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Manchester United
Almost a first #MUFC goal for @AWBissaka! Foster parried @Daniel_James_97's cross into the path of our right-back, who hit the side netting from an angle. Closest we've come 😬 #MUNWAT @ManUtd's photo on Daniel James
23 Feb, 02:20 PM UTC
Manchester United
A couple of good opportunities for #MUFC, but @Daniel_James_97 and @Fred08Oficial both fire wide. Five minutes to go until the interval. #MUNWAT @ManUtd's photo on Daniel James
23 Feb, 02:41 PM UTC
Samuel Luckhurst
Daniel James having his best game since the December derby. Kept going and played a key role in both goals. #mufc
23 Feb, 03:20 PM UTC
Daniel James lasting 90 minutes shows that white privilege in the UK is at painstakingly high levels
23 Feb, 03:39 PM UTC
SavUtd 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 🇾🇪
Screw it I’ll say it. Daniel James is playing well 👍🏼
23 Feb, 03:03 PM UTC
Daniel James is a one trick pony and he’s shit at that trick
23 Feb, 02:39 PM UTC
Los Tiempos
#LTahora #Cochabamba #Tiquipaya Vecinos y voluntarios trabajan, organizan y atienden en el centro de operaciones que se habilitó en Tiquipaya luego que mazamorra afectó a varias viviendas por el desborde del río Taquiña. 📹 Daniel James - LT https://t.co/G9onBJejqB
22 Feb, 04:48 PM UTC
Los Tiempos
#LTahora #Cochabamba Arduo rescate de mascotas en #Tiquipaya; piden ayuda https://t.co/qjWGdvfkin 📸 Daniel James https://t.co/ozPaDaX0bV
22 Feb, 11:35 PM UTC
Kam #8 🏁
United need Sancho so badly. Daniel James just doesn’t have anywhere near enough quality.
23 Feb, 03:25 PM UTC
Oscar. 🇾🇪
In my opinion, Daniel James has been one of our best performers today. #mufc
23 Feb, 03:27 PM UTC
Ole Says 🤡
@utdreport @masongreenwood Greenwood has more goals this season compared to. 1) Pepe 2) Martinelli 3) Lacazette 4) Firmino 5) Pulisic 6) Mahrez 7) Zaha 8) Traore 9) Jota 10) Deeney 11) Willian 12) Origi 13) Iheanacho That is generational talent...not some Brazilian Daniel James #MUFC #BRUNO #ManUnited
23 Feb, 04:18 PM UTC
United Blood (On Loan to Juventus)
Daniel James might genuinely be the worst player to ever play at Old Trafford
23 Feb, 02:02 PM UTC
What does Daniel James bring to the table? https://t.co/0amhzcGScv
23 Feb, 03:10 PM UTC
Abdel Rahman
Player that will go under appreciated in this game if he doesn’t score will be Daniel James. #MUFC #MUNWAT
23 Feb, 03:24 PM UTC
Daniel James is a fullback. Believe me
23 Feb, 03:32 PM UTC
Dominic Booth
A word on Daniel James: Endured his fair share of (warranted) criticism but battled hard today and kept running at Watford. Unlucky not to get a goal or assist, but showed Solskjaer's faith in him is justified. #mufc @DomBooth19's photo on Daniel James
23 Feb, 04:30 PM UTC
Liam Corless
Simply, Daniel James has been terrible for months #mufc
23 Feb, 03:10 PM UTC
asvel 👹
considerações: -Lindelof é muito instável -Martial merece o respeito da torcida -Melhor partida do Daniel James em tempos -Bruno Fernandes desequilibra e foi o craque do jogo -Bom ver McTominay voltando -Vitória pra lavar a alma e que deixa a gnt a 3 pontos do 4° lugar https://t.co/SJ35tX8oCS
23 Feb, 04:09 PM UTC
Bruno Fernandez X Pogba X a competent DM Get a new Rw, a sexy left footed Rw none of that Daniel James nonsense Get a new CF or a back up CF Bring in a competent manager and let's see what happens next season
23 Feb, 03:40 PM UTC
Daniel James is one of the most underrated players in the PL.
23 Feb, 04:37 PM UTC
Daniel James, que vinha fazendo partidas abaixo do que ele pode apresentar, hoje fez um grande jogo. Dribles, velocidade, criação de jogadas e ainda ajudou na marcação.
23 Feb, 04:30 PM UTC
Sarcastic Frank™
Daniel James is a very basic winger, but he offers much more than Lingard. That tells you the sort of mediocrity we've endured in this club for years.
23 Feb, 04:11 PM UTC
Daniel James got three weeks rest and looked good on the left-wing. He's been criticised way too much over the past couple of months. Looked threating after a long while today. #MUFC https://t.co/H6QTC62X9N
23 Feb, 04:27 PM UTC
🔰United Nath🚩
Well play today @Daniel_James_97 and @LukeShaw23 you've had alot of stick off these twitter utd fans who've never been to united but the real fans will always back you. #UTFR #GGMU #MUNWAT
23 Feb, 04:36 PM UTC
Unpopular opinion- Daniel James was a good signing but people don’t like to believe it because he’s young and came from the Championship.
23 Feb, 04:26 PM UTC
Vighnesh Jain
I think it was a good game for Daniel James at least better than his last few games.. He’s trying hard & I hope he will score goals for us soon! #MUNWAT #MUFC #GGMU
23 Feb, 04:26 PM UTC
#ManSplainingin5Words #SundayThoughts #SEVENPARTY #SundayMorning #FireChrisMatthews Lindelof Gigi Hadid Marc Short Dan James House of Annubis Jota 6th Man Mike Hughes My Sunday Fairness First Daniel James Lazy Sunday Feliz Domingo Beautiful Sunday https://t.co/SwHUMvBiyY
23 Feb, 04:44 PM UTC
Cordell Cockett
Daniel James was buzzing in the first half! Loving his energy early on he’s actually looking like he’s fast again
23 Feb, 04:41 PM UTC