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Susan Miller Degnan
BREAKING: Miami Herald has confirmed through a source that Alabama quarterbacks coach Dan Enos will become the new University of Miami offensive coordinator.
11 Jan, 04:48 PM UTC
Barry Jackson
...Dan Enos also had offer from Georgia. He really likes Manny Diaz and his plans here. So UM wins out for Enos
11 Jan, 04:51 PM UTC
Bruce Feldman
SOURCE: #Alabama QB coach Dan Enos, who was in line to become the Tide new OC) is expected to become the new #Miami offensive coordinator. The hire was 1st reported by Pete Thamel.
11 Jan, 04:51 PM UTC
Pete Thamel
Source: Dan Enos is the new offensive coordinator at Miami.
11 Jan, 04:45 PM UTC
Josh White
BREAKING: Former Alabama OC/QB coach Dan Enos is Miami's new offensive coordinator, according to multiple reports.
11 Jan, 04:46 PM UTC
Jarrett Payton
Dan Enos is the new offensive coordinator for our #Canes...I see you making moves @Coach_MannyDiaz! Let’s go! 🙌🏽
11 Jan, 05:25 PM UTC
Saban: “Dan, I want make you our OC” Enos: 👀👀👀👀👀's photo on Dan Enos
11 Jan, 05:10 PM UTC
Case of Little Debbies Haver Bananas
Did… Did… Surely not… Did Nick Saban send Jalen Hurts and Dan Enos to Miami to give Clemson something to prepare for DURING the season?
11 Jan, 05:15 PM UTC
Trent Smallwood
I love this time of year: Georgia offers Dan Enos the OC position = False Georgia offers Eddie Gran the OC position = False James Coley was the man from the jump...... #rumorseason
11 Jan, 07:21 PM UTC
Joseph Goodman
So, Dan Enos to Miami. Jalen Hurts probably goes with him. Enos transformed Hurts' game this season, and another year with the coach would only make sense.
11 Jan, 04:49 PM UTC
Confirmed and announced by UM Athletics: Dan Enos hired as #Canes OC/QB coach. https://t.co/99oMdPCBld
11 Jan, 05:08 PM UTC
Orange Bowl Boys 🎧
Dan Enos is Official. The QB coach and newly appointed OC at Alabama has accepted the Miami OC Position over Alabama and Georgia. Gotta give Manny credit. He sat at the big boy table and put in his chips!!
11 Jan, 05:03 PM UTC
Clay Ferraro
For those who haven’t read the story, Dan Enos was a major reason why Jalen Hurts stayed at Alabama even after Tua won the starting job https://t.co/8Y0dSjCjWv
11 Jan, 06:37 PM UTC
Welcome to The U, Dan Enos! GO ‘CANES!'s photo on Dan Enos
11 Jan, 04:46 PM UTC
Kyle Henderson
Assistant coaches that Alabama has lost following the 2018 season - Mike Locksley, former OC to Maryland Head Coach - Brent Key, former OL coach to Georgia Tech associate head coach - Josh Gattis, former WR coach to Michigan OC - Dan Enos, former QB Caoch, to Miami OC
11 Jan, 05:05 PM UTC
Bruce Feldman
SOURCE: Tampa Bay Bucs assistant OC coach Butch Barry is expected to become the new O-line coach at #Miami. He will assist #Canes new OC Dan Enos, trying to get the UM offense cranked back up again. Barry spent 5 years at Central Michigan & worked for Enos there. https://t.co/3tozXY13nE
11 Jan, 09:31 PM UTC
Matt Hayes
That’s now five #RollTide assistants out the door: Dan Enos to Miami Mike Locksley to Maryland Josh Gattis to Michigan Brent Key to Georgia Tech Kyle Pope to Liberty
11 Jan, 04:54 PM UTC
Will Manso
So Manny Diaz indeed hits his HR hire for offensive coordinator. He said he wanted to take time to find the right person. Taking Dan Enos away from Nick Saban and Alabama staff seems like good fit.
11 Jan, 04:58 PM UTC
Jon Reed
“This is just not true. Georgia did not get turned down for Dan Enos. Don’t you think they would’ve gotten him if the wanted him?” https://t.co/LSnHiyNeaf
11 Jan, 05:21 PM UTC
Andrew Ivins
VIP: You can mark 2020 QB Carson Beck down as a recruit that's a fan of the Dan Enos hire. Florida's Mr. Football talks both Miami and Alabama with @JohnGarcia_Jr. https://t.co/NxMXoDNW9N Andrew Ivins's photo on Dan Enos
11 Jan, 08:17 PM UTC
Christy Chirinos
Diaz also notes that Enos turned down jobs at SEC schools to come to Miami. "I'm sure Dan is excited to see what we have in the locker room..."
11 Jan, 07:03 PM UTC
Brooks Carter
Nick Saban has now lost 9 coaches off his staff in 13 months - Jeremy Pruitt ➡️ Vols - Brian Daboll ➡️ Bills - Karl Dunbar ➡️ Steelers - Derrick Ansley ➡️ Raiders - Burton Burns (retired) - Mike Locksley ➡️ Maryland - Dan Enos ➡️ Miami - Josh Gattis ➡️ Michigan - Brent Key ➡️ GT
11 Jan, 06:52 PM UTC
from jon richt to dan enos. my lord what an upgrade.
