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Disney Gary Clark
James Harden hits a 3 and thanks God. Rockets up 64-57 at the half. A very fun half except for the first couple of minutes. Danuel House is back Westbrook with 16/7/7 on 80% shooting, I'm pregnant
20 Jan, 11:12 PM UTC
Disney Gary Clark
Danuel House is balling out Both ends I can not understate how huge that is. The Rockets NEED this Danuel House.
20 Jan, 11:09 PM UTC
Danuel House is back the rest of the NBA won’t be able to sleep tonight https://t.co/pmFwCS3rCi
20 Jan, 11:10 PM UTC
Craig Ackerman
Welcome back Danuel House!!!
20 Jan, 11:08 PM UTC
Jackson Gatlin
Danuel House remembering how to play NBA caliber basketball again has been nice. Now if Harden could just remember how to shoot the ball.. #Rockets
20 Jan, 11:09 PM UTC
Salman Ali
Danuel House in the first half: 10 points 3 rebounds 2 steals 2 blocks 4-5 from the field 2-2 from 3-PT range +13 in 15 minutes
20 Jan, 11:06 PM UTC
Rob Kimbell
Danuel House has been putting some absolute clamps on OKC, specifically CP3 and SGA, all game.
20 Jan, 11:55 PM UTC
Don Dougan
Danuel House is all over the floor on the defensive end. This could be a huge development for the #Rockets. Really been missing from their attack on both ends. Extremely important to their success.
20 Jan, 11:54 PM UTC
Space City Scoop
Danuel House is simply ballin today..
20 Jan, 11:08 PM UTC
Salman Ali
James Harden with the behind-the-back pass to Danuel House who cocks it back for the dunk in transition.
20 Jan, 11:04 PM UTC
SportsRadio 610
That’s Houston’s very own Danuel House with the jam. #Rockets @SportsRadio610's photo on Danuel House
20 Jan, 11:13 PM UTC
#OneMission sacó una diferencia parcial de 64-57 sobre #ThunderUp. James Harden 18 pts Russell Westbrook 16 pts, 7 reb y 7 asis Danuel House Jr 13 pts (3 3pts), 2 rob y 2 tap Chris Paul 27 pts (4 3pts) https://t.co/KYhjmWNJRJ
20 Jan, 11:21 PM UTC
Tannehill = 🐐
If today is the return of Danuel House, today is a win.
20 Jan, 11:06 PM UTC
Rockets Nation FR
Premier bon match défensif de Danuel House Jr depuis...? Depuis pas mal de temps en fait.
20 Jan, 11:50 PM UTC
Adam Spolane
Rockets up 7 at halftime. Harden has come alive and Danuel House is having his best game in weeks
20 Jan, 11:10 PM UTC
20 Jan, 11:47 PM UTC
Michael Shapiro
Nice first half for Danuel House today after a couple frustrating weeks. 13 points 5-6 FG 3-3 3P House also unleashed a mammoth dunk in transition. #Rockets lead 61-55.
20 Jan, 11:08 PM UTC
Rob (26-15) Rockets are poverty
Danuel House is officially back y’all.
20 Jan, 11:08 PM UTC
Clutch City Brasil
DANUEL HOUSE COM SUA 3ª BOLA DE 3! Já são 13 pontos pra ele hoje. Tomara que tenha voltado mesmo.
20 Jan, 11:08 PM UTC
Danuel House cocked that ball back all the way to the SW side of Houston before he dunked that ball.
20 Jan, 11:06 PM UTC
It Me, NBA Expert ™
Aye shout out to Danuel House. It took him over a month to play like an average NBA player
20 Jan, 11:29 PM UTC
@Tinaherrera1991 whatever you say to Danuel House...be persistent please!
20 Jan, 11:09 PM UTC
@nballaccess danuel house is giving the thunder BUCKETS
20 Jan, 11:10 PM UTC
If WB stays doing what he's been doing, Danuel House is REALLY back and harden returns from overseas and replaces this sack of beans, we are front runners
20 Jan, 11:09 PM UTC
Houston Rockets Türkiye🇹🇷
Danuel House 🔨 https://t.co/wDUQSmcSqL
20 Jan, 11:09 PM UTC
Danuel House since when could he do that 😂😂😂
20 Jan, 11:05 PM UTC
Don Dougan
Danuel House is engaged and playing with confidence.... such a welcome sight. #Rockets
20 Jan, 11:49 PM UTC
Taking Danuel House out of the starting lineup was the dumbest thing D’Antoni could’ve ever done
20 Jan, 11:40 PM UTC
I never gave up on Danuel House ...Lets Go Rockets 🤘🏽🚀🚀🚀🤘🏽 https://t.co/2AS5xASX1i
20 Jan, 11:30 PM UTC

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