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Eric Hubbs
Aaaaaaannd Dan Clark deactivated his Twitter account.
11 Jan, 07:41 PM UTC
Dan Clark has deactivated his twitter. Marc's photo on Dan Clark
11 Jan, 08:28 PM UTC
Max Wildstein
Dan Clark deactivated his account.
11 Jan, 07:37 PM UTC
Evan Daniel
Dan Clark checking those DM’s. Evan Daniel's photo on Dan Clark
11 Jan, 06:21 PM UTC
Max Wildstein
Wonder what Dan Clark is up to, haha. Wouldn’t know since he blocked me, after I called him out for being a liar.
11 Jan, 06:34 PM UTC
DAN CLARK WAS WRONG. 🔥👕 available only at: https://t.co/DGxyfif2Uz RotoWear's photo on Dan Clark
11 Jan, 07:44 PM UTC
11 Jan, 07:39 PM UTC
Max Wildstein
can't hate dan clark for this Max Wildstein's photo on Dan Clark
11 Jan, 10:38 PM UTC
When all of sports twitter comes together regardless of team or location to celebrate one thing.. The deactivation of Dan Clark’s Twitter account. Shelfy's photo on Dan Clark
11 Jan, 09:00 PM UTC
Michael Telford (Chibs) 🇮🇪
EDC is the GM of the #Ravens.. Marty demoted.. Dan Clark deactivated.. today was a good day. https://t.co/lIqRiScHws
11 Jan, 07:41 PM UTC
Michael Telford (Chibs) 🇮🇪
A lot of happy #Ravens and #Orioles fans on Twitter today. Marty Mornhinweg and Dan Clark both gone, plus it's the weekend? Don't drink and drive while you're celebrating, boys and girls.
11 Jan, 09:06 PM UTC
Boom Boom Mancini
Now that Dan Clark is officially gone, and there’s a new regime... is it time.... to make Orioles Twitter.... lit again?
11 Jan, 09:04 PM UTC
Andújar 1B - Machado 3B
Yankees fans when Dan Clark reactivates his Twitter Andújar 1B - Machado 3B's photo on Dan Clark
11 Jan, 08:30 PM UTC
Mark Weathers
Dan clark deactivated Mark Weathers's photo on Dan Clark
11 Jan, 09:33 PM UTC
Brian Pinter
Source: Dan Clark to apologize. #DanClarkChallenge https://t.co/pNVJi88XPi
11 Jan, 10:46 PM UTC
Joe #GrohGottaGo (10-7 PLAYOFFS!)
11 Jan, 08:28 PM UTC
Michael Huntley
Manny Machado's parting gift to Orioles fans was him showing the world that Dan Clark is a fraud. Thanks Manny. We love you. #Orioles #Yankees #DanClarkchallenge
11 Jan, 10:15 PM UTC
predatory WASP
Dan Clark? wrong!? I can't believe it!
11 Jan, 10:52 PM UTC
Dan Clark deleted his account 🤣😂🤣
11 Jan, 11:19 PM UTC
Happy Friday #RavensFlock AND #OriolesFlock! @rarbrew in hand and I want to hear your best Dan Clark stories. Aaaaaand GO!!!
11 Jan, 10:57 PM UTC
Team #KeepItClean®
Am I the only #Ravens fan who doesn’t know who Dan Clark is? Team #KeepItClean®'s photo on Dan Clark
11 Jan, 11:46 PM UTC
Mets Daddy
Did Dan Clark delete his Twitter account too soon? https://t.co/TgTz4kOrPF
11 Jan, 11:44 PM UTC
Matt O'Brien
Dan Clark right now Matt O'Brien's photo on Dan Clark
11 Jan, 11:36 PM UTC
O’s are involved, sources tell Dan Clark https://t.co/877c7nU0Pl
11 Jan, 11:31 PM UTC
If you took Dan Clark seriously, you’re a bozo. Guy also say Machado could be as beloved in New York as Jeter. Instantly lost all credibility with me.
