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Michael David Smith
For years, Native Americans asked Dan Snyder to change his team's name and he said it would NEVER happen. (And he put NEVER in all caps.) Nike and FedEx asked him to change the name and less than 24 hours later he all but confirmed he's going to do it.
03 Jul, 03:20 PM UTC
Dan Snyder, when reporters call asking about a name change @NOTSportsCenter's photo on Dan Snyder
03 Jul, 01:11 PM UTC
Nike removed ALL Washington Redskins merch from its website because of the name. Dan Snyder now considering changing the team name. Big corporations can do more to change shit.
03 Jul, 04:23 PM UTC
Ian Rapoport
Potentially big news: The #Redskins have been having internal discussions about their team name and now will conduct a formal, thorough review. Full statement, including quotes from owner Dan Snyder, on a possible name change: @RapSheet's photo on Dan Snyder
03 Jul, 03:00 PM UTC
Sox 🌹🌻
If Washington owner Dan Snyder ever gets his head out of his ass, I hope they change the team name to Redtails. Redtails was the nickname coined for the Tuskegee Airmen, the first African-American military aviators in the United States Armed Forces. @CMBowersox's photo on Dan Snyder
02 Jul, 11:49 PM UTC
Terrika Foster-Brasby
Dan Snyder: Were not changing the name 🚫 Native Americans: but it’s offensive? 😢 Dan Snyder: so what, not changing the name 🙅🏼‍♂️ Nike: Welp, we’re not gonna sell your shit 🤷🏼 Dan Snyder: 😳😳... Team will undergo a “thorough review” of the name 😁 #NFL @SheKnowsSports_'s photo on Dan Snyder
03 Jul, 03:24 PM UTC
Emma Vigeland
No one give Dan Snyder an ounce of credit if he changes the name because the stadium’s corporate sponsor publicly pressured him and Nike pulled their gear. The man must be remembered as a craven racist who went out kicking and screaming... and sued a grandma over season tickets.
03 Jul, 04:10 AM UTC
Dave Zirin
Gaslighting alert: hoping that Dan Snyder and the sports media don’t pretend that Native Americans haven’t been calling for the name to change for at least over 50 years.
03 Jul, 05:26 PM UTC
Josiah Johnson
NFL: “Any other suggestions for the new Washington team name?” Dan Snyder: @KingJosiah54's photo on Dan Snyder
03 Jul, 04:13 PM UTC
stan verrett
If Dan Snyder were really bold, he’d sign Colin Kaepernick, have HIM announce the name change, and sit back at the news conference like “How ya like me now?”
03 Jul, 03:59 PM UTC
Stephen A Smith on first take today : “Dan Snyder will change the name and it will happen before the 2020 season. From a very reliable source”
03 Jul, 04:42 PM UTC
James J. Zogby
Hey, Dan Snyder: “Review? What the hell is there to review? It could be done in 4 seconds. Let’s see, ‘#WashingtonRedskins ’ - that’s racist. OK, next.” Just get rid of it. You’ve caused enough hurt w/ your stubbornness. https://t.co/Fr4cEDMieO
03 Jul, 04:17 PM UTC
Jason La Canfora
Impossible to read the statement by Dan Snyder and the football team he owns and not anticipate a name change. That seems inevitable now. Money talks; $700M and possible exclusion from a new DC Stadium location screams. Too much $ and pressure. Times, they are a changin'
03 Jul, 03:29 PM UTC
Dave Zirin
Gaslighting alert: hoping Dan Snyder and the sports media don’t erase Suzan Shown Harjo who has linked this issue with the plight in Indian Country for decades. If the name is changed, Harjo should flip the coin before the first game.
03 Jul, 05:31 PM UTC
Dave Zirin
Gaslighting alert: hoping Dan Snyder and the sports media don’t erase the tablings, the church panels, the small pickets that have fought to change the name for years.
03 Jul, 05:30 PM UTC
Larry O'Connor
How much money have @FedEx and @Nike donated to Native American tribes over the years while they got rich off of the @Redskins name? Dan Snyder has given tons. But, by all means, everybody dunk on the team and Snyder. Also... https://t.co/0K9MHWhCId
03 Jul, 04:36 PM UTC
Russ Bengtson
If Roger Goodell had any David Stern in him he would have Donald Sterlinged Dan Snyder by now.
03 Jul, 03:16 PM UTC
Never forget that Dan Snyder said “We’ll never change the name. It’s that simple. NEVER- you can use caps” after the decades of work & protests that Native people have done while enduring racist fans & death threats to change the name.
03 Jul, 06:26 PM UTC
Dan Snyder is just going to rename and rebrand the franchise as “the Cowboys” to get in on the merch sales
03 Jul, 08:59 PM UTC
John Feinstein
It's no surprise that only the threat of losing corporate dollars would move Dan Snyder to change the team's nickname. That said, the reason doesn't matter, the result does.
03 Jul, 08:44 PM UTC
Vincent Schilling
@TheBermyBie @Redskins @NFL Hey there Bill, Thanks for asking. I want to say I support your love of the game, the camaraderie, the wins, the losses, the team spirit. But if you can disconnect that from the name. Dan Snyder purchased the rights to the Warriors years ago and I worry they'll keep the image.
03 Jul, 03:20 PM UTC
Harold Stickeehans
If Dan Snyder wanted to stick it to the left, while giving them what they want, he should change the name to the Washington Liberty, make the colors red, white, and blue, and make the mascot the Gadsden rattler.
03 Jul, 08:53 PM UTC
Johnnie Jae aka The Brown Ball of Fury
Also address the myth that this is a "White Liberal" created controversy, something Dan Snyder and fans were pushing to erase and silence Native people. Fans still push this today. https://t.co/3XEP3Qvjhy
03 Jul, 08:21 PM UTC
Ol’ Sacret Rez Dog
Or even better, ask all the alumni who played for the Washington Redskins who the indigenous people were/are in which DC stole its land from?... ask Dan Snyder what he thinks about The Marshes Trilogy and Tribal Sovereignty...
03 Jul, 08:47 PM UTC
Atl Sports Guy
Wanna make change happen quickly? Threaten to keep money away from rich people. Dan Snyder had a change of heart because he saw his wallet losing weight.
03 Jul, 04:18 PM UTC
Money talks. Dan Snyder saw Fedex and Nike already taking action. He couldn’t afford that financial loss. He still don’t wanna change that name but he will to save his pockets. Look how fast it took
03 Jul, 04:34 PM UTC
ABC 7 News - WJLA
NEW: Former Washington Redskins corner Fred Smoot (@Fsmoot21SeanT) speaks with @ScottABC7 on his takeaway from the Redskins statement Friday. "I'm torn because I represented it for so long, but I also understand." Washington Redskins to review name: https://t.co/7ZvOjImxYh @ABC7News's photo on Dan Snyder
03 Jul, 08:58 PM UTC
Micah Kellner
@UncleDrew_20 It'll be interesting to hear the rationale for not changing it. Actually it'll be one sentence: Dan Snyder sucks.
03 Jul, 08:56 PM UTC
A name change seems to be coming soon for Washington. https://t.co/bV5rwQANpV
03 Jul, 09:00 PM UTC
Anti-Fascist Twittin Quarantino
@bachatero77 @katertots_ @mrsgeedeck Chainsaw Dan Snyder is the absolute worst team owner.
03 Jul, 08:58 PM UTC

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