11 Jan, 05:27 PM UTC
Christy Chirinos
Manny Diaz on Dan Enos: "When word got to me he was interested in our jobs, I was floored ... It was quite humbling."
11 Jan, 07:04 PM UTC
Josh White
Earlier today on a call with beat writers, Manny Diaz said he would announce members of the offensive staff in the coming days. Butch Barry is expected to be Miami's OL coach. Barry has spent the last four years with the Bucs after working under Dan Enos at Central Michigan. https://t.co/PZwjQmK2Ab
11 Jan, 09:38 PM UTC
Tim Reynolds
I don't know what Dan Enos is making at Miami. But Arkansas is still paying him. That will help. Enos had a sweetheart deal at Alabama, and my guess - a guess only - is the same will be the case in 2019 at Miami. If so, Manny Diaz's home-run hire became a grand-slam hire.
11 Jan, 09:47 PM UTC
Christy Chirinos
Hurricanes coach Manny Diaz today spoke about the hiring of Dan Enos, what he wants to see from UM's offense moving forward, QBs, grad transfers and a whole lot more. In his own words, what today -- and the entire week, really -- have been like for him: https://t.co/7pzqvaIig4
11 Jan, 09:04 PM UTC
Susan Miller Degnan
Manny Diaz gets his No. 1 offensive coordinator choice: Dan Enos -- the man Nick Saban reportedly was about to promote to OC. Full story updated, with quotes. https://t.co/QwYfyBCvy2 @HeraldSports https://t.co/CCjPqUNLU6
11 Jan, 09:23 PM UTC
Sleeper Athletes
All #Miami #Hurricanes fans after the hiring of #Alabama #CrimsonTide’s QB Coach Dan Enos Sleeper Athletes's photo on Dan Enos
11 Jan, 05:57 PM UTC
Ben Jones
Jalen Hurts and his family have been very quiet about where he might go, and he'll have tons of offers. So this my speculation, and not based on anonymous information. But Miami, with Dan Enos, is probably a strong contender. Ben Jones's photo on Dan Enos
11 Jan, 05:50 PM UTC
Barry Jackson
From SMD and me: The details on Dan Enos' hiring as UM offensive coordinator and Manny Diaz comments. Will Jalen Hurts follow? https://t.co/Qxdse4G5no
11 Jan, 09:32 PM UTC
David Furones
Does Miami hiring Dan Enos from Bama as OC mean Jalen Hurts follows? UM fans: David Furones's photo on Dan Enos
11 Jan, 09:32 PM UTC
Charlie Potter
Dan Enos leaving #Alabama for OC job with Miami, per reports https://t.co/tVTEXu4wMo Charlie Potter's photo on Dan Enos
11 Jan, 04:58 PM UTC
Portal Gang 💫
It was disrespectful of Enos to put 58 points on a Dan Mullen ball club. Foreshadowing? Portal Gang 💫's photo on Dan Enos
11 Jan, 09:30 PM UTC
SI College Football
It's been a busy, fascinating few days on the coaching carousel https://t.co/qrobVEIwud
11 Jan, 09:51 PM UTC
Lots of news coming out of Tuscaloosa today, @Rivals_Kyle on what could be going on with Saban's staff and some names to watch after Dan Enos departed the program today... Watch more on Alabama's recent coaching changes: https://t.co/Sx3OJG9WgW BamaInsider.com's photo on Dan Enos
11 Jan, 09:35 PM UTC
Bo Mattingly
Hurt on where Jalen Hurts might transfer: Miami would certainly be a possibility with Dan Enos there now. Maryland with Locksley, too. Oklahoma could fit unless they’ve promised Spencer Rattler he’s going to start right away.
11 Jan, 09:47 PM UTC
Sun Sentinel Sports
#UM coach Manny Diaz talks Dan Enos, quarterbacks, offensive scheme and more #Hurricanes #Miami https://t.co/Af56GKQTmU Sun Sentinel Sports's photo on Dan Enos
11 Jan, 09:54 PM UTC
Joseph M. Dew
@jkittkat Dan Enos bailed out because he can't measure up so let him go and get cottled by da Miami's next head coach. See ya muthufuckaaah !
11 Jan, 09:57 PM UTC
🏌🏾‍♂️Dan Spiegel Sports 🥅
Quick thought about the new offensive coordinator at #TheU, Dan Enos... 🙌🔥 #Miami #Hurricanes @CanesFootball 🏌🏾‍♂️Dan Spiegel Sports 🥅's photo on Dan Enos
11 Jan, 09:56 PM UTC
Tridentine Nole ✝️
@goatag7 @hish1520 He was named OC. Not just “expected.”https://t.co/mlrwZMVIOf
11 Jan, 10:01 PM UTC
UGA United
@dhunter68 @ej_marshall91 Kirby wanted Dan Enos who was his first choice but settled with Chaney when Arkansas blocked Kirby from hiring Enos.
11 Jan, 09:57 PM UTC
Miami Informer
Miami hires Alabama’s Dan Enos as offensive coordinator – Yahoo Sports https://t.co/SQCk54aecw Miami Informer's photo on Dan Enos
11 Jan, 09:51 PM UTC
Abby Platt
I love the hire of Dan Enos for many many reasons. Only one of which is hurting Nick Saban and Alabama.
11 Jan, 09:51 PM UTC
WHNT Sports
Miami hires Alabama's Dan Enos as offensive coordinator https://t.co/PTP7nUrrK2
11 Jan, 09:45 PM UTC

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