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kieran 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🇧🇪
Darwin Nunez to Joachim Andersen @kieran_ashton1's photo on Darwin Núñez
15 Aug, 08:22 PM UTC
When you realise you don't have to face Darwin Nunez next 😅 @goal's photo on Darwin Núñez
15 Aug, 08:38 PM UTC
⁹ 8x🏆
Darwin Nuñez vs Crystal Palace. Next Luis Suarez | Highlights 🔥🔥🔥 https://t.co/OleU20f7Zm
15 Aug, 08:32 PM UTC
Darwin Nunez really said: @goal's photo on Darwin Núñez
15 Aug, 08:23 PM UTC
Premier League
RED CARD Liverpool 0-1 Crystal Palace (57 mins) Liverpool are down to 10 men as Darwin Nunez is sent off #LIVCRY
15 Aug, 08:17 PM UTC
Lisandro Martinez realising that Darwin Nunez is suspended for next week @ODDSbible's photo on Darwin Núñez
15 Aug, 09:08 PM UTC
EPL Günlükleri
Darwin Nunez’in kırmızı kartının perde arkası. 😅 https://t.co/sTtpHFsfyZ
16 Aug, 08:42 AM UTC
British Gambler
Darwin Nunez’s highlights tonight: https://t.co/5ZBoktKld8
15 Aug, 08:55 PM UTC
An absolute moment of madness from Darwin Nunez 🤬
15 Aug, 09:29 PM UTC
Paddy Power
Darwin Nunez with a headbutt that wouldn't look out of place outside Kebab Express at 2am.
15 Aug, 08:24 PM UTC
Anfield Watch
Darwin Nunez will miss the games against Manchester United, Bournemouth and Newcastle. @AnfieldWatch's photo on Darwin Núñez
15 Aug, 08:59 PM UTC
EPL Bible
Darwin Nunez to Joachim Andersen https://t.co/0E1jAZ4kO2
15 Aug, 09:03 PM UTC
Liverpool FC
Jürgen Klopp provided his reaction to Darwin Nunez's red card and our draw with Crystal Palace 🗣
15 Aug, 10:19 PM UTC
Darwin Nunez highlights vs Crystal Palace 🔥 https://t.co/cwpHZVVmmQ
15 Aug, 08:19 PM UTC
Max and Paddy Quotes
Darwin Nunez highlights from last night https://t.co/NJc2VOSYJA
16 Aug, 07:14 AM UTC
15 Aug, 08:19 PM UTC
On his home debut, Darwin Nunez has been sent off for a headbutt on Joachim Andersen Crazy 🤯😳
15 Aug, 08:17 PM UTC
Extra Time Indonesia
🟥 RESMI: Darwin Nunez absen pada pertandingan melawan Manchester United di Old Trafford pekan depan. Siapa yang rugi? 🤭 https://t.co/kjygJ8iVXe
16 Aug, 02:03 AM UTC
Anfield Watch
Virgil van Dijk on Darwin Nunez: "He will learn from this. You know he is a cold man, it's something that in the end he doesn't want to happen and he has to make sure it never happens again." #lfc [football daily] @AnfieldWatch's photo on Darwin Núñez
16 Aug, 08:14 AM UTC
Do not blame the referee. Do not blame Nat Phillips. Do not blame Darwin Nunez. Jürgen Klopp selects the team. Somehow he’s fine with Milner as starting midfielder in 2022/23. It’s on him and his bizarre loyalty to older players. Matheus Nunes. Full stop.
15 Aug, 09:05 PM UTC
Liverpool thought they could replace Mane with Darwin Nunez😂😂😂😂let’s laugh at them😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
15 Aug, 08:17 PM UTC
Dows 🔴⚪️
This Darwin Nunez is just Piri Piri Andy Carroll 😭😭😭
15 Aug, 07:39 PM UTC
😳 “The headbutt from Núñez, I think he’ll end up with a bigger ban.” 😡 “It was a disgrace. I think a five-match ban. It’s violent conduct.” Jason Cundy says Darwin Núñez should receive a five-game ban for his headbutt in #LIVCRY tonight @talkSPORT's photo on Darwin Núñez
15 Aug, 09:54 PM UTC
Not Match of the Day
Darwin Nuñez to Andersen tonight. https://t.co/fANYX6chzB
15 Aug, 09:36 PM UTC
Darwin Nunez preparing for the next game after his suspension @ODDSbible's photo on Darwin Núñez
16 Aug, 08:58 AM UTC
Jack Lusby
Worry for Darwin Nunez if this is enough to provoke a headbutt. Every centre-back will do this to him now. Three games out and then it’s the derby. Surely he doesn’t start that? https://t.co/DNaxNNoII8
16 Aug, 06:41 AM UTC
Darwin Nunez RED CARD 😂😂😂😂😂 Bro thinks he’s Zidane 😂😂😂😂 https://t.co/2OHlCFJimc
15 Aug, 08:19 PM UTC
OMG, red card for Darwin Nunez😬😱 Liverpool 0-1 Crystal Palace Watch the game live on 👇🏻 https://t.co/TBqeKjTmVg https://t.co/iErXh2lf1D
15 Aug, 08:19 PM UTC
Anfield Watch
Gary Neville on Darwin Nunez: “I think he’ll be a target for defenders. I think they’ll poke him, prod him, in terms of punishment I think Klopp will have a stern word with him whether it’s tomorrow or after.” #lfc [sky]
16 Aug, 07:07 AM UTC
This Season banter is between Darwin Nunez and Harry Maguire
16 Aug, 07:49 AM UTC