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nella 🏳️‍🌈🏴‍☠️2️⃣
so today's most important news: - rhys darby has shaved his beard - taika waititi has not shaved his beard but his arms are shaved (for blackbeard's tattoos) - nathan foad is still believed to be in aotearoa nz despite every evidence saying otherwise
23 Sep, 03:18 PM UTC
All Elite Wrestling
.@DarbyAllin is headed to a funeral at Arthur Ashe Stadium! Darby & @Sting will collide with #HouseOfBlack's @BrodyxKing & @SNM_Buddy in a No-DQ match at the 2-hr #AEWRampage: Grand Slam Special TONIGHT at 10pm ET / 9pm CT on @tntdrama! @AEW's photo on Darby
23 Sep, 07:36 PM UTC
Unpaid Critic
Iam gonna guess Andrade, Samoa joe, Rusev,FTR and Darby Allin maybe 🤔 https://t.co/q3bW96CMMq
23 Sep, 02:26 PM UTC
TONIGHT #AEWRampage is 2-hours @ 10/9c -No DQ Sting/Darby v House of Black -HOOK/Action Bronson v Matt Menard/Angelo Parker -TBS Title Jade v Diamanté w/ Trina -Wardlow/Samoa Joe vs Nese & Woods -Kingston v Guevara -Rey Fenix v Jungle Boy -Hobbs v Starks -Grand Slam Battle Royale @abadon_AEW's photo on Darby
23 Sep, 04:30 PM UTC
Jon Moxley out there conjuring this Sting, Darby, and Great Muta thing out of thin air. #AEWRampage https://t.co/zmir3eZgwF
24 Sep, 02:17 AM UTC
Royal Wrestling
STING LE DA LA VICTORIA A SU EQUIPO❗❗ La sorpresa de la noche fue la aparición de la leyenda japonesa The Great Muta, gracias a su ayuda, Stin y Darby Allin vencieron a House of Black. #AEWRampage #AEWGrandSlam https://t.co/kApWERf0ZM
24 Sep, 02:18 AM UTC
That match had a lot of scary looking bumps. Julia Hart missed most of the table, Sting hit his head off of one of them and Darby is bleeding from the top of the head. Brutal #AEWRampage
24 Sep, 02:18 AM UTC
Consejo Judicatura
Darby Parliament, Subdirector de @StateINL de @USembassyEC, felicitó la gestión del Consejo de la Judicatura, por la implementación de las Dependencias Especializadas en el Juzgamiento de Delitos de Corrupción y Crimen Organizado. @CJudicaturaEc's photo on Darby
23 Sep, 10:49 PM UTC
Darby and Brody go flying off the stage into tables! #AEWRampage
24 Sep, 02:11 AM UTC
Cageside Seats
It’s The Great Muta in AEW! https://t.co/lI5QOkBemc
24 Sep, 02:25 AM UTC
DynamiteDownload 🧨
@DarbyAllin @AEW Few performers I can remember in my 30+ years of being a wrestling fan give it their all quite like you. It’s wild. You commit yourself on a level few do. Wild. @loveandnate - I’m a true Darby mark now.
24 Sep, 02:39 AM UTC
*∘๑❣️CJ! STAR❣️๑∘*
@DarbyAllin OMFG! You truly are relentless & will go to whatever lengths, Darby! Still insane but, we love you for it! Heal up soon! 💀😳🤍🖤💖✨ #AEWRampage https://t.co/dRfLD4UCXO
24 Sep, 02:41 AM UTC
Blood Wrestling
E o Darby que acumulou mais pontos na cabeça que a Seleção da Inglaterra na Liga Das Nações #AEWRampage #AEWSpaceAoVivo https://t.co/wttGPMJxsW
24 Sep, 02:39 AM UTC
Wrestling Observer
#AEWRampage live results: Sting & Darby Allin vs. House of Black no DQ match https://t.co/MuO6cqPPJR @WONF4W's photo on Darby
24 Sep, 02:23 AM UTC
Wayne Tyson
@PrTwain @darby_robinson Imagine if they only suffered a NORMAL amount of injuries this year. They've been crushed by injuries to pitchers as well as key position players. They could easily be 10 games better in a normal year. This has been a hell of an effort, from the top down.
24 Sep, 02:33 AM UTC
A-E-W (Dub)
Love Sting and Darby but they are just stuck doing the same thing almost every time now with no direction. Give Darby something new AEW or have him turn on Sting it is time!
24 Sep, 02:26 AM UTC
@DarbyAllin @RAQULA87 damn darby didn't know it was the hard way
24 Sep, 02:41 AM UTC
Professor Twain 🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻
@WayneTyson11 @darby_robinson And Glasnow coming like the cavalry to save the day. Love it
24 Sep, 02:39 AM UTC
elite wrestling man
Playing catch-up on Rampage, Brody King and Darby Allin have amazing chemistry. #AEWRampage
24 Sep, 02:40 AM UTC
Dr. Danielle Dennis
@WayneTyson11 @PrTwain @darby_robinson Right? This year seems amazing to me given the injuries. I’ve known way more painful years for this team.
24 Sep, 02:39 AM UTC
Sting y Darby Allin derrotan al #HouseOfBlack con intervención del #GreatMuta que aparece en AEW. Quién está en su gira de retiro. Viejos conocidos, viejos rivales Muta y Sting se rencuentran. Uno se retira y el otro regresó del retiro, así inicia #AEWRampage #GrandSlam #AEWonTNT https://t.co/TgpwPzwoFP
24 Sep, 02:34 AM UTC
Join @McGMondays for his live review of the two-hour #AEWGrandSlam https://t.co/v1MLjpsx0S
24 Sep, 02:04 AM UTC
Big Boss Did Nothing Wrong
House of Black Vs Darby & Sting, the greatest match of all time. #AEWRampage #AEWGrandSlam
24 Sep, 02:41 AM UTC
Titans Homer
@Crucifixio Darby also managed to cut half his scalp off as well.
24 Sep, 02:40 AM UTC
Ned Pyle
@wendyck Omg we are the same. And today Darby and Indy were soooooo slow, smelling everything because we were on a new street
24 Sep, 02:37 AM UTC
Sea of Dreams
@D0nC0v1d Mientras no se meta drogas y quede alcohólico, como el Peter Pan Hardy, Darby tiene por sobre los 40 a un nivel aceptable
24 Sep, 02:35 AM UTC
@MrfantasticDW I actually rewound twice to see the Darby bump because I was worried. But also, videos of the Darby bump have been going around for 2 days. Nobody said a word about the Julia bump, so its a bigger shock.
24 Sep, 02:32 AM UTC
Zona Extreme
Sting y Darby Allin gana el combate gracias a la ayuda de The Great Muta y al final respeto entre ambos. ¡LEYENDAS! #AEWRampage #ZonaRampage https://t.co/ZNKOg8yPrR
24 Sep, 02:32 AM UTC
damian 🦋
@SebastiansPub Yeah. That Darby table bump where he was bleeding didn’t look good either …
24 Sep, 02:30 AM UTC