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National Science Foundation
In 1837, Charles Darwin drew his first evolutionary tree in his notebook, with the words “I think” famously sketched off to the side. That “I think” was one of the first hypotheses in what would become the field of evolutionary biology! #DarwinDay #DarwinDay2019 National Science Foundation's photo on #darwinday
12 Feb, 03:48 PM UTC
BBC Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿
Sir David Attenborough and @ProfBrianCox talk about 'On the Origin of Species' #DarwinDay BBC Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿's photo on #darwinday
12 Feb, 04:16 PM UTC
Darwin Award 🔞
It's Darwin Day 2019! Happy Birthday Charles Darwin! #DarwinDay2019 #DarwinDay Darwin Award 🔞's photo on #darwinday
12 Feb, 01:37 PM UTC
Damien Kempf
Charles Darwin had 10 children, who loved drawing on his handwritten draft of “On the Origin of Species" #DarwinDay Damien Kempf's photo on #darwinday
12 Feb, 04:13 PM UTC
Mark Witton
It's #DarwinDay, which is all the excuse I need to post this #paleoart of the large aquatic sloth Thalassocnus. Darwin never knew of this species or the awesomeness of aquatic sloths in general, but he recovered many bones of other large and giant extinct sloths in his travels. Mark Witton's photo on #darwinday
12 Feb, 02:43 PM UTC
¡Hoy celebramos el #DarwinDay! Hace 210 nacía Charles Darwin, uno de los científicos más grandes de la historia. Propuso, junto con A R Wallace, que todos los seres vivos provienen de un antepasado común y que han evolucionado por el mecanismo llamado “selección natural”. CSIC's photo on #darwinday
12 Feb, 12:58 PM UTC
The Ice Age
Charles Darwin was born on this day in 1809. He is biology's most famous geologist 😉. These wonderful stamps were issued in Cuba in 2009 to celebrate the bicentenary of his birth #DarwinDay 🐘 🦁 🐍 🐦 🐳 🦒 🦕 🦘 🦉🐒 🐟 🐜 🐁🦜🦙🐐🦃🐳🐠🦑🐢🦋🐛🐺🐤🦊🐸🐨🐷🐝🦂🦉🦄🐴 The Ice Age's photo on #darwinday
12 Feb, 06:27 PM UTC
NASA Earth
For #DarwinDay, take a look at some of the places other than the Galapagos that #Darwin and the HMS #Beagle went during its famed journey. https://t.co/dkD3mwdDsu #satellites #remotesensing https://t.co/HguD8uOI59
12 Feb, 10:51 PM UTC
Abraham Lincoln and Charles Darwin were born on the same day of the same year: Feb. 12, 1809. https://t.co/aSv1lWbYiX #DarwinDay
12 Feb, 05:30 PM UTC
Prof Ben Garrod
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CHARLES! Today is #DarwinDay ... go and look at an animal or plant today and spend a few moments pondering all the things which make it special and how those features have taken thousands or millions of years to emerge, evolve and fine tune ... #evolution Prof Ben Garrod's photo on #darwinday
12 Feb, 12:39 PM UTC
Gabriel N. U.
