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Chicago Cubs
Yu Darvish has not issued a walk in four consecutive starts. He is the first Cub since at least 1908 with 8+ strikeouts and no walks in four straight starts. He was also the first Cub to do it in three straight. @Cubs's photo on darvish
16 Aug, 01:35 AM UTC
MLB Stats
Yu Darvish becomes just the 2nd starter ever to have 4 straight starts with 0 BB & 8+ Ks (Samardzija). @MLBStats's photo on darvish
16 Aug, 01:46 AM UTC
Cubs Insider
Yu Darvish’s last 4 starts. 6 IP, 2 ER, 9 K, 0 BB 5 IP, 1 ER, 8 K, 0 BB 6 IP, 4 ER, 9 K, 0 BB 7 IP, 0 ER, 10 K, 0 BB That’d be 36 K: 0 BB
16 Aug, 01:28 AM UTC
Big Cat
Is Yu Darvish our game 1 starter? I think he is.
16 Aug, 01:23 AM UTC
Jesse Rogers
Yu Darvish tonight: 7 IP, 10 K's, zero walks, Cubs lead 5-0 Top 8
16 Aug, 01:21 AM UTC
Rob Friedman
Yu Darvish, 10Ks in 20 Seconds. https://t.co/fJad2slPFd
16 Aug, 01:44 AM UTC
Rob Friedman
Yu Darvish, Beautiful 71mph Curveball. 🤩 https://t.co/aZO8f939DP
16 Aug, 01:10 AM UTC
yu darvish getting the outfields attention like hes in little league before he faces realmuto, who smoked a 102 mph double off him last time up, while hes shoving it down another teams throat, is why I love this guy https://t.co/gFIHIyXt0Q
16 Aug, 01:04 AM UTC
Jesse Rogers
Yu Darvish's 26 IP without a walk is the longest active streak in the majors and 6th longest (tied) this season.
16 Aug, 01:51 AM UTC
Christopher Kamka
#Cubs this series vs Phillies Tonight: Yu Darvish 7 innings, 0 runs, 0 walks, 10 K Tuesday: José Quintana 6 innings, 2 runs (1 ER), 1 walk, 14 K Lost 'em both.
16 Aug, 02:27 AM UTC
Chris Emma
The Cubs desperate for a win, Yu Darvish was excellent. Ten strikeouts, zero walks, and complete command of his arsenal. This is the guy Chicago wanted to see.
16 Aug, 01:30 AM UTC
Sahadev Sharma
Harper just launched that so damn far. I have no clue where it went. Then he just sprinted around the bases. Utter disaster for the Cubs. Bullpen gives up 7 runs in the final two frames after a gem from Darvish.
16 Aug, 02:21 AM UTC
Jesse Rogers
No walks, 6 K's for Darvish through 5. Man, have his walks come down since early on this season. 5-0 Cubs Top 6
16 Aug, 12:47 AM UTC
Jason Catania
Yu Darvish has FOUR STRAIGHT outings with 8+ Ks and 0 BB. Pitchers on record who have had a longer such streak: ZERO.
16 Aug, 01:35 AM UTC
Rob Friedman
Yu Darvish, Filthy 88mph Slider. 😷 https://t.co/kjFhR25J8O
16 Aug, 01:24 AM UTC
Stats By STATS
The @Cubs' Yu Darvish has had 8+ strikeouts and 0 walks in 4 straight starts. That ties the longest such streak in the live-ball era - Jeff Samardzija had 4 straight in 2017. #EverybodyIn
16 Aug, 01:37 AM UTC
#ダルビッシュ 投手、試合後のコメント。 Q:ハーパーのサヨナラ満塁ホームランについて。 「ここはメジャーリーグ。ギリギリの戦いをしている。すごいラインアップ。あれが自分に起きている可能性もある」 @faridyu #Darvish ※動画は試合前ブルペン。掲載はご本人の許可を得ています⚾️ https://t.co/Vry8KB7fIj https://t.co/RrvrfqDFSx
16 Aug, 03:10 AM UTC
Christopher Kamka
Yu Darvish since July 1: 2 walks issued. 1 walk drawn at the plate (July 30).
16 Aug, 12:51 AM UTC
Yu Darvish Deserves Better
Yu Darvish should walk into his media session and immediately should say, "Fuck all of you for kicking my dick off all of last season. Now I'm pitching out of my god damn mind for this team like you all asked and none of you have the balls to crush Jed and Theo like they deserve"
16 Aug, 02:31 AM UTC
Road Cubes
Lifting Darvish for a ph in the 8th when he was at 92 pitches was just the dumbest thing ever. You don’t have a closer or a set up man right now. LET THE GUY PITCH! He’s not a fucking baby.
16 Aug, 02:17 AM UTC
Jesse Rogers
Darvish: "After the fourth inning I started losing my mechanics. I think it was a good decision.” (to come out of the game)
16 Aug, 03:11 AM UTC
Jesse Rogers
Darvish historically good but Cubs still crumble https://t.co/fsYaicDxW1
16 Aug, 04:31 AM UTC
playball baseball
【ダルビッシュ有 投球全球】日本時間2019年8月16日 フィリーズvsカブス戦 Yu Darvish_Phillies vs Cubs_8/15/2019 https://t.co/Go6inzs7Zw カブスのダルビッシュ有投手は敵地でのフィリーズ戦に先発登板
16 Aug, 04:31 AM UTC
Joey Ricotta
Oh my lord, Harper just ran around the bases as fast an anyone I can remember. I can't believe the Cubs blew this game. What a masterful performance by Darvish, RUINED. #EverybodyIn #RingTheBell
16 Aug, 02:24 AM UTC
Darvishさん、アメリカでもトレンド入り! 素晴らしいピッチングだったもんね。 しかし、同じくトレンド入りしたBryce Harperさんにツイート数で10倍近く差をつけられている…全部持っていかれたなぁ。 https://t.co/bAWMjFerc9
16 Aug, 07:06 AM UTC
playball baseball
【番外編】ダルビッシュ有投手の5勝目が消滅した9回全球!日本時間2019年8月16日 フィリーズvsカブス戦 Yu Darvish_Phillies vs Cubs_8/15/2019 https://t.co/H3xAqwlwrV カブスのダルビッシュ有投手が先発し5勝目目前となった9回の投球全球
16 Aug, 06:42 AM UTC
ダルビッシュ投手の見出しをようやく見つけた(^^) Darvish historically good but Cubs still crumble https://t.co/vHBISXipJg
16 Aug, 07:59 AM UTC
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16 Aug, 05:10 AM UTC
UK Cubs Fan
A walk off slam just sums up that series. This pen is shocking. 7 innings of class from Darvish for nothing. Strop is just not good enough this year. Could that come back to bite us? #Cubs #EverybodyIn
16 Aug, 07:43 AM UTC
16 Aug, 07:46 AM UTC