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Corey Van Dyke 🥽
My pitch for Season 2 of #ObiWanKenobi is that Obi-Wan meets young adult Luke and they go off on an adventure to rescue Princess Leia from the Death Star. Unfortunately Obi would meet his end at the hands of Darth Vader to allow Leia, Luke, Han Solo, and Chewbacca to escape.
22 Jun, 07:34 PM UTC
// #obiwankenobi spoilers - - - - - - - hayden christensen as darth vader. that's it, that's the tweet. https://t.co/xlAmGbuTuG
22 Jun, 02:25 PM UTC
Star Wars Stuff
Moses Ingram shares a behind-the-scenes look at Reva’s fight with Darth Vader! #ObiWanKenobi https://t.co/QymMnLNUUQ
23 Jun, 09:57 AM UTC
Star Wars Holocron
Hayden Christensen: “I had a great Father's Day. My daughter [and I]…got some pizza and she got me a great gift. She got me a shirt, it said 'Best dad in the galaxy,' and had a picture of Darth Vader.” Order yours using our affiliate link: https://t.co/DD7BaP1gbC https://t.co/WGLvUvJfpO
23 Jun, 03:09 AM UTC
Sue 🐾🐾
@darth I caught my pup after the destruction. Look how proud he is. https://t.co/LAkfStZpg8
22 Jun, 09:45 PM UTC
chris | in need of sw moots !!
i have never heard darth vader struggle, groan and even scream like he did when fighting obi-wan in this episode. his rage can be something so personal
22 Jun, 04:54 PM UTC
James Earl Jones is trending! Happy 91st birthday to the original Darth Vader actor! https://t.co/NMfwAmx9op
22 Jun, 05:08 PM UTC
tu fav es anticomunista
Darth Vader es anticomunista. https://t.co/GnzTfgPzzC
22 Jun, 08:03 PM UTC
Kate Bennett
@darth this is pinky and I am keeping her for a few days but I might steal her forever and I’m sorry but not really @KateBennett_DC's photo on Darth
23 Jun, 04:09 AM UTC
"Tú no mataste a Anakin Skywalker, yo lo hice " -Darth Vader. #Vader #ObiWan #StarWars https://t.co/PEoV7FTSa6
22 Jun, 10:41 PM UTC
Morning Answer
We hear Democrats talking about the unacceptable profits of oil companies. But what about the record profits for @pfizer, Moderna, and J&J due to the COVID vaccine? If manufacturing the vaccine was "for the public good," why not demand they donate their profits?
22 Jun, 05:19 PM UTC
Louis Gray
Pupdate! Junior (on the left) has graduated from our foster care and has a new furrever home. His new sister, Remi (on the right) is delighted to have a new playmate. And ... boy has he gotten so much bigger! /cc @darth https://t.co/f2pjFvVQ3u
22 Jun, 06:26 PM UTC
Olala ce dernier épisode de #ObiWan 🥰 Attention SPOIL : Ils ont tout balancé : - le skill move d'Obi-Wan - le visage d'Anakin - un duel de force au sommet - la tenue d'Obi-Wan de l'épisode 3 - Leia qui en apprend plus sur ses parents - Darth Sidious ! - QUI-GON OMG 😍 20/20 https://t.co/dKzPwwcNtc
22 Jun, 07:11 PM UTC
Jack Baltimore
Vladimir Putin felicita al presidente Petro por su triunfo y lo invita a cabalgar por las imponentes estepas del cáucaso... ¡¡¡Make la madre patria great again!!!! https://t.co/4IY7JrJ2E3
23 Jun, 11:41 AM UTC
hayden smiling so wide while posing with a stormtrooper and literally darth vader is such a hayden thing tbh https://t.co/g3bmCbmzB9
23 Jun, 11:43 AM UTC
inês ❀ kenobi era
darth vader and friends after killing spree (19 bby) https://t.co/9EOXU56EVM
23 Jun, 10:41 AM UTC
冗談が通じない大仁田厚 https://t.co/LJxGlj8uRq
23 Jun, 11:44 AM UTC
ilogon2879 | Leaks & News Fortnite 😎
🔴¡NIVEL 100 DEL PASE DE BATALLA, JUGANDO CON *DARTH VADER* FORTNITE! ¡Entra en Twitch para ver ilogon2879rv conmigo! https://t.co/tW7XUQxwQP #Fortnite #DarthVader #FortniteVibin #FortniteChapter3Season3 https://t.co/f4YCtn33lE
23 Jun, 11:41 AM UTC
The Daily Misfit
Bring back Darth Vader's big bushy eyebrows
23 Jun, 11:42 AM UTC
@VisitorBR @Gianluco8 Only a master of evil… Darth
23 Jun, 11:42 AM UTC
@KFC_ES Mucho darth vader
23 Jun, 11:42 AM UTC
Tatum Kitchen
Darth Vader is to Tom Brady as Obi-Wan is to Eli Manning. https://t.co/22g3C3IqGU
23 Jun, 11:46 AM UTC
vou tentar voltar pro fortnite todo dia e jogar pelo menos por 1h, esse passe eu preciso chegar PELO menos no darth vader
23 Jun, 11:46 AM UTC
💙💛✊ Eine Miss Bennet
@Einwegaccount1 @kantomane1 @darth_mutti123 @lookfromabove @berlinerzeitung @AufstandLastGen Tja das geht dann wohl in keinem Stau. Rettungsgassen sind also ein Mythos.
23 Jun, 11:46 AM UTC
@CruzTruckRacing @darth_noxious @JavieRubioF1 Hombre porque les pillo el toro si se lo encarga a Luis medina yo creo que les trae hasta los juegos olimpicos de invierno
23 Jun, 11:46 AM UTC
UniQue 🇳🇱 Deathstroke⚔️
@DiscussingFilm With that last battle between Obi-Wan and Darth they should have used episode 3 music. Such a missed opportunity, it would have given so much more emotion to the fight.
23 Jun, 11:46 AM UTC