Today is #DarwinDay and it is also #PterosaurPtuesday so I thought it was the perfect chance to show you part of the trees of the tetrapods of theSolnhofen Formation from Germany that will appear on my in-prep book. Part of the pterosaur tree from Solnhofen #paleoart #sciart Gabriel N. U.'s photo on #darwinday
12 Feb, 08:16 PM UTC
Canal do Otário
Se teve um cara que conseguiu influenciar praticamente todos os ramos da ciência, esse foi o cara! Obrigado por ter existido #DarwinDay Canal do Otário's photo on #darwinday
12 Feb, 04:09 PM UTC
Michael A. Sherlock
Charles Darwin did more good for our species than Moses, Jesus, Muhammad and Buddha, combined. #DarwinDay #Evolution #Science
12 Feb, 05:23 PM UTC
Maryam Zaringhalam, PhD
On #DarwinDay, I'm reminded of scientist + women's rights activist Caroline Kennard's correspondence with Darwin, which I first read about in @AngelaDSaini's book *Inferior*. She wrote to him about his views on women, who he saw as intrinsically intellectually inferior to men. Maryam Zaringhalam, PhD's photo on #darwinday
12 Feb, 04:50 PM UTC
Portrait of Charles Darwin by David Revoy in Arcimboldo style https://t.co/Q3C6kbEJS6 #DarwinDay Massimo's photo on #darwinday
12 Feb, 02:18 PM UTC
Chris Cathrine
Here is a common false widow spider (Steatoda bipunctata) eating a lace weaver (Amaurobius sp.). This is not canibalism: these #spiders are separated by over 200 million years of evolution. Humans & cattle are separated by just 95 million years. Happy #DarwinDay everyone! Chris Cathrine's photo on #darwinday
12 Feb, 05:58 PM UTC
Eamon Mc Gee
Hoping everyone has a great #DarwinDay even the lunatics in the DUP who think the world is 6000 years old.
12 Feb, 12:53 PM UTC
Katie O'Reilly
Happy 210th birthday, Charles Darwin! In honor of #DarwinDay, a thread of pictures from the #Galapagos - a place that helped shape his (and our) understanding of how the world works. Katie O'Reilly's photo on #darwinday
12 Feb, 12:42 PM UTC
Smithsonian's NMNH
This diagram is the only illustration in the “Origin of Species.” It's Darwin’s conceptualization of how variations are acquired over successive generations. It shows the origin of new species from a common ancestor and how extinction can “prune” the tree of life. #DarwinDay Smithsonian's NMNH's photo on #darwinday
12 Feb, 05:10 PM UTC
SquaMates: A totally serious herpetology podcast
It's #DarwinDay! Did you know that tadpoles of Darwin's frog, Rhinoderma darwinii, are carried around in their father's vocal sac from the time they start moving until they complete metamorphosis six weeks later?! #CharlieD was himself a devoted father, but not THAT devoted. SquaMates: A totally serious herpetology podcast's photo on #darwinday
12 Feb, 02:11 PM UTC
The Economist
A poll in Britain found that only half the respondents felt certain that the theory of evolution was true #DarwinDay https://t.co/8odKn2BhEa
13 Feb, 03:07 AM UTC
Darwinism is a theory of biological evolution developed by Charles Darwin & others,stating that all species of organisms arise & develop through the natural selection of small inherited variations that increase the individual's ability to compete,survive,and reproduce. #DarwinDay
12 Feb, 08:40 PM UTC
Heute wäre Charles Darwin 210 Jahre alt geworden: Wir wünschen allen Trockennasenaffen der Art Homo sapiens einen frohen #Darwin-Tag 🙃 #DarwinDay #DarwinDay2019 Dubito's photo on #darwinday
