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Chris Jericho referencing his real-life backstage fights with Brock Lesnar and Goldberg was fucking brilliant. I was wondering who was gonna finally step up to Dan Lambert and Jericho was really the perfect choice. 😂 #AEWDynamite https://t.co/dWjs99rdcI
16 Sep, 01:05 AM UTC
Marc Raimondi
Here’s the American Top Team crew heading to #AEWDynamite tonight. Kayla Harrison, Paige VanZant, Junior dos Santos, Austin Vanderford, Andrei Arlovski and, of course, Dan Lambert en row. UFC, PFL, Bellator and BKFC all represented in this photo. Wow @marc_raimondi's photo on Dan Lambert
15 Sep, 09:37 PM UTC
B/R Wrestling
Kayla Harrison, Paige VanZant and other MMA fighters joined Dan Lambert in the ring (via @AEW) @BRWrestling's photo on Dan Lambert
16 Sep, 01:07 AM UTC
Fightful Wrestling
This Dan Lambert stuff is weird. #AEWDynamite
16 Sep, 12:57 AM UTC
John Pollock
"Dan Lambert is like Bobby Heenan if he had a wardrobe full of Affliction" - CM Punk
16 Sep, 01:02 AM UTC
Aaron Rift of NoDQ.com 🌎
I've seen some polarizing opinions about Dan Lambert's segment with Chris Jericho. Thumbs up or down? https://t.co/YENoK7Yb1b #AEW #AEWDynamite
16 Sep, 01:14 AM UTC
Jude Kilgour
DAN LAMBERT CUTS OFF 'JUDAS' AND HAS MAJOR HEAT WITH @Mei_gtmv!!!😆 #AEWDynamite #ChocoPro #gtmv https://t.co/hWyehA7N6r
16 Sep, 01:09 AM UTC
Garrett Kidney
"Dan Lambert is like if Bobby "The Brain" Heenan had a wardrobe full of Affliction." was a great line from Punk.
16 Sep, 12:59 AM UTC
Dan Lambert has brought out the big guns tonight! @AndreiArlovski @paigevanzant @junior_cigano and other members of #ATT. @IAmJericho and @RealJakeHager have a problem with the #MMA camp! #AEWDynamite [ #AEWPLUS | https://t.co/XV1yYpypV8 ] *select INTL markets* @FiteTV's photo on Dan Lambert
16 Sep, 01:01 AM UTC
Brad Legere
My screen melted after that verbal war between Dan Lambert and @IAmJericho. That was so great! 🔥 🔥 🔥 @AEW @AEWonTNT #AEWDynamite
16 Sep, 01:04 AM UTC
Me when Dan Lambert takes up 10-15 minutes every week with his redundant promos when we could be getting more time for the Women instead https://t.co/W7wRtZlU2S
16 Sep, 01:04 AM UTC
80s Wrestling Twitter listening to Dan Lambert: #AEWDynamite https://t.co/7A2FjHaGmF
16 Sep, 12:58 AM UTC
Marc Raimondi
Chris Jericho facing off with Dan Lambert was not on my 2021 bingo card. But here we are. #AEWDynamite
16 Sep, 01:00 AM UTC
👑Adam Goldberg 
Dan lambert is so fucking annoying #AEWDynamite
16 Sep, 12:59 AM UTC
The whole point of the Dan Lambert schtick, and it's really cheap and one-dimensional, is that he's the retrograde arsehole. Then Jericho comes out with that. Fuck's sake
16 Sep, 04:01 AM UTC
Chick Magnet Aimée ⚡️
16 Sep, 01:03 AM UTC
Hollywood Hangman Adam Pearce (Parody)
I will say Dan Lambert is funny and really fun to shit on when you're there live. I dont hate his shtick, my stance has always just been that it needs to have a purpose/direction, not rants for the sake of rants. Idk if the men of the year really fit but the segment worked live.
16 Sep, 05:14 AM UTC
Dan Lambert is cutting a promo where he insinuates male wrestling fans aren't largely fat. This man is a true pioneer on the stick. He has zagged on us in a shocking manner.
16 Sep, 04:57 AM UTC
Doug Rush 
Chris Jericho taking jabs at Brock Lesnar and Goldberg tonight on AEW Dynamite in his promo with Dan Lambert. #AEWDynamite https://t.co/wfvfhxrI71
16 Sep, 02:36 AM UTC
Austin, the Louisville Struggler
@TheRealDisco The show has actually been really good tonight. Dan Lambert has been the star of the night so far.
16 Sep, 01:45 AM UTC
🪐💜🐙 | 엑소
“I’m a fat faced dipshit yeah yeah yeah” Chris Jericho making fun of Dan Lambert is freaking hilarious LMAOOO
16 Sep, 01:00 AM UTC
Callum Yates
@MSidgwick I love AEW it’s ignited a proper wrestling passion again but as a gay man and with the amount of inclusivity on that roster, this Dan lambert/Jericho shit is so 20 years ago it’s unreal. I expect better from the company (this is about what I expect from Jericho though)
16 Sep, 04:06 AM UTC
Wrestling Phan
Dan Lambert has become one of my favorite parts of #AEWDynamite each week. Idk how I feel about this I’m having an internal conflict about it
16 Sep, 03:59 AM UTC
Hollywood Holguin 
The Dan Lambert segments are technically working. He’s either annoying the hell out of most people. Or getting praised, for his random mic skills. Which I still don’t understand, how he’s actually decent at promos. Either way, It’s a win for a heel “manager”. #AEWDynamite
16 Sep, 05:58 AM UTC
Dan Lambert is a mark for the wrestling business. 😂😂😂😂 #aewrampage
16 Sep, 04:58 AM UTC
Jericho/Hager vs the Men of the Year next week. Guess we see some of the endgame with Dan Lambert arriving #AEWDynamite
16 Sep, 04:38 AM UTC
When you already have @The_MJF do you really need Dan Lambert? #AEWDynamite
16 Sep, 04:34 AM UTC
Dan Lambert getting ready to bust a vessel over Jersey singing Judas.. #AEWDynamite
16 Sep, 04:33 AM UTC
🐺Canis Ovium🐺
So in one segment on #AEWDynamite I heard Shit, Fuck, and Pussy hahaha. Ain’t no PG bullshit going on in this company haha. Also, it was Dan Lambert and American Top Team involved so what do ya expect haha.
16 Sep, 04:09 AM UTC