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Tony Warrick
God has a plan for our mistakes. That is how amazing He is. He knows how to bring good even when we fail.
01 Apr, 11:00 PM UTC
Finn Allen's impressive stay comes to an end. Mark Chapman joins Daryl Mitchell. What can they push to? Follow play LIVE with @sparknzsport #NZvBAN @BLACKCAPS's photo on Daryl
01 Apr, 09:03 AM UTC
they’re everything - oh Daryl and his new shirt 😍 love them - https://t.co/wN9ZZk34Zt
01 Apr, 06:05 PM UTC
Daryl Jake Borja Ruiz, sana alam mo na madami kaming proud sayo at walang kapalit yun, genuinely proud of you lalo na sa pagbabago mo ☺️💛
02 Apr, 01:56 AM UTC
Gas stations are being allowed to remain open for four hours after the island-wide lock downs effective today. Energy Minister, Daryl Vaz, says Prime Minister Andrew Holness wrote to the Jamaica Gasoline Retailers Association, on March 30. https://t.co/qKcaJNjOZD
02 Apr, 12:45 AM UTC
Mel met Melissa in her time zone❤🌼🏹
#twd I think not all of us caught it but Carol told Negan that Daryl found an army base and that some people are there to look for food. Is that foreshadowing that they'll run into the reapers?👀 https://t.co/rBLHbJDUys
01 Apr, 02:16 PM UTC
i miss season 1 and 2 daryl he was so rude and funny for no reason i loved it
02 Apr, 02:02 AM UTC
Mike Chiodo
I don't care if Daryl brings us 10 titles I'm not buying his damn tweets
02 Apr, 02:45 AM UTC
Daryl Dixon ❤️ Beth Greene
Since @hilarieburton's Lucille is in the new episode, going to throw it back to before @jdmorgan's Negan was even on the show when she said she was rooting for Beth and Daryl to hook up. Also that she wanted @emmykinney to date her brother. 😂😊 #Bethyl #twd #thewalkingdead https://t.co/DJNiivhp98
01 Apr, 06:22 PM UTC
(it was) Mr. Kelce (all along)
Ben & Jerry’s Ted Lasso Dungeons and Daddies Scrubs New Girl Daryl Morey My physical therapist It’s Always Sunny https://t.co/Vg4od87CDG
02 Apr, 02:44 AM UTC
5⃣Back On The Chain Gang  Pretenders 6⃣We’ve Got Tonight  Kenny Rogers and Sheena Easton 7⃣Mr. Roboto  Styx 8⃣Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)  Journey 9⃣One On One  Daryl Hall & John Oates 🔟Twilight Zone  Golden Earring 1⃣1⃣Come On Eileen  Dexys Midnight Runners
02 Apr, 03:08 AM UTC
Maria DiNovo
@HeFields3 @EducationNext That Daryl Johnston and Emmitt Smith analogy as the new educational equity image...I am going to start using that one for sure from now on!
02 Apr, 02:46 AM UTC
Andy pulled a Daryl from The Office. Me: "Lemme know if we can hang again before you're outta here!" Andy: "Definitely!!" //one week passes Andy: "I made it to Arizona!" https://t.co/cRsJ5ez3V5
02 Apr, 03:14 AM UTC
Binibining Sariaya 2021 Official Candidates Fashion Photoshoot 📸 Daryl Visuals https://t.co/VDa1YoUbxD
02 Apr, 02:54 AM UTC
02 Apr, 02:42 AM UTC
zachary 🦦
@enidsgalaxy lydia rick or daryl
02 Apr, 03:26 AM UTC
@daryl_says @EthereumWiki @Breaking911 Isn't that the same argument made by conservatives evwrytime they face the same consequences? Hmm
02 Apr, 03:22 AM UTC
Tiri 2
Now playing Out Of Touch by Daryl Hall & John Oates Turn it up: https://t.co/mRlkjMqh9C https://t.co/9SeSKnoi5y
02 Apr, 03:20 AM UTC
My Other Brother Daryl!⚪
@Lis_Smith @AndrewYang Andrew Yang wants to empower the people, not the corporations. That's why the media and others hate him.
02 Apr, 03:00 AM UTC
My Other Brother Daryl!⚪
@district12kitty Yang living in people's heads rent free
02 Apr, 02:57 AM UTC
Binibining Sariaya 2021 Official Candidates Fashion Photoshoot 📸 Daryl Visuals https://t.co/wMTcO0M6aN
02 Apr, 02:55 AM UTC
𝓟 ♡ 𝓡
@FacetedArcher Jesus sighed as he shone his impatience ; “Daryl ... you’re not listening , we have a short amount of time and one of the woman could come by and catch us.” Jesus stated , watching as the archer was beginning to show his irritability.
02 Apr, 02:51 AM UTC
@maevecomics aprendendo a ser ladra de suprimentos q nem a magna tendo em vista q rato é a refeição do daryl
02 Apr, 02:43 AM UTC
Daryl is really the best character on TWD fr.
02 Apr, 03:30 AM UTC
@Yisus_Trindade @Daryl_Dixon1891 yo también y lo vendí a 10 millones, toda mía Ruglio
02 Apr, 03:29 AM UTC
The Utd Arena
Manchester United have instructed their recruitment specialists to scout striker Daryl Dike when Barnsley take on Reading on Friday night. [@StrettyNews] #MUnews #MUFC #DB
02 Apr, 03:28 AM UTC
@Daryl_MSM04 近C、Dガードされてる時にフェイントからの小パンとか硬め直しには使う。ガクラ狙いのお供
02 Apr, 03:25 AM UTC