12 Feb, 03:42 PM UTC
It's #DarwinDay and we're celebrating the #OceansofBiodiversity biologists have discovered on #MBARI expedition! https://t.co/GYjwqcLr86 #biodiversity #evolution https://t.co/MkZHEeBfFC
12 Feb, 07:05 PM UTC
Martin Castro
Evoluzione? 😂 #DarwinDay https://t.co/nalfj0q2bd
12 Feb, 12:41 PM UTC
Cezary Kłosowicz
"Albowiem każdy dom jest przez kogoś budowany, lecz tym, który wszystko zbudował, jest Bóg." (Hebr. 3:4) #NiePochodzęOdMałpy #DarwinDay #DarwinToOszust #DarwinWasALiar
13 Feb, 03:04 AM UTC
Nicola Bressi
Finiamo il #DarwinDay sfatando una mistificazione: l'evoluzione non è "solo" una teoria. Una teoria è il massimo risultato della scienza; è la spiegazione provata e verificata di un fenomeno (diversamente dal linguaggio comune che confonde, o rende sinonimi: "ipotesi" e "teoria") Nicola Bressi's photo on #darwinday
12 Feb, 08:37 PM UTC
Oxford Classics
Charles Darwin was born #onthisday 1809 in Shrewsbury. #DarwinDay Oxford Classics's photo on #darwinday
12 Feb, 08:14 PM UTC
Modern Toss
Happy #DarwinDay, if you believe in that sort of thing. Modern Toss's photo on #darwinday
12 Feb, 01:45 PM UTC
Danielle Blumstein
Darwin had his finches and I have my cisco #DarwinDay #TeamFish Photo: Eshenroder et al. 2016 Danielle Blumstein's photo on #darwinday
12 Feb, 04:39 PM UTC
Looking to the future of where humans may go next. #DarwinDay https://t.co/SmLZ9FPBjx
12 Feb, 08:30 PM UTC
Happy #DarwinDay2019 our inaugural Norwich Research Park #DarwinDay symposium being held today with @TheQuadram @uniofeastanglia @JohnInnesCentre @TheSainsburyLab @EarlhamInst NorwichResearchPark's photo on #darwinday
12 Feb, 03:02 PM UTC
Schon gewusst? "Im Grunde ist die Wissenschaft, wie wir sie heute kennen, mit aus der #Bürgerforschung hervorgegangen. Viele berühmte #Wissenschaftler*innen wie Charles #Darwin oder Sybilla Maria Merian waren Amateur*innen." #DarwinDay #citizenscience ▶️ https://t.co/2WjZ9FBmcR BürgerSchaffenWissen's photo on #darwinday
12 Feb, 01:19 PM UTC
The FOSSIL Project
Happy Birthday to Charles Darwin, a man who has impacted #science in ways too numerous to mention. Celebrate #DarwinDay with @DarwinDayAHA - visit their website to learn more about the man who pioneered the #theory of #evolution: https://t.co/GcuJC4BtiA #paleontology #fossils The FOSSIL Project's photo on #darwinday
12 Feb, 05:30 PM UTC
Queen's CW Trust
Such a fantastic evening! Thank you to @TheWiderEarth and @deadpuppets for a brilliant performance on #DarwinDay 🌍🐢. Held in support of QCT and @queenscanopy, our President HRH The Duke of Sussex was in attendance, with his wife The Duchess of Sussex. https://t.co/z3TrlTu7Rh
13 Feb, 11:49 AM UTC
Earth Resources Observation and Science Center
Charles Darwin was born #OTD in 1809. To commemorate #DarwinDay, enjoy this #Landsat tour of the Galapagos Islands, made famous through Darwin’s work. #STEM https://t.co/lZ9kSY9loA Earth Resources Observation and Science Center's photo on #darwinday
12 Feb, 04:46 PM UTC
February 12, 1809, birthday of Victorian naturalist and 'rockhound' aboard the H.M.S. Beagle Charles R. #Darwin ⚒️#DarwinDay #DarwinDay2019 https://t.co/9n8DgKBOfw
12 Feb, 01:08 PM UTC
Simon Gurr
For #DarwinDay, a page from DARWIN: A Graphic Biography by @EugeneByrne and me, but in never-before-seen full colour! https://t.co/zif9sMhRw7
12 Feb, 07:51 PM UTC
Dave has cancer now, apparently.
