneer
Vikings rout Chargers 39-10 but lose Dalvin Cook to shoulder injury https://t.co/eXhCU00R7W https://t.co/vKrlkvPR92
16 Dec, 12:56 AM UTC
@PackersNotes Vikings are going to be a hard task next, week doesn't look like the dalvin cook will play which should help, Green Bay has to play their best ball of the year next week, wide receivers can not drop passes and the cornerbacks and defensive backs Cannot drop interceptions
16 Dec, 12:54 AM UTC

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