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Adam Schefter
Players returning to play this week include Austin Ekeler, Raheem Mostert, Jeff Wilson, Trent Williams, Richard Sherman, Teddy Bridgewater, Sam Darnold, Mitchell Trubisky and Chris Carson.
29 Nov, 03:58 AM UTC
Dan Orlovsky
Anyone who watches the @nyjets play calling under Gase and tells me Sam Darnold is a bust/can’t play is out their minds. His play calling is the literal definition of “insanity”
29 Nov, 07:13 PM UTC
Damien Woody
Darnold needs a fresh start somewhere else. Organization failed him but it’s time to turn the page
29 Nov, 08:51 PM UTC
Connor Hughes
I’ll be honest: Sam Darnold with all his weapons looks exactly the same as Sam Darnold without all his weapons. #Jets
29 Nov, 07:53 PM UTC
Matt Miller
Sam Darnold playing well in a Jets victory that knocks them out of the No. 1 pick and a chance at Trevor Lawrence would be poetic af.
29 Nov, 06:09 PM UTC
Rich Cimini
Here's the most discouraging thing for #Jets fans: They had Darnold back, together for the first time with his 3 WRs, and the offense did zilch. Nothing. Darnold continued to regress. #Jets
29 Nov, 09:06 PM UTC
Connor Hughes
Not really sure how #Jets get a 2 & 5 for Sam Darnold if he keeps playing like this. Maybe a late 3? He looks bad. He looks worse when compared to Joe Flacco with same coaching, weapons, scheme.
29 Nov, 08:52 PM UTC
Miami Dolphins
.@Roberts_52 and @Lastname_Baker team up for the SACK on Darnold. #FinsUp @MiamiDolphins's photo on Darnold
29 Nov, 08:34 PM UTC
Connor Hughes
Sam Darnold with his weapons looks exactly the same as Sam Darnold without them, which only solidifies the #Jets sobering reality: https://t.co/BuwbjcKTE4
30 Nov, 01:25 AM UTC
Jared Smith
The Broncos with no QBs have scored as many points as Sam Darnold and the Jets today
29 Nov, 10:57 PM UTC
Who is the Bears QB next season and why do you think it’s Sam Darnold
30 Nov, 02:25 AM UTC
Glenn Naughton
Darnold's trade value is at an all-time low right now. If I'm Joe D I play the long game. Why get close to nothing for him now when you can see if he can improve under the new head coach, have a strong preseason and deal him to a team whose QB gets hurt for a much higher price?
29 Nov, 10:24 PM UTC
Doug AKA TheFantasyMoose
All the "Trubisky sucks" talk can be argued even though he has more fantasy points at halftime than these QB's had all game in Week 12: Kyler Goff Cam Carr Darnold Mullens
30 Nov, 02:57 AM UTC
This tweet intrigued me, so I did some research. Below is an actual list of dudes who played QB today. I shit you not. Nathan Peterman Daniel Jones Brandon Allen Colt McCoy Sam Darnold Mike Glennon Taysom HIll Kendall Hinton Nick Mullens Who tf are these dudes? https://t.co/WIsZK6jIXK
30 Nov, 03:08 AM UTC
Brandyn Pokrass
Back with another Jets Rapid Reaction for @BABSS_Podcast and I am still hopeless. Gase sucks, Darnold sucks, but the tank is alive. Full thoughts on this week's episode. https://t.co/9RCGlIXG4J
30 Nov, 03:04 AM UTC
Kyle Ristich
Why isn't this narrative ever applied to Darnold vs Allen/Lamar? https://t.co/WGppjfhEQO
30 Nov, 03:03 AM UTC
Ryan Fierro
@CLoprestiWFAN This is all Peytons Manning’s fault if he just minded his own damn business and never called up the Johnsons and told them to hire Gase Jets would not be in this Mess and Darnold has to suffer because of it.
30 Nov, 02:54 AM UTC
@MKB041 Honestly all the bad clips people pull on Darnold are 5% him and 95% the ot
30 Nov, 03:12 AM UTC
Had a heated debate on whether Sam Darnold is worth a first round pick. Spoiler: he’s not. Not just because he sucks & that’s magnified under Gase. It’s also cause: - He’s had trouble staying 100% - He only has one cheap year before a $20+ mil option he definitely hasn’t earned
30 Nov, 03:12 AM UTC
@mussyyyy I didn’t think Darnold was all that bad, definitely not the worst in the league But I feel like the Jets need another starr
30 Nov, 03:11 AM UTC
Sorry, redo, meant Darnold, not Dalton. Who is the starting QB for the #Bears in 2021
30 Nov, 02:31 AM UTC
Connor Kiesel
@HotlineFantasy Trubisky was fun to watch in college moving around and extending plays to make something happen. Much like with Darnold, that has not translated thus far in the NFL.
30 Nov, 03:08 AM UTC
@Andrew_Fringe I think they have to realize Hill isn't the guy and will find a real QB. I think their is a real shot that they could go after Darnold or Stafford. Jameis is there but them not starting him over Hill is alarming. Have to hold for now imo
30 Nov, 03:06 AM UTC
Darnold is great, sad that they basically have to sign trevor https://t.co/5YotdPD3Be
30 Nov, 03:06 AM UTC
Temporary Chiefs Fan
Every time I see Mitch and Foles suck, makes me excited that Darnold could be over there lighting it up with Allen Robinson
30 Nov, 03:02 AM UTC
I'm new here
@MikeyMspitzer @1012_jastendo @ColinCowherd Gushed over Sam Darnold. Best qb he's seen since Peyton Manning. Wentz has actually played worse than the guy he is bashing here, who happens to have great arm talent lol. Collin should leave projecting to the professionals.
30 Nov, 03:01 AM UTC
#1 charles mcdonald fan account
Jude you spent the whole day complaining about Sam Darnold... mofo this game is for YOU https://t.co/GPboJdsUjy
30 Nov, 02:59 AM UTC
P Nasiatka
@RVacchianoSNY Gase Should be flagged by Twitter as “False or Mis-leading” Per Darnold, the ONLY voice he heard in his helmet valling plays was Coach Gase.
30 Nov, 02:50 AM UTC
Christopher Stephano
@MikeNash15 Defense was pretty decent, Mims had a few nice moments, but it's getting harder and harder to defend Darnold. Offense was brutal.
30 Nov, 02:50 AM UTC

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