In honor of #DarwinDay, I present you my favorite Darwin quote: “I am very poorly today and very stupid and hate everybody and everything.” Dave has cancer now, apparently.'s photo on #darwinday
12 Feb, 02:49 PM UTC
Oxford Classics
#CharlesDarwin had an interest in the natural world from an early age. Hear more about it in our 'Evolutionary Writings' Oxford World's Classics audio guide. #DarwinDay https://t.co/oma6ESu1b1 Oxford Classics's photo on #darwinday
12 Feb, 10:20 PM UTC
Anne Boyère 🐄⚓🌊
What better way to celebrate #DarwinDay than to get yourself a copy of this amazing artwork depicting the Big Bang and evolution of the species?! https://t.co/InkgKUtxa5 Anne Boyère 🐄⚓🌊's photo on #darwinday
13 Feb, 09:55 AM UTC
Happy #DarwinDay! Next month we will celebrate #InternationalMendelDay at @Ri_Science with talks about how #Darwin influenced #Mendel, and 'If only #Darwin had read #Mendel...". Join us on the 8th of March, it's free! https://t.co/ta0slG2qnZ GenSocUK's photo on #darwinday
12 Feb, 02:23 PM UTC
Peter Bickerton
Just performed this for Darwin Day 2019: Super Ape - the past, present and future of humanity #DarwinDay #evolution #poetry https://t.co/0uu6rtuvr2
12 Feb, 07:13 PM UTC
Maths Ed
Charles Darwin on mathematics, and on learning mathematics from ‘a very dull man’ https://t.co/hIafRxI2sC • The Mathematics of Darwin’s Theory of Evolution: https://t.co/qIZn5DiHlX • The Mathematics of Darwin’s Diagram: https://t.co/RaQmsKTekz • #DarwinDay #DarwinDay2019 Maths Ed's photo on #darwinday
12 Feb, 08:22 PM UTC
Etches Collection
Today is it #DarwinDay!! Find out about our AMAZING link to Charles Darwin & the #fossil barnacles discovered at Kimmeridge by Dr Steve Etches, a WORLD FIRST! #DarwinDay2019 https://t.co/tKXG4o9K8D via @YouTube
12 Feb, 02:16 PM UTC
Fr. Scheepv. Museum
Vanwege #DarwinDay gaan we #COLLECTIEVISSEN naar #WETENSCHAP. Daarom deze Admiral Fitzroys Storm Barometer. Robert Fitzroy, naar wie de thermometer is genoemd, leidde als gezagvoerder v.d. Beagle v. 1831-1836 een expeditie in de Stille Oceaan (met a.o. Charles Darwin aan boord). https://t.co/vpEdmmugLP
13 Feb, 10:53 AM UTC
Nicola Bressi
Più che un apostrofo roseo, un punto esclamativo; nell'evoluzione. Tra #DarwinDay e #SanValentino cerchemo di capire perché (a volte) ci baciamo, perché siamo così in pochi a farlo sul pianeta, e perché poi lo facciamo da così poco tempo. 💋 #13febbraio ore 18 #MuSt #Trieste Nicola Bressi's photo on #darwinday
13 Feb, 10:39 AM UTC
bakhtiar 💊🧬🧫🧠🐀
@natnat494 #DarwinDay
13 Feb, 11:53 AM UTC
Ishfaq Ahamd Pandith
"Ignorance more frequently begets confidence than does knowledge: it is those who know little... who so positively assert that this or that problem will never be solved by science." Charles Darwin #DarwinDay
13 Feb, 11:41 AM UTC
Angry Angel
Non si tratta di cambiare la società umana ma di ripulire la mente umana da false visioni del mondo, declinate in vari modi ma tutte espressioni di una visione scissa del mondo. Dove c'è aldilà c'è scissione e il presente appare come brutto e sporco. #SiiLibero #BeFree #DarwinDay
13 Feb, 11:59 AM UTC
Retsina Meyer
Happy belated #DarwinDay Retsina Meyer's photo on #darwinday
13 Feb, 11:54 AM UTC
UKanTeach Program
"For Darwin Day, 6 facts about the evolution debate" from the Pew Research Center. #DarwinDay https://t.co/kHdZaf0xJL
13 Feb, 11:51 AM UTC
🇧🇷Mauro Santos🍺
#DarwinDay https://t.co/J7rBXlxavx
13 Feb, 11:49 AM UTC

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