11 Jan, 10:57 PM UTC
Dan Healey
Wish I was in Toronto to see this. Brown corduroy and PierreTrudeau impersonations. Altho looks like Flora McDonald steals the show! 🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦 Michael Healey scores again with 1979, his take on Joe Clark's political failures https://t.co/Gm65VTmRvz
11 Jan, 10:52 PM UTC
@HammyHendricks @DanClarkSports Sorry about the fuck off,but don't compare me to dan clark.
11 Jan, 10:49 PM UTC
@KimSchuss quick question: was the exchange you had with Dan Clark where he said he works in government and isn't a journalist recent? Discussing with someone and just want to get facts straight.
11 Jan, 11:45 PM UTC
نيت دوج
Remember Dan Clark who kept telling us that Manny was 100% signing with the Yanks? Lol نيت دوج's photo on Dan Clark
11 Jan, 11:45 PM UTC
Pete Gorman
Dan Clark was so sure his Source on machado was right he bet his twitter account on it and has now said his source was wrong and had to deactivate his account. So where is Machado going ?
11 Jan, 11:42 PM UTC
Robert Schmitz
@SimpleManRadio @DanClarkSports Dan Clark ruined Dan Clark’s career. I’ve never been lucky enough to have a source, but I’d imagine people get things like he did wrong all the time. It’s the nose-thumbing he did that ruined things.
11 Jan, 11:36 PM UTC
What does Dan Clark’s source say?
11 Jan, 11:36 PM UTC
Dan Clark Know the hourly TOP trends. Visit https://t.co/pTJvGy5eB6 for more images TrendsinUSA's photo on Dan Clark
11 Jan, 11:35 PM UTC
Mike LaValva
@JonHeyman You know as much as Dan Clark, which means you don’t know shit.
11 Jan, 11:34 PM UTC
Ravens Rob
@will61375 A joke at Dan Clark’s expense lol
11 Jan, 11:33 PM UTC
ashley van blargan.
guuuuys, Dan Clark is trending... ashley van blargan.'s photo on Dan Clark
11 Jan, 11:28 PM UTC
Jorge 🗿
Dude is Dan Clark really trending nationally? 😂🤭
11 Jan, 11:28 PM UTC
Jake (27-15) Get Bryce Harper @phillies
@luiswhoelse How’s your main source dan Clark doing
11 Jan, 11:27 PM UTC
@GiraffeNeckMarc You have won the Internet today Fuck Dan Clark lmao
11 Jan, 11:19 PM UTC
@Jeff_Ermann Chill Dan Clark, how about you give some credit... @BarstoolBanks Jamie's photo on Dan Clark
11 Jan, 11:11 PM UTC
@ChiSoxFanMike Serious question: who is Dan Clark?
11 Jan, 11:11 PM UTC
Squints Palledorous
@DanJFederico That's what Manny was waiting on. To troll Dan Clark lol
11 Jan, 11:04 PM UTC
Hey @TheHealy6 might wanna take down the video of Machado going to the Yankees Dan Clark was wrong
11 Jan, 11:00 PM UTC
Sports Antagonist/Card Economist (Ben)
I don't know who Dan Clark is, but the fact that he said some dumb shit about Machado and had to delete his Twitter over it, is pretty damn funny
11 Jan, 10:50 PM UTC
TJ Mcconnells Goat
@Slotzville @OldTakesExposed btw dan clark back to goat status. donated $150 to american cancer society because he was wrong. who else would do that?
11 Jan, 10:50 PM UTC
No need to delete your account Dan Clark! I wouldn’t count Manny off the table for the Yankees yet. Let it play out then do your thing. This is Twitter world not ESPN. If I had any solid sources I would be talking the same smack, LOL.
11 Jan, 10:49 PM UTC

See top twitter trends from